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MMSMP Featured Artisans – Crooked Tree Studio

We are so pleased to introduce you to February’s MMSMP Featured Artisan.

Everyone, please meet Jodie of Crooked Tree Studio!

crooked tree studio

Jodie specializes in creating gorgeous woodscapes using salvaged lumber and Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint. We first saw her work on Instagram and we just had to know more about her and her business.

Jodie’s  friend thought up the name “Crooked Tree ” when they had an idea about 7 years ago to start a home décor business together.  Jodie agreed the name Crooked Tree had the character needed for the recycled and salvaged product they wanted to make. Shortly after planning out their business, their husbands both changed careers and they ended up moving to different parts of the country, away from each other. Jodie kept Crooked Tree Studio going in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, and the name stuck!

crooked tree studio

Jodie had her children at a young age, and chose to homeschool them. Throughout that time, she was always making, painting, building and thrifting whenever she had the opportunity. As her children grew older, Jodie had more time on her hands and started selling furniture and doing markets. While prepping for one of the markets she was attending, she made a bunch of flower boxes to sell.  She pieced the leftover wood scraps together to make her very first woodscape wall hanging!

Jodie’s woodscapes were the most popular items in her booth at that market, and she got requests for more. Crooked Tree’s woodscapes took off from there! Now she uses salvaged old fencing or deck wood to make her lovely creations.

Jodie and her family have been lucky enough to live in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies for the past several years and God’s beautiful creation surrounds her every time she steps outside. She draws a lot of her inspiration from the Creator Himself. When she looks at what God has designed and crafted – the abundance of green shades in the forests, the incredible blues of the mountain lakes, the flowing rivers and of course, the majestic backdrop of the Rockies, Jodie’s creative juices start to flow!

Jodie designs and finishes all of her creations, but she has a lot of support and help along the way. Her husband works as a firefighter and is a Red Seal Carpenter as well so knows his way around a workshop. He has taught her woodworking skills and pitches in when the table saw needs to be used. (That’s not Jodie’s favorite part!)

Jodie’s father is a retired high-school shop teacher and a carpenter, so he has taught her a lot of “tricks of the trade.”  She heads out to his workshop in the Kootenays when she gets the chance and they together. His experience is invaluable!

Jodie’s son is apprenticing to become a carpenter as well, so when he isn’t framing houses, he will pop in and lend a hand building when it gets busy. Jodie’s daughter packs and ships parcels and helps keep all of the paperwork organized. She also pitches in at market events.

Crooked Tree Studio started all over Jodie’s house – in the basement, on the kitchen table, etc. She wanted to use a paint product that was safe to use indoors, which led her to Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint. She loves not having to worry about fumes filling up the house and using a paint that washes up easily.

Because Jodie uses a lot of salvaged wood when creating her pieces, milk paint is the perfect pairing. She can easily distress it and she loves the warm weathered feeling it provides. Jodie also loves that she can mix the colors to create whatever shade she wants! She has to control to make her milk paint colors translucent or opaque with the addition of more powder or water.

Jodie also is fond of our Hemp Oil. It’s a perfect way to seal everything in, and she can add depth or a lime wash look as needed with our Antiquing Wax and White Wax.

We always ask our Featured Artisans what advice they would give to someone who has never used Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint before. Here is what Jodie had to say:

“Using MMSMP can be intimidating at first because it is different than other paint you may get in a can. Other paint is what it is, meaning you get the color on the little square you asked for – end of story. MMSMP can be thickened, thinned, blended with other colors, layered, distressed, oiled, waxed, etc. It has a personality and flexibility! If you want painting to be an adventure, not a chore, using MMSMP is the way to go. Once I figured out the proper amount of water to add to the powder to get the look I was after, it all just came together! There are many amazing tutorials online, if that is the best way you learn, or if you are like me, and just want to get a bag, start mixing and painting and learn as you go, that can be a lot of fun too!”

If you are interested in learning more about Crooked Tree Studio, you can find Jodie’s works on her website at CrookedTreeStudio.ca or by emailing hello@crookedtreestudio.ca for custom requests.

She has several small shops that carry her goods as well:

Albertas Own Marketplace – Canmore, Alberta

Branches Marketplace– Banff, Alberta

Black Earth Floral – Calgary, Alberta

Branch Market And Studio – Black Diamond, Alberta

Wild Rose Country Store – Olds, Alberta

La Chic Boutique – Sandpoint, Idaho (Coming soon!)

