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Easter Themed Wax Puck Resist Tutorial


Our Wax Pucks are made from 100% beeswax. These handy little discs fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and are very versatile. Wax Pucks create a resist in between layers of Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint and are also great for rubbing along stubborn drawer runners to get them moving again.

Today, we’d like to teach you how to layer two different colors of MMS Milk Paint using a Wax Puck resist in between! The subject of this tutorial are these adorable wooden bunnies.

wax puck, resist, miss mustard seeds milk paint, cover photo


  1. To achieve a layered look, apply one coat of milk paint and allow it to dry.
  2. Next, rub the Wax Puck over the edges, corners and “high points” of the piece.  Anywhere the wax is applied, milk paint will resist adhering. Make sure you rub the Wax Puck randomly around and in places where paint would naturally wear over time.
  3. Then, apply a second coat of milk paint in a contrasting color and allow it to dry completely.
  4. Using sandpaper, distress the surface to easily remove the paint where wax was applied, revealing first coat underneath.
  5. Seal your piece with any of our fine finishes.


Watch this video tutorial to see the process in action! This video was created by Jenn Baker of Eight Hundred Furniture.

Didn’t those bunnies turn out super cute?

tutorial, wax puck, resist, miss mustard seeds milk paint

A Wax Puck resist work best when you layer high contrasting colors over one another. This is Outback Petticoat with French Enamel on top.

french enamel, outback petticoat, wax puck, resist, miss mustard seeds milk paint, furniture wax

For a more subtle look, layer softer colors over one another. This is Arabesque over Schloss.

arabesque, schloss, wax puck, resist, miss mustard seeds milk paint

Layering colors in the same family provides a two toned look. This is Boxwood over Lucketts Green.

boxwood, lucketts green, wax puck, resist, miss mustard seeds milk paint, cover photo

You can replicate this look on any surface. Jenn used wooden bunnies that she picked up for one of her paint workshops. You can visit the unfinished wood section of your local craft store to pick up something similar just in time for Easter!

tutorial, wax puck, resist, miss mustard seeds milk paint



MMSMP Featured Artisan – Rhicreations

MMSMP Featured Artisan – Rhicreations, Kingston Ontario

We have a super talented individual to introduce to you today! Everyone, meet Rhian.

She is the owner of Rhicreations in Kingston, Ontario. Rhian has been creating and designing as long as she can remember. As a little girl, she never dreamed or imagined that her artistic endeavors would turn into a profitable full time career. The first things she can remember creating are jewelry and birthday cards and her projects have evolved from there.

What first drew us to Rhian were her beautiful photos on Instagram.

There was a rustic beauty about her work that drew us in and we had to learn more!

Rhian has a passion for sustainability and reducing waste. She makes a conscience effort with each project to only buy what she needs and plan for what she’ll be using. She uses scrap pieces of wood for stir sticks and old t-shirts for rags when applying stains as opposed to brushes.

Rhian shared that her favorite aspect of using our products is the consistency in quality. She knows that our products will work every time she uses them and she is never left questioning whether the results will be what she is aiming for.

Her favorite product is our Hemp Oil.

You can see how our Hemp Oil gives her wood projects life and luster. It’s an idea finish to draw out the natural beauty of dried out wood. (And it’s puppy approved!)

Rhian also loves our Furniture Wax as well. She says it’s her “favorite thing ever” because it goes on like a dream, has great coverage and dries to the touch in great time. She even passes along little bits of it to her clients to use for touch ups!

Rhian says that investing in quality products will yield quality results. Trends come and go but quality work and craftsmanship will never go out of style. (Hear hear!) She also recommends not over-thinking when you’re starting a creative project. Start with something small (a great tip) and let your creativity guide you. We whole-heartedly agree!

Rhian says that being true to yourself and your own sense of style is the best way to go. If you truly love something then it doesn’t matter if it’s on trend or in style at the moment. Rhian’s goal when “rhi”furbishing a piece is to preserve its natural beauty and characteristics as much as possible. She wants her products to stand the test of time, outlive trends and serve as conversation pieces.

When someone chooses one of her products or attends one of her events, she thinks its the ultimate form of flattery. Her heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears go into everything she creates. She also thinks it’s super cool that other people think she’s cool.

We think she’s super cool too!

