This fall, I asked my dad if he would come and stay with us for a week to get some projects done around the house. One of the big ones on my list was to get a cabinet built for our bedroom that would hide our TV and bed linens. We were originally going to make the piece out of new wood but we figured we would just stop in our favorite booth at my local antique shop to see what the salvage guy had. To my delight, he had stacks of old barn doors priced really well. So we picked them up and after a few days, my dad had completed the project!

I love how chippy the original white paint is on this guy! The wood below had gone gray so the colors worked perfectly for the palette of the rest of the room. What was a challenge with this piece was just how chippy it was. I knew I wouldn’t be able to leave it the way it was so I decided to coat the whole piece in MMSMP Tough Coat to seal all the chippy goodness in.

You can see how dramatic the cracking and chipping is! Something I would never want to paint over.

The piece sealed wonderfully and since I used the new matte Tough Coat, there’s no shine or gloss. So it looks like I just hauled this beauty out of a barn while still remaining perfectly sealed. Win-win in my book!

I also used a bit of MMSMP Antiquing Wax on the fresh cut edges so that they would blend seamlessly with the patina of the rest of the piece. All it took was a rag and about five minutes and I had it matching perfectly!

While the Tough Coat makes a perfect sealer for those pre-chipped pieces, it also works really well to seal pieces that you’ve painted with MMSMP that have begun to chip. We also love to use it as a barrier between slick poly finished that would otherwise resist milk paint. In addition, we’ve been loving using it as a top coat on lots of different pieces around the studio! The matte finish is smooth as butter and glides on like a dream with a few quick brushstrokes.


4 thoughts on “TOUGH COAT

  1. Kelly

    Can Tough Coat be used with the finishing waxes/antiquing wax? Thanks so much!! :))

  2. Gail Tilson

    Do I use the tough coat before stenciling and afternto protect the chippy goodness and the stencil? Thank you so much

  3. Sophie L

    Refinishing our kitchen table and chairs, so looking for durability. Planning to use milk paint and antique wax – sanding edges but no chippy paint. Which order would I apply tough coat?
    1. Paint, 2. Wax, 3. Tough Coat – or – 1. Paint, 2. Tough Coat, 3. Wax

  4. Shay

    Can tough coat be used on floors? We white washed our hardwood floors and I need a clear, durable, finish that I can easily mop or steam mop regularly.


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