Jodie gets her MMSMP from Branch Market & Studio in Black Diamond, Alberta. You can purchase MMSMP from any of our fabulous brick and mortar retailers, or check out our online options.

You can follow Jodie and keep up to date on Crooked Tree Studio’s creations on Instagram, Facebook, or on her website.

Do you know an artisan who is using Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in creative and unique ways? We’d love to hear about them! Send an email to jenn@missmustardseed.com and we’ll get them featured!

MMSMP Featured Artisan – Rhicreations

MMSMP Featured Artisan – Rhicreations, Kingston Ontario

We have a super talented individual to introduce to you today! Everyone, meet Rhian.

She is the owner of Rhicreations in Kingston, Ontario. Rhian has been creating and designing as long as she can remember. As a little girl, she never dreamed or imagined that her artistic endeavors would turn into a profitable full time career. The first things she can remember creating are jewelry and birthday cards and her projects have evolved from there.

What first drew us to Rhian were her beautiful photos on Instagram.

There was a rustic beauty about her work that drew us in and we had to learn more!

Rhian has a passion for sustainability and reducing waste. She makes a conscience effort with each project to only buy what she needs and plan for what she’ll be using. She uses scrap pieces of wood for stir sticks and old t-shirts for rags when applying stains as opposed to brushes.

Rhian shared that her favorite aspect of using our products is the consistency in quality. She knows that our products will work every time she uses them and she is never left questioning whether the results will be what she is aiming for.

Her favorite product is our Hemp Oil.

You can see how our Hemp Oil gives her wood projects life and luster. It’s an idea finish to draw out the natural beauty of dried out wood. (And it’s puppy approved!)

Rhian also loves our Furniture Wax as well. She says it’s her “favorite thing ever” because it goes on like a dream, has great coverage and dries to the touch in great time. She even passes along little bits of it to her clients to use for touch ups!

Rhian says that investing in quality products will yield quality results. Trends come and go but quality work and craftsmanship will never go out of style. (Hear hear!) She also recommends not over-thinking when you’re starting a creative project. Start with something small (a great tip) and let your creativity guide you. We whole-heartedly agree!

Rhian says that being true to yourself and your own sense of style is the best way to go. If you truly love something then it doesn’t matter if it’s on trend or in style at the moment. Rhian’s goal when “rhi”furbishing a piece is to preserve its natural beauty and characteristics as much as possible. She wants her products to stand the test of time, outlive trends and serve as conversation pieces.

When someone chooses one of her products or attends one of her events, she thinks its the ultimate form of flattery. Her heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears go into everything she creates. She also thinks it’s super cool that other people think she’s cool.

We think she’s super cool too!

You can learn more about Rhian and see her beautiful work on her website. She has some MMSMP projects in the works, and we can’t wait to share them with you as she finishes. We’re so happy to have introduced you to Rhicreations, and we hope you will join us in supporting our latest MMSMP Featured Artisan.

Know An Artisan That Should Be Featured?

We’re always on the lookout for super talented artisans who are using MMSMP products in creative ways! If you know of an artisan we should check out, send us a message!


MMSMP Featured Artisan – Farmhouse Gear

Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint can be used to achieve a variety of different looks.  Mix it with Bonding Agent to get a full coverage non-chippy look.  Apply any of our tinted waxes to add a limed effect or depth and age.  Or, layer colors on top of one another and let the natural consistency create an authentically gorgeous primitive finish.  You know, something like this:

Or this!

We could seriously stare at those layers all day!  These lovely creations have been painted by our newest MMSMP Featured Artisan, Brian Downey of Farmhouse Gear.

Brian was born and raised in Southampton (aka “The Hamptons”), New York.  In the summer of 1985, he started doing construction work during his summer break from college. From that first day, Brian fell in love woodworking and the freedom that it provided.  Working in the Hamptons afforded him the opportunity to work in some of the finest homes in the country.  It was there that he fell in love with the simple elegance of an old English pine farm table, which became the inspiration of a lot of his work today.

Soon, Brian was making furniture just for fun as well as for friends and family.  As time went on, he was looking for a change from the rigors of construction and embarked on a complete change to financial services.  With his wife, Karin and their two children, Lauren and Evan, Brian made the move to beautiful West Chester, Pennsylvania in Chester County.  It was there, immersed in the rich history of Chester County, that he realized his heart was not in financial services, but rather in woodworking.