You can learn more about Rhian and see her beautiful work on her website. She has some MMSMP projects in the works, and we can’t wait to share them with you as she finishes. We’re so happy to have introduced you to Rhicreations, and we hope you will join us in supporting our latest MMSMP Featured Artisan.

Know An Artisan That Should Be Featured?

We’re always on the lookout for super talented artisans who are using MMSMP products in creative ways! If you know of an artisan we should check out, send us a message!


Antiquing Wax Instagram Live Tutorial

Blog post tutorials are very helpful in showing you how to do something step by step.  But, having a video to watch and seeing something happen in real time is a bit more powerful, don’t you think?

On July 2nd, our MMSMP Instagram manager, Jenn Baker of Eight Hundred Furniture, went live and demonstrated how to use our rich Antiquing Wax to enhance carved details on a beautiful little pie crust topped table.

Jenn painted the table in two coats of our warm greige, Schloss, and mixed Bonding Agent into her paint because she didn’t want any chipping to occur.

After the two coats of Schloss were applied, Jenn smooth sanded with 400 grit sandpaper and then sealed her table with Hemp Oil.

After she sealed the table with Hemp Oil, Jenn enhanced the table with our Antiquing Wax when she went live.  We wanted to share the video with you in case you a) missed it, b) wanted to rewatch it or c) wanted to save it for later reference.  So without further delay, you can watch Jenn’s MMSMP Instagram Live broadcast below!

After she was finished waxing the table, Jenn gave the piecrust topped table a proper photo shoot, and you can see how our Antiquing Wax added just the right amount of detailing to the carved bits.

Here’s that lovely scalloped piecrust table top.  You can see how the Antiquing Wax settled onto the ledge and draws your eye around the entire perimeter of the piece.

The effect is quite beautiful!  Can you see how using long strokes across the table helps to create a clean effect rather than swirling the wax on?

Now for the stars of the show…the carvings!

Our Antiquing Wax does such a great job at settling into recessed areas, such as carvings like these.  It adds shadowing and contrast, which helps enhance them and draw your eye in.  Carvings like these are practically begging to be waxed with either of our tinted waxes – White or Antiquing!

Just look at that detail!

The carvings reach all the way down to the feet, and even they got the special Antiquing Wax treatment.  As you wipe Antiquing Wax off, it is removed from the flat surfaces and remains in the low points of the piece, giving you an effect like this:

So what do you think?  Are you inspired to give our Antiquing Wax a try now?  Remember to have a layer of clear product (whether it’s Furniture Wax or Hemp Oil) in between your MMS Milk Paint and the Antiquing Wax.  This will help to give you a cleaner look and avoid any smudging or ghosting.

You can shop for Antiquing Wax from your local MMSMP retailer.  It comes in small and large sizes so you can purchase the right amount for your project.  A small jar of Antiquing Wax would be the right size for a small table like this.

You can find your local MMSMP retailer by searching on our map here.  If there isn’t a retailer in your neighborhood, you can see your online purchasing options here.


We hope you enjoyed the live broadcast on Instagram!  Make sure you show us your Antiquing Wax projects by tagging @MissMustardSeedsMilkPaint on Facebook and @mmsmilkpaint on Instagram!

MMSMP Finishes – Waxes

Once you are finished painting a project with MMS Milk Paint, you need to protect it with a topcoat.  We have several options to choose from, and we’d love to take you on a tour of each product!  So buckle up and get ready to learn all about the fabulous finishes in the Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint collection!

We have two main families or groups of finishes – Waxes and Liquids.  For this post, we’ll be focusing on our wax finishes.

Furniture Wax

Furniture Wax is our clear wax option.  It’s formulated with carnauba wax, beeswax and odorless mineral spirits, resulting in a super soft wax that is spreadable and easy to manipulate.  It has a pleasant natural aroma and does not contain any harsh fumes.  It has the consistency of a natural lotion or margarine and is easily applied with a soft lint-free cloth or wax brush.

Our Furniture Wax is “buildable”, meaning you can apply several thin layers to build up layers of protection.  The key is thin layers.  Furniture Wax should be applied in thin layers and massaged into the surface like a lotion.  Most issues with wax occur when too much product is applied.  When it’s buffed out, it should not feel tacky or sticky.  You can achieve a variety of sheens from matte to semi-gloss depending on how you buff out your wax.  That makes it easy to personalize your finish!

