Trophy Nightstands

A while back I bought this great “pair” of nightstands on Craigslist. I tried them out in a couple of different colors and ended up with MMSMP Trophy. If you are a fan of the color grey – you will love Trophy. It’s just so…elegant and rich looking.

FULL FRONT 2 final

I don’t have the “before” picture but that’s not what I wanted to show you today anyway. While this lovely pair were sitting in my dining room waiting to find their forever home…they got damaged. I had them sitting in front of a window – which was opened at some point – aaaand then it rained. Water blew in the window and sat on the surface of the paint until it dried. And then some. When I discovered the problem it looked like this:



These nightstand tops were finished with MMSMP Hemp Oil (my favorite finish). The paint still felt perfectly smooth – and the wood wasn’t damaged at all – but the white markings wouldn’t go away.

Note: If you do get water on your milk painted furniture – you can just wipe it off – and there should be no problem as long as it doesn’t sit there too long.

Because I’m getting more and more mellow in my old age, I didn’t even get upset when I realized that the damage had been done. I thought of it as an excellent opportunity to experiment with how to fix it! And – it was just as easy as I thought it would be! I simply got out my random orbital sander and spent about 3 minutes on each with some (worn)#120 sandpaper. That quickly removed the white spots and just the top layer of paint. Here’s what it looked like when I finished:

SANDED final

After that, I was able to just apply two new coats of Trophy (that was probably overkill) and two new coats of hemp oil and they were good as new!

AFTER TOP 3 final

DOWN FRONT 1 final

AFTER TOP 1 final

The ideal situation here would have been to not let the damage happen in the first place but since it did I was happy to know that it really was very easily fixed. I really appreciate a piece of furniture that can take a few knocks and live to tell the tale.

Do you need a suggestion for how to fix a damaged piece of your own? Let me know!


6 thoughts on “Trophy Nightstands

  1. Lisa

    I am so glad to read this because I have often wondered what would happen to a piece sealed with hemp oil if water sat on it. You confirmed what I was already thinking that this is an easy fix.

    I love them!

  2. Janis Shook

    I bought a large antique spinning wheel at an auction last night, and since I’ll be opening a shop in Sept. and want to feature MMS products, I wanted to ask for advice on how to bring some life to this well worn piece. The wood has become very dry and appears to be a natural shade of gray. It looks like driftwood. Any ideas how to bring some beauty back. I am not resistant to painting I if that is what you would suggest.

    1. marian

      Oh, definitely use Hemp Oil. It will hydrate the finish and bring out the richness and patina of the wood. That’s exactly what I would do!

    2. Breida

      I suppose I would have to agree with Marian. I probably WOULD use Hemp Oil… BUT – I think it could look fantastic painted. It would really change it into more of an “art object” though – and some before and after pictures with the Hemp Oil would be a great endorsement of what that product can do – it’s really amazing stuff!


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