Brian builds furniture that you would typically find in an old farmhouse out of reclaimed lumber from Pennsylvania barns.  The state is immersed in a rich history dating back to the late 1600’s with William Penn. Take a ride in just about any direction in Pennsylvania and you’ll see the historic barns and stone houses that make up so much of the landscape here. While Brian doesn’t dismantle them personally, there are several local companies that do, and they are his primary sources for the reclaimed lumber he uses to build his farmhouse furniture. The goal at Farmhouse Gear is not to make new furniture using old wood, but rather to make pieces of furniture that appear to have been made hundreds of years ago, and have simply been brought back to life.

Brian’s most favorite wood to work with has always been reclaimed pine. Depending on the project at hand, he likes to use reclaimed attic flooring, granary boards, or barn flooring. Reclaimed pine, in all its forms, is a wood that lends itself to the primitive style.

The name “Farmhouse Gear” is a nod to the essential equipment or “gear” that you would find on a typical farmhouse property.  These are the pieces that Brian loves to recreate!  Brian’s kitchen and dining room tables are gorgeous, but his favorite pieces to make are those with drawers and doors (such as cupboards, cabinets, servers, etc.).  These pieces give Brian the chance to incorporate authentic, vintage hardware wherever he can.  Brian is a pretty simple guy, and he has always felt comfortable and at home with primitive style furniture. For him, it’s always been about comfort. He never felt at home around fancy, high-gloss, ornate furniture. The worn in, simple nature of primitives, has always been what’s drawn him in, and this is the style that he continues to create and sell in his space at Pheasant Run Antiques.

Brian paints most of his furniture with Milk Paint.  He was first introduced to Milk Paint in the 90’s, when he saw it in an antique store in Bridgehampton, NY. The store specialized in painted furniture using reclaimed pine. The colors were historical and muted.  Later, Brian discovered Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint on social media, and immediately fell in love with our rich and vibrant colors colors.

Brian’s favorite MMSMP colors to use are Kitchen Scale, Flow Blue, Luckett’s Green and Linen.  He did admit that each new color he tries seems to quickly become a favorite!  (We know this is a typical experience with most of our MMSMP painters!)  Brian’s signature style is layer upon layer of our Milk Paint, creating an aged look.

He typically does two layers of paint, with the first usually being Linen.

The second coat of paint is any of the other primary colors.  Occasionally Brian will add a third.

Brian’s most recent coffee table was layered with Linen, then Artissimo, followed by Luckett’s Green. It barely lasted a day before it was scooped up by an eager buyer!

Brian said that he honestly loves everything about MMSMP including the simple ingredients, the vibrant colors and the ease of use. What he loves most is MMSMP’s versatility.  It allows you to create an authentic chippy look or a smooth elegant look.  You can even thin it out and use it as a stain!  It does whatever you want it to do and you can’t mess it up!   (Those are Brian’s exact words!)  He also shared that the support that our website provides is second to none.  From our FAQ’s to the videos, tips and tutorials, all the resources a milk painter needs are right there!  (Honestly, we didn’t prompt him at all!)

We always ask our MMSMP Featured Artisans if they have any advice to offer someone who is brand new to our paint line or who may be too intimidated to try it out.  Here is what he shared with us:

“One of the most important things for a beginner to know that you can’t mess it up, even if you tried! It’s a very forgiving paint. I would encourage them to begin with something small, maybe a shelf or small side table. I would also say that preparation is the key. Make sure that if a piece you’re considering painting already has a finish, that it is free of any grease, oil or dirt, and especially wax. No paint will adhere to a waxed surface. Once that is done, lightly sand the piece to provide better adhesion. Of course, painting on raw wood, avoids all that.”

See?  We’re not making this stuff up!  Prep work really is THAT important, and you’re hearing it directly from a super-talented furniture maker who has woodworking in his blood!  (Brian’s great grandfather was a ship carpenter from Denmark and his two brothers were in residential construction.)

(This is a photo of Brian’s Great Grandpa posing for a picture while building his childhood house.)

You can check out more of Brian’s work on his website and follow along with Farmhouse Gear on Facebook and Instagram.  To see his creations in person, visit Pheasant Run Antiques in Parkesburg, Pennsylvania.

