Bespoke Color | Vibeke’s Table


adjective | be-spoke

: made to fit a particular person


Each of the 25 colors in our line were picked for specific reasons.  We love them just as they are.  But, we also love to mix colors together making custom hues for a specific room, project or client.

Two or more colors are mixed together to make something that is just right.

In this case, the immensely talented Vibeke of Vibeke Design mixed Shutter Gray and Ironstone to make a gorgeous pale gray for an antique farm-style table.

bespoke color Collage

The table had a lovely shape, but the base was very orange compared to the worn top.


Vibeke painted the table base only in the pale shade of blue/gray.


And the results speak for themselves…


Isn’t her styling a dream?


Have you found any bespoke colors you love?

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