Vanity in Ironstone

Stacey (Embracing Change) has a beautiful vanity for us today!  She used 5 coats of Ironstone and mixed in bonding agent.  Stacey’s original plan had to change after she saw the chippiness that happened over night.  She decided to let the chippy vanity stay chippy instead of sanding her down and repainting.  See more pictures and details HERE!!

ironstone-vanity-shop-EC ironstone-vanity-3-764x1024 ironstone-vanity-1-1024x987 ironstone-vanity-5-EC-764x1024

One thought on “Vanity in Ironstone

  1. Annie Looysen

    This is the same thing that happened to me with the vanity I refinished. Afterwards I was so happy it chipped because it makes the piece more interesting. This paint isn’t the easiest to use and it has really broken me out of my shell of constant perfection. The colors that MMSMP produces are the most beautiful in the industry and is worth the trouble of mixing the paint and the dubious nature for which the paint wants to chip or stay intact.


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