Do you know any talented artisans who are using Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in creative and unique ways?  We want to know about them!  Contact us and perhaps they’ll become the next MMSMP Featured Artisan!

MMSMP Featured Artisan – Simply Chic Furniture & Interiors

If you love gorgeous furniture makeovers, California sunshine, and adorable corgis, then you’re going to fall head over heels for September’s MMSMP Featured Artisan!  Everyone, meet Annie Looysen of Simply Chic Furniture & Interiors!

Annie started painting furniture back in 2011, a year after she got married to her husband, Chris. Annie and Chris needed a table to set a bird cage on for a pair of finches they had just welcomed into their home. She was able to find an old table that needed some work and she wanted to make it her own. Annie had never painted before, so she did research and watched a lot of YouTube videos. She bought all her supplies and surprisingly enough, the process was fun and her table turned out great! Unfortunately, Annie and her husband had to find a new home for the birds, which meant her table didn’t really have a use anymore.  Annie decided to sell it along with a matching chair she found at a garage sale. She put the set up for sale on Craigslist and it sold within 3 days!  Annie thought she was on to something!


Looking back, she remembers how she prayed that God would give her a hobby or passion for something that she would truly enjoy. She had always loved to paint and do crafts but she wanted something more. God more than delivered, and Annie wouldn’t have believed in her wildest dreams that she’d be painting furniture full time!

Almost a year ago, Annie was working a job and sitting at a desk.  Her job wasn’t creative in any way and she wondered if this was all she went to school for.  Annie’s father also passed away during this time, and it caused her to put her whole life into perspective.  She started to think deeply about whether she was happy with her career choice. She was working on furniture part time while maintaining full time hours at her other job. Sometimes, she would actually come home and sell furniture on her lunch break!  She knew that her father would have wanted her to be happy, so she got brave and put in her two weeks’ notice.  Annie felt incredible and terrified at the same time.  Now she was solely responsible for her income, which is a feeling a lot of entrepreneurs have when they first get started.   Annie was fortunate to have a good number of customers asking her for custom pieces – almost to the point where she couldn’t keep up with demand!

Eight months later, Chris was laid off from his job.  Annie said that God completely provided for her because that month was the busiest she had ever been!  While he was job hunting, Chris was able to make her workshop more efficient, help with furniture deliveries, and help Annie move a huge bedroom set so she could paint it.  (The folding cabinet pictured below will be getting a makeover soon, so keep your eyes open on Annie’s blog!)

Chris also helped Annie rescue a piece of fence that her father painted years ago.  It was picked out of the weeds at her parent’s home and now serves as a beautiful backdrop for Annie’s Milk Paint photos.

Annie started using Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in 2014.  She was at her favorite antique store, Deja Vu, in Old Orcutt.  One of the vendors, Seashells & Sawdust, happened to sell MMSMP and Annie saw a piece painted in Kitchen Scale. It was love at first sight! She had to know the brand of paint and where the beautiful color came from. She was hooked and Annie only painted Kitchen Scale for a couple months afterwards on everything!

Here’s an example of one of her gorgeous Kitchen Scale pieces.

This dresser was painted in a custom blend of two parts Kitchen Scale and one part Grain Sack.

All of the intricate details were painted in Grain Sack.

We can see why Annie loves using this color!

Even though Annie didn’t have any hands-on training with our Milk Paint, watching Marian’s YouTube videos were enough!  Annie taught herself simply by using the paint and through a bit of trial and error.

Annie loves the fact that Milk Paint contains no VOC’s and has 5 simple ingredients.  It makes for a healthier painting environment for her and she isn’t passing anything toxic on to her customers.  She also loves how our paint comes to life after a finish is applied.

Annie’s favorite MMSMP product is our Beeswax Finish (which happens to be September’s Product of the Month!)  The Beeswax Finish is the perfect product to ensure you get a chippy look.  It eliminates the guess work of whether or not your piece will chip.

