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Usually I am one to jump right into a color decision and not look back. But my kitchen island seemed like such a color commitment I was having a hard time making a choice. It seemed so permanent. It’s current state is a pickled oak finish that tends to have a pink hue to it. And I have been staring at it for 2 years wishing I could make up my mind on what color I wanted to paint it.

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Most of us could agree that we love the chippy and unpredictable properties that make working with Milk Paint so fun and give it an authentically worn look. But I needed more of a solid game plan.

I had narrowed it down to a Typewriter basecoat and Trophy topcoat with distressed edges revealing the dark Typewriter OR a Curio basecoat and a Trophy second layer. But I still couldn’t commit.

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So i removed one of the cabinet doors and played with the paints on the back of the door. That way, once my cabinets were painted, only I would notice the inconsistent backside of the cabinet door.

how to paint cabinets

I mixed up small batches of each color, using Bonding Agent in the basecoat colors of Typewriter and Curio.

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I lightly sanded the surface.

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And I painted half of the door in each color.

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I then allowed it to dry overnight and painted the second coat in Trophy all over the cabinet door.

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I was able to play around with different technique to find out which one I liked best for my kitchen island.

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I painted some areas thicker to get a crackle effect and lightly sanded the edges.

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And guess what? My fear of color commitment was cured. I was so excited I immediately painted the first coat of Typewriter on my island.

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I can’t wait to show you the final result!

– Allison

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