Furniture Wax 2

The other lovely feature of our Furniture Wax finish is that it’s “livable”.  Scratches and blemishes can sanded out and more wax can be applied, making it a great finish for busy households.  You should always take care to use basic precautions to protect your finish from water and heat.  Coasters are always a good idea and you should never place anything hot directly on a finish.  Use trivets and potholders to provide a layer of protection in between the hot item and your finish.

Keep in mind that wax does melt in high temperatures, so Furniture Wax should not be used on outdoor projects, outdoor furniture shows or on front porches.  Furniture Wax is not food safe, so it should not be used on surfaces where food is prepared or eaten directly off of (such as a cheeseboard).

White Wax

In addition to offering a clear Furniture Wax, we also have two tinted waxes.  Let’s start with our White Wax.

White Wax contains the same ingredients as our buttery soft Furniture Wax with the addition of white pigments.  It looks like marshmallow fluff in the jar!

White Wax is a fabulous product to use if you would like to create a limed look over top of raw wood or MMS Milk Paint.  It almost looks like a white wash.  You can see how White Wax changes the look of our soft black, Typewriter, in this graphic by The Golden Sycamore.

See how it creates a soft, white wash effect?  Here’s another example on a dresser that Miss Mustard Seed painted.

This is White Wax over Shutter Gray Milk Paint.  She even used it on the raw wood top!

When using White Wax, we recommend applying a layer of clear Furniture Wax first over your Milk Paint.  THEN, apply the White Wax.  This will help keep the White Wax from becoming ghosty and it will preserve the color of your Milk Paint underneath.

You can apply White Wax with a soft lint-free cloth or a brush.  It looks absolutely divine when it settles into nooks and crannies on a piece!  This table was painted during one of the “Bring Your Own Piece” workshops that Miss Mustard Seed hosted in her old Pennsylvania studio.

The owner of the table painted it in Kitchen Scale and then sealed it with clear Furniture Wax.  To draw the eye to the carved details, White Wax was applied and allowed to settle into the recessed areas.  This is a perfect way to use White Wax!


So what do you think?  Are you ready to grab a jar and try it out for yourself?

Antiquing Wax

Our Antiquing Wax is kind of the opposite of White Wax.  It’s another tinted wax that has the same ingredients as our Furniture Wax, but instead of being tinted white, it has a lovely deep and rich brown color.

Antiquing Wax is like instant “age in a jar”.  When applied, it will add a warm brown tint to your finish that mimics the look of aged patina.  You can see an example of this on this oak washstand that Jenn of Eight Hundred Furniture painted using Bergere.

Jenn applied Bergere Milk Paint, Furniture Wax and then a layer of Antiquing Wax.  See how it nestled into the grooves and gives the piece an aged effect?

You can also apply Antiquing Wax directly on raw wood to age it and protect it at the same time!

Antiquing Wax goes on strong, but it can be wiped back to suite your personal taste.  If the look is still too strong, rub a little bit of Furniture Wax on and wipe back.  The Furniture Wax will act as an “eraser” and help tone the Antiquing Wax down even further.

We recommend turning your wiping cloth over multiple times during the wiping process to ensure you are using a clean spot every time you remove product.  This will help to wipe the product back without redepositing it again.  We also recommend using a cloth to apply it on flat surfaces (such as tops and sides).

Use a fluffy natural bristle brush to get into nooks and carvings.

See how Antiquing Wax added subtle shadowing and age to the legs of this French chair?

Antiquing Wax and White Wax can also be mixed in varying ratios to create different shades of taupe, mushroom, and gray!

Beeswax Finish

Our final wax finish is our Beeswax.

Our Beeswax finish contains 100% Beeswax and Mineral Oil.  It is food safe and is ideal to use on surfaces that will come in contact with food.  Rolling pins, bread boards, salad spoons and wooden bowls are all safe surfaces to hydrate with Beeswax.

Our Beeswax finish is also a fabulous product to use as a resist in between layers of Milk Paint.

You can learn how to create this chippy layered look using Beeswax by reading our blog post here.

Beeswax is also a fabulous product to use on leather goods.  Give your boots some much-needed hydration after a long winter by rubbing some Beeswax on and buffing it out.  You can read the full blog post on how to do that here.

The application process is the same as with our other wax products – apply with a soft cloth or bristle brush and wipe the excess back.