One of Annie’s favorite tricks for mixing our Milk Paint is to strain it with a metal sieve to remove all the solids from the bottom once it’s mixed.  This helps her eliminate any sediment and keeps her finishes super smooth and consistent.  For more tips on mixing MMS Milk Paint, watch this video:

One of Annie’s favorite quotes is, “An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail.” (Edwin Land)  When you are being creative, Annie doesn’t believe there are any mistakes. (We second that sentiment!)  Failures are opportunities to learn and grow.  This lesson was learned through a rather funny story of her first project using MMSMP.  She was making over a 60’s French provincial desk with plastic feet.  She painted Milk Paint on and stood in amazement as all of the paint fell off!  Annie didn’t realize that she needed to prep smooth and glossy surfaces or that the Bonding Agent would have helped with that particular project.  Looking back, she can laugh about it and we’re sure some of you have had this happen to you!

One of the most important things Annie has learned from MMSMP is how to give up control. Yes, you read that right! Annie shared that she was so incredibly particular and everything had to be just perfect – no paint missing on any of her pieces. Our Milk Paint gave her the freedom to let go and allow the piece and paint to do whatever they want to do. Annie is learning how to be more free and creative with her makeovers.

Annie’s absolute favorite piece she painted with MMS Milk Paint is this dresser.


The piece had a lot of missing veneer, but Annie knew it had tons of potential.  She was excited when a customer wanted her to custom paint it. It humbled her that the customer had total faith in her to make it look amazing.  They wanted it painted in French Enamel with a heavy distress.

The new look really brought out the beautiful Hepplewhite handles, which weren’t really noticeable before.

Today, Annie is a proud merchant at Deja Vu and you can see her gorgeous booth in person if you’re in the Old Orcutt, California area!  You can also follow Annie’s makeovers on Instagram.  She also posts adorable photos and videos of her two corgis.

This is Rosie.

And this handsome fellow is Wrangler.

We’re pretty much obsessed with them!

You can also shop Annie’s online store on her website and follow her on Facebook.

Do you know a local artisan who is using Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in beautiful and unique ways?  Let us know!  We’d love to feature them here on our blog.  Send recommendations to Jenn Baker at jenn@missmustardseed.com.



MMSMP Featured Artisan – Lee.Marie Antiqued Furniture

Here at Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint, we are always on the lookout for talented artisans who are using our products in beautiful and unique ways.  It seems that every time we check our Instagram feed, incredible pieces are popping up left and right from a consistent and uber talented furniture painter.  We’re talking about ridiculously pretty furniture, like this Outback Petticoat stunner:

How could you not slow your scroll with eye candy like this?!

These gorgeous creations all hail from the talented Kristie of Lee.Marie Antiqued Furniture in Innisfail, Alberta.

Now you may be wondering why her business is called “Lee.Marie” if the owner’s name is Kristie.  (We were too, so we asked!)  The name “Lee.Marie” came from combining Kristie’s middle name with her sister’s middle name. Ever since they were little they would pretend they were store owners, and regardless of what kind of store they owned, it was always called “Lee.Marie”.  So when Kristie discovered her passion for refinishing furniture, it was easy to make the choice for a name!  Kristie ran it by her sister first, of course, and she was given the “thumbs up” to use it!

Kristie’s journey to painting furniture started when she was little.  As a young girl, she was always asking her dad to paint the walls of her bedroom a different color every year or so, until her father showed her how to do it herself.  When she moved out and got married, she drove her husband crazy with the same obsession of wanting to paint the walls and change the decor and switch everything up all the time.  (Can any of you relate?)

Eventually, Kristie got into painting canvases and it solved her creative itch (for a little while). She also took up playing multiple instruments and attending lessons, but she still felt like she was always looking for another project to do.

One day, she came across a Pinterest post about painting furniture, and knew she had to try it!  Kristie’s mom offered up a small side table and bookshelf.  Kristie painted them white with some light distressing and the rest is history.  As is the case with a lot of our MMS Milk Paint users, Kristie was completely hooked!  She had finally found her creative outlet and developed a love of photography along the way. It solved her constant itch to create something, and she knows her husband is happy that the home projects have slowed down!  Her cello is now used as a furniture prop these days.

Without the help of her husband, Kristie says she couldn’t paint and sell furniture.  Between the physical demands of the profession and being a Mom to an adorable young boy, there just isn’t enough time in the day to do it all.  Everyone who is a parent knows that it is hard to get anything done throughout the day with a little one in the home, and it’s even harder to take time to work on extra things like hobbies.  Kristie is fortunate enough to have an amazing husband who is always happy to tire out her toddler while she paints.  He also helps with the heavy lifting and repairs that come along with painting furniture.  She literally couldn’t do it without him.

