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December Product of the Month – Wax Pucks

Maybe you’ve seen these little guys on our website or at a local retailer…

Have you ever wondered what they are?

They’re wax pucks, of course!

wax puck | miss mustard seed

What are they made from?

Our wax pucks are made from 100% beeswax, so they’re an all-natural product (and just one will last you for years of painting!)

How do I use one?

Step 1 | Rub the puck over a surface prior to painting it.  It can also be applied over another layer of milk paint (or another kind of paint), raw wood, stained wood, etc.  Pretty much anything!  In the photo below, Miss Mustard Seed rubbed it over the surface of a jelly cupboard.  She painted it in Artissimo first, then rubbed the wax puck in the places where she wanted the Artissimo to show through.

Step 2 | Paint the piece, including the areas where wax was applied.  It won’t appear different as the paint is being brushed on or as it’s drying.  When you distress the finish, though, the paint will easily wipe off the areas where the wax was applied.  It acted as a “resist”, preventing the paint from sticking.  On her jelly cupboard, Miss Mustard Seed painted over the Artissimo and Wax Puck’d spots with Flow Blue.  Then, she sanded away!

As she finished up, the results were gorgeous.  She achieved an authentically aged finish, just as if it had been like that for decades.

Why would I want to use the wax puck instead of the 100% Beeswax Finish as a resist?  

Even though they are both made from 100% beeswax, the Beeswax Finish is softer and needs to be applied with a brush or cloth.  The wax puck is solid, so you can just rub it straight over the surface.  It’s a little easier to apply and requires less “elbow grease”.

The end result also different.  When Beeswax Finish is used as a resist, the resulting look is more chippy and patchy.


The wax puck gives you a softer and more subtle distressing that emulates paint that has worn over years of use.

marzipan-1583You can also rub it along the runners of sticky drawers to help them slide in and out more easily!  If you love working on old pieces as much as we do, then you’ll thank your lucky stars you have a fix for that problem.

Photo via Eight Hundred Furniture, LLC.

Though they are small, they’re mighty and incredible useful for creating an authentically aged finish.  This December, we salute the might Wax Puck!

August’s Colors of the Month – Flow Blue and Layla’s Mint

August is a month filled with transitions.  It marks the end of summer vacation and the start of the school year here in the US.  In the midst of back to school shopping and getting into a different rhythm of life, we have two new beautiful colors to highlight and share with you!

The first is our deep and rich Flow Blue.

Flow Blue gets its inspiration and namesake from a technique used in the 1800’s – early 1900’s to transfer blue patterns onto pottery.  Flow Blue dishes have a beautiful blurry look to them and are found in varying shades of rich blue.

Flow Blue is much deeper than French Enamel but it’s not as dark as Artissimo.  You can see how they compare in the third row of our color chart.

Flow Blue is somewhere between royal blue and navy blue and has some green undertones to it.  It’s bright, but classic and looks beautiful when paired with warm wood tones.  Miss Mustard Seed showcased how beautiful Flow Blue looks with a warm wood top on this gorgeous antique buffet.

It can also take on different looks when paired with our various finishes in the MMS Milk Paint line.  As always, you can thank Allison of The Golden Sycamore for these fabulous graphics!

Our second featured color for August is a member of our European Collection.

Layla’s Mint is a deliciously soft and peaceful mint green.  It’s named after Layla of The Lettered Cottage.  Layla sent Marian an e-mail asking for help in creating a perfect mint green for a secretary desk.  The original recipe that Marian created was a bit cool, so she warmed it up for the European Collection.

Doesn’t it remind you of pistachio ice cream and spring flowers?

Layla’s Mint looks beautiful when paired with pink tones, such as our dusty Arabesque.  This sweet chair was painted in Layla’s Mint and you can see how it looks up against a Shutter Gray door.

Layla’s Mint is an excellent color to have on hand for creating bespoke colors.  This chippy empire dresser is wearing a custom mixture of 1 part Eulalie’s Sky and 2 parts Layla’s Mint.

Layla’s Mint is a perfect choice if you want a soft whisper of a green.  It adds color without being too bold and in your face.

Shop for Flow Blue and Layla’s Mint Milk Paint from your local retailer.  Not sure where your nearest MMSMP retailer is?  Click here and type in your zip code to find one!  Don’t have a retailer close by?  Order online from our online retailers or shop on Amazon.

Make sure you share your Flow Blue and Layla’s Mint masterpieces with us all month long on our Facebook and Instagram feeds as well!