Other Tips and Information

All of the finish in our MMSMP collection are durable when applied properly and allowed to cure for the recommended 20 – 30 day window of time, including our waxes.  Here are some more tips and tidbits of information when using our wax products.

  • The key with any wax is to apply it in a thin layer.  If you ever have trouble with wax being smudgy, sticky, smeary, tacky, etc., it means you applied too much wax.  Think of wax like a skin lotion.  It needs to be worked into the surface evenly, allowing it to be absorbed.  Too much will just sit on top and be a mess.
  • It should feel dry to the touch almost immediately.  It might feel a little cool and waxy, but the piece can be touched and used right away.
  • Wax gives a super smooth, hard, water-repellant finish without any brush strokes.
  • Wax is a finish that absorbs, but it’s also a “buildable” finish.  You can build the finish by adding more (thin) layers of wax, which can make the finish glossier and thicker.
  • The gloss can also vary based on how you buff it.  If you just buff it with your brush as you apply it, it will be matte.  If you buff it by hand, with gusto, or with an electric buffer/buffing pad, it can have a nice gloss to it.
  • If a wax finish is marred/scratched, it can be repaired.  Lightly sand the marred area and reapply more wax.
  • It is a bit labor intensive to apply wax.  Our wax is soft, like the consistency of margarine, so it spreads on easily, but it still takes some muscle and patience.  Don’t rush the process!
  • It can be tricky to get it really smooth in appearance on a large, flat surface, like a table top.  An electric buffer or a buffing pad on an orbital sander really helps with that!
  • Wax will melt if it gets too hot.  It does have to be pretty intense heat and sunshine, so being inside under a window would be fine.  Just keep it in mind, especially if you have pieces on a porch or are putting them in a garage or storage unit that isn’t climate controlled.  We also don’t recommend using wax finishes for pieces that will be sold at outdoor market events.

We hope you are now inspired and a bit more educated about our wax products.  Are you ready to tackle a project?  Shop for MMS Milk Paint products from any of our fabulous retailers or online.  Tell us your favorite and share your MMSMP waxed pieces with us on social media.  We love hearing from you!

Next, we’ll tackle the liquid finishes in our collection…Hemp Oil and Tough Coat!

August’s Product of the Month – White Wax

For the month of August, we’re celebrating our creamy White Wax.

White Wax is essentially our buttery soft Furniture Wax that has a white tint added to it.  When you open the jar up, it looks like marshmallow fluff.

Before you apply White Wax to a piece, we recommend having a layer of our clear Furniture Wax on first.  Then, apply White Wax using a cloth or wax brush to spread it on your piece and wipe back with a clean cloth.  Once you have wiped off the excess wax from your piece, there is no need to apply any more finishes.  The White Wax is perfectly durable.  Miss Mustard Seed wrote a wonderful blog post detailing how she applied White Wax to this soft Scandinavian empire buffet here.

White Wax makes our soft black Typewriter look more like a charcoal gray.  Thanks to The Golden Sycamore for this super helpful graphic!

White Wax also looks divine over Curio for more of a Restoration Hardware/Pottery Barn look.  Thanks so Suite Pieces for this photo!

However you decide to use White Wax, it will quickly become an essential product in your MMS Milk Paint collection the more you use it!

You can purchase White Wax (and any of our other fabulous finishes) from your local brick and mortar retailer, or online!

May Product of the Month – Lavender Wax

Our Furniture Wax is pretty awesome.  It’s creamy, easy to apply, and provides excellent protection for your furniture pieces.


What could possibly make it any more amazing?


How about adding the soothing fragrance of lavender?


Our Lavender Wax still has all of the goodness of our Furniture Wax with the addition of a heavenly lavender aroma.  Now you can protect your MMS Milk Painted masterpieces and enjoy an aromatherapy session at the same time!


Simply use a clean cotton cloth or brush to apply the wax in a thin layer.  Allow it to dry for 3-5 minutes then buff to a shine with a clean lint-free cotton cloth.  For additional shine and durability, apply a second coat.  Clean your wax brush with grease-cutting soap and warm water.  Follow up with our Brush Soap to keep your brushes hydrated and moisturized!


Visit your local retailer to scoop up some Lavender Wax today!  Click here to find you closest brick-and-mortar MMSMP retailer.  Don’t have a retailer nearby?  Click here to order from our fabulous online retailers!