While it may seem that her business takes her away from her family life, it has actually done the opposite.  Kristie and her family often make day trips out of picking up pieces that are further away and visit family if the pickup is at the opposite end of the city where they live.  Sometimes they’ll hang out at a new park or try a new restaurant along the way.  Painting furniture has allowed Kristie to have a creative outlet that she so desperately needed, and provides a way for her to make some extra money while her baby sleeps.  We call that a win-win! 

Kristie started using MMS Milk Paint when she visited one of our fabulous retailers, The Vintage Verandah, in Cochrane, Ab.  The owner of Vintage Verandah, Tanya, gave Kristie a confidence boost by asking her to be in a vintage market and Tanya always had kind words and encouragement for Kristie every time she frequented the shop.  (See?  Aren’t our retailers amazing?!)

Kristie always saw MMS Milk Paint on the shelves but she was too scared to try it.  She wasn’t exactly sure why, but as she joined Instagram and started seeing tons of authentically chippy pieces, it inspired her to buy her very first pouch of Milk Paint the next day.  Kristie was amazed at how simple and easy it was to create the chippy look, which was exactly what she was going for.  We encourage you to take this step as well, dear readers.  Every so often, we hear how intimidated folks are to try our paint, and we encourage you to prove yourself wrong and give it a go.  It’s not as hard as it appears to be.  We promise!

We asked Kristie if she had any advice to pass on to a brand new users of MMSMP.  Here’s what she said:

“For anyone wanting to try milk paint but hasn’t yet, I encourage you to try it. I was apprehensive because I heard it was unpredictable and hard to mix. As far as those two go, the unpredictability is actually why I love it the most and you really can’t mess up the mixing!  It’s easy, and I wish I discovered milk paint sooner!”

Milk Paint Powder 1

Kristie is always amazed at how every single MMSMP color turns out prettier than she imagined. She swears every shade looks good in her house, and she loves how mixing and matching colors always turns out beautiful.  She says that the MMSMP color pallet is exceptional, and of course, we have to agree with her!  Her most favorite aspect of our paint is how it takes on a mind of its own and it almost “decides” where and when it wants to chip.  She has learned to roll with the unpredictable nature of MMSMP and she says that the paint is always right.  It’s like magic!

While Kristie has used a wide range of our colors, her favorites are our Farmhouse White, which is a classic, or any of the other neutrals in the line.  She truly believes that furniture should enhance and hold a space together.  A dresser in a bedroom should be handsome but humble, all the way down to the hardware.

She always imagines her pieces covered in dishes, picture frames, lamps, books and other trinkets of life, so she tries to make pieces that are subtle statements without adding to the clutter and chaos of the average home.

The same is also true for her colorful pieces too. Outback Petticoat and Boxwood have been her favorites, especially on something like an entryway server welcoming guests as a bold surprise in a neutral setting.

The finish she uses about 99% of the time is our Hemp Oil.

She loves that it’s extremely easy to apply.  The finish it creates is always extremely smooth and durable.

Kristie sells her gorgeous hand-painted furniture in her booth at The Old Creamery Antiques in Innisfail, Alberta.

The store is owned by her father-in-law, and she is lucky enough to learn from his knowledge of (and access to) antique furniture.  Kristie would highly recommend renting a space in an antique mall.  Even though The Old Creamery is family-owned, she still pays rent and commission just like everyone else.  She finds it to be a good trade off for the advertising, storage space, showcase room and storefront hours that she simply couldn’t provide on her own.  About 75% of Kristie’s sales are through the antique mall, and the rest is through her social media, so The Old Creamery is a huge help to her!  Kristie enjoys the community of being with other like-minded creatives and having a whole new audience and exposure.  So, if you’re wondering if you should begin selling your MMS Milk Painted furniture in an organized way, renting a booth in an antique mall or market is an excellent way to begin!  Many of our MMSMP retailers sell out of antique booths, so you’ll be in good company!

You can follow Kristie’s furniture makeovers on her Facebook and Instagram feeds, or visit her space in person at The Old Creamery Antiques in Innisfail.

Are you a talented artisan who is using MMSMP products in beautiful and unique ways?  Do you know of someone we should follow?  Tell us!  Send Jenn Baker an email at jenn@missmustardseed.com with links to social media feeds and photos, and who knows – maybe you’ll be our next MMSMP Featured Artisan!