Trophy vs. Shutter Gray

I know that it’s so hard to compare colors when you’re looking at them on a screen or on a little color card that was printed, so it’s not 100% true.  We’re hoping that these side-by-side comparisons and “what’s the difference” posts (like the one Abbe did for Ironstone, Linen and Grain Sack) will help you with picking the best color for your project.

So, here is a look at the grays in the line – Shutter Gray is on the left and Trophy is on the right.

Milk Paint Colors-009

Trophy is a warmer, darker gray.  It has yellow and green undertones and is meant to mimic tarnished silver, as the name would suggest.  If you want a true gray, Trophy is the one for you.  You can make it lighter by mixing it with Grain Sack or darker, more like charcoal, by adding in a bit of Typewriter.

MMSMP Trophy Dresser

MSI_3524 MSI_3526

Shutter Gray is definitely a blue/gray and is one of my very favorite colors.


To me, this colors has more of a Frenchy vibe to it and looks like a color that’s faded over time.  It’s a bit paler than Trophy and can obviously be made lighter as well by mixing it with any of the neutrals.  I love the color you get when you mix equal parts Grain Sack and Shutter Gray.  That’s a personal favorite.


So, which gray is right for you?

– Miss Mustard Seed


7 thoughts on “Trophy vs. Shutter Gray

  1. Anita

    I don’t know if it was at your suggestion or her own creation, but the retailer where I buy my mmsmp has a board of hanging Paint brushes. Each dipped in a color and the name is written on the handle. Similar colors are hung side by side for a true comparison. I LOVE IT! It’s been invaluable a couple times in deciding which color I reeeally want, since I can usually only buy one at a time. 🙂 Thanks for this comparison!

  2. Malinda Smith

    This is extremely helpful. I would love it if you would do a similar side-by-side with the various blues. I have several projects to do, but I don’t know how to decide which of the blues is right for my decor palette.

    1. Julie

      The link for the comparison of ironstone, linen and grain sack also includes comparisons of the greens and blues. This is great info.

  3. Erin @ whalingcitycottage

    Hi! I’m planning to use Shutter Gray on a fretwork hutch I just scored. I love the depth of the shutters in this post and definitely want to mimic that on my piece. Did you use the regular furniture wax or antique wax on these shutters? Thanks!

  4. Maggie davis

    Iam really struggling between shutter gray mixed with grain sack for a bit of a light, and grayer blue. Would that be appropriate? I’m painting cabinets in kitchen. Which finish would you suggest? Should I do shutter blue with white wax, or antique, and is there a polyurethane protectant to apply? They’re all so fabulous!


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