two-toned milk paint dresser | part two

As I shared yesterday, I prepped this piece and painted it in MMS Milk Paint Lucketts Green

Miss Mustard Seeds - Two-Toned Milk Paint Dresser

I wanted a two-toned look with some subtle variations, so I decided to layer Layla’s Mint, a softer green, on top with a rub of our Wax Puck in between.

Miss Mustard Seeds - Two-Toned Milk Paint Dresser

The Wax Puck is perfect when you want some differentiation between two different colors, but you don’t want it to be chippy.  The wax simply makes it easier to remove the paint when you get to the distressing stage.

So, I rub the Wax Puck along the edges and lightly over the flat surfaces – so it can catch any “high points”.

Miss Mustard Seeds - Two-Toned Milk Paint Dresser

Since it’s easier to show you than to tell you, here is a video showing the Wax Puck in action, applying the coat of Layla’s Mint over it, and then distressing…

(Just a safety note, it’s a good idea to wear a dust mask or respirator any time you’re sanding.)

Here is a close-up of the two-toned look.  As I said in the video, the look is subtle because I used two colors that were similar.  If you want a more dramatic two-toned look, use colors that are higher contrast.

Miss Mustard Seeds - Two-Toned Milk Paint Dresser

I love how this look gives the illusion of the paint being worn away.  It lends lots of visual depth to the finish.

The final step is the finish.  I’ll share that along with some finishing tips and the reveal in the final post of this dresser makeover series…

PS – I shared a clip on Instagram of me singing while painting this piece.  (That’s why my mouth is moving so much!)  I always sing when I work!  It’s fun to share a little bit of that passion with you since I don’t sing publicly very often these days.  I included a snippet of another song at the end of the video in this post if you’re curious to hear what I sing when I work.


Miss Mustard Seeds - Two-Toned Milk Paint Dresser

3 thoughts on “two-toned milk paint dresser | part two

  1. Dianne

    I love the colors you used on this piece. I have a question about the trip you took with your Mom. You mentioned a tour service that helped you with things you wanted to see and do. Is this service available to all or was it simply a part of your travel package? I would appreciate any information you might share. Thank you. I always enjoy seeing the projects you share with all of us. Your fans


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  3. Cheryl Atkinson

    You have a beautiful voice. You remind me so much of my cousin Melinda. Your looks are alike, your voice is so much alike and of course your Faith in our Lord. Thank you for your paint, your tutorials and for your Blog. You are such an encouragement . I admire you very much.


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