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MMSMP Bespoke Colors

We love each and every one of the colors in the Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint palette.  They have been carefully chosen and formulated, and Marian has lovingly named them based upon things that inspire her.

While our colors are gorgeous to use right out of the bag, they’re even more fun to mix together to create new bespoke colors!  We have found a few lovely combinations from some of our retailers and regular users that we wanted to share with you.  Maybe their Milk Paint mixture will inspire your next project!

Let’s begin with Sharon’s beautiful French Blue.  Sharon is the owner of I Restore Stuff in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  Sharon mixed equal parts Farmhouse White and Bergere to get a gorgeous French Blue.

The subject for her makeover were these sweet nightstands.  Didn’t they turn out fabulous?

Sharon’s recipe is different from our Eulalie’s Sky in that it’s not as aqua and it definitely retails the smoky blue quality of Bergere.  And let’s face it…that’s why we love that color, right?

Here’s what Sharon’s tables looked like before:

Quite the transformation, eh?

When you mix two or more Milk Paint colors together, Sharon has some wonderful tips to help you in the process.

Our next custom color example is one that you’ve definitely seen before.  This is the vintage chalkboard mix that Allison of The Golden Sycamore developed.  It’s 3 parts Boxwood and 2 parts Artissimo.

What you may not have seen before is the gorgeous dresser that Chelsey of Shop A Cozy House painted using Allison’s Chalkboard Mix.

Isn’t her staging so simple and sweet?  This color combination looks fabulous on small chests of drawers and tables.  It’s incredibly versatile too because you can “season” the piece to be a chalkboard, like Marian did on this one:

Or you can seal your piece with any of our finishes and enjoy the gorgeous color as-is.  It’s to die for during the holidays!

Next is a beautiful Swedish Blue that Goedele of Dala Muses mixed up for an adorable chest of drawers.  To get her bespoke hue, Goedele mixed equal parts Mora, Grain Sack, and Trophy.

Here is the resulting color:

It’s soft, sweet, airy, and simple.  Can’t you see all of the colors showing a bit?  We can and we loved it!

Finally, we’d like to share a divine neutral combination that Jenn of Eight Hundred Furniture mixed up.  Take equal parts Marzipan and Schloss to create a lovely “putty”.

Jenn painted it on a round oak pedestal table with empire legs and a vintage china cupboard.  Sometimes it leans gray and other times it leans beige.  Either way the light shines, we thought it’s a lovely neutral to add to your palette.

We hope these bespoke mixtures have inspired you to try your hand at mixing your own custom color.  If you discover one you fall in love with, share it with us!  Tag “@mmsmilkpaint” on Instagram and “@MissMustardSeedsMilkPaint” on Facebook.

MMSMP Featured Artisan – Claremont Studio

We are so pleased to introduce you to the lovely Tracey Johnston of Claremont Studio as August’s MMSMP Featured Artisan!

Claremont Studio is an independent contemporary fine art and design studio in Aberdeen, Scotland.  From this location, Tracey offers art workshops and provides interior design advice, exhibition curation and bespoke art and collectables sourcing.  She also retails Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint Products from her studio and online shop.  If you’re local to Aberdeen, you can join her for MMSMP certified workshops for complete beginners to the accomplished artist and bespoke professional furniture painting.  Tracy also teaches adult and children’s art classes,  mentors artists and takes part in local events with her pop-up shop.

Needless to say, she is one busy woman!

Tracey’s career in art began when she attended the Gray’s School of Art at The Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.  She studied Fine Art and specialized in printmaking and painting.  Over the years as she continued to paint and exhibit her work, she also taught art to adults and children and worked as an archaeological illustrator.

Tracey’s interest in interiors really started when she was an art student and moved into a student flat where most of the furniture came from second hand shops and was upcycled and given a new life.  We think many of you can attest to this avenue as well!  Tracey loves to collect and paint furniture and over the years, she has developed a calm, eclectic style to fit her personality and lifestyle.

Tracey feels that homes should be filled with the things you love and her family has collected interesting artifacts, antiques and art from the places they have been lucky enough to visit.  Tracey opened her own art gallery in 2010 and very much enjoyed five successful years of trading.  When her children came along, it was time to move on to new adventures, focus on family time and re-connect with her own art work.

We asked Tracey what her favorite MMSMP colors are and she said she really loves them all!  In the northern hemisphere she has a particular light and she feels the MMS Milk Paint range of colors really compliment that.  They hit the spot and simply “feel right”.  At the moment she’s very drawn to the soft cool colors like Grain Sack, Mora and Eulalie’s Sky but she absolutely adores Arabesque.  In fact, she just finished a small side table using Eulalie’s Sky and painted an old wardrobe in Arabesque.

What first drew our eye to Claremont Studio was a painting of two swallows that was captioned, “Follow Me Home”.

We were curious about the process Tracey went through to create this particular piece of art, and she was happy to share!  “Follow Me Home” is an illustration on paper.  It was prepared by painting MMS Milk Paint directly on paper.  Once the MMSMP dried, Tracey gave it a light sand.  Then, she applied a wash of Japanese watercolor and added the pen and ink drawing on top.

This piece was part of a larger project.  Tracey was awarded a Seventeen Commission by Aberdeen City Council to produce large scale illustrations exploring cultural aspects unique and particular to her home town of Aberdeen and develop these images through the design process to produce textile pieces – silk and chiffon scarves.

Part of the exhibition of this work was to show the design process from the first drawings to the finished piece and also to interact with members of the public to share their cultural reminiscences of the city.  Tracey asked the public a series of questions including, “Why Aberdeen?  What Makes You Stay?  What Makes You Leave?  What Makes You Come Home?”

All of the answers were posted on a Memory Wall.  The illustrations Tracey made from these responses were inspired by family connections to the sea and were her attempt at creating a more lyrical, poetic and romantic view of the city.  Her illustrations referenced maritime navigation, the stars, the sky, watching the weather and the idea of going and returning and ‘finding’ your way home.

Swallows mate for life and meet at the same nest each year, returning.  They represent love, care and affection towards family and friends, showing the loyalty of the person always returning to them. The bird also represents freedom and hope.  It is also said that if a sailor drowns, the swallows will carry their soul to heaven.

Source: Claremont Studio Instagram

We asked Tracey if she had any advice to offer our readers regarding decorating and curating a space they love. Here’s what she wrote:

As William Morris once said, ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.’  I’m a firm believer [in this saying] so pack up everything else, de-clutter, give away/or sell and only be surrounded by the things you really love.  My second piece of advice is to make the best use of the space you have.  Think carefully about what its used for, what mood are you trying to create?  If you’re not sure [where to begin], start looking for inspiration, create a board on Pinterest and start pinning away images of interiors/colors/furniture/furnishings you like. 

“I also strongly believe that before deciding on interior colors it’s very important that you live with that color and really see how it works at every time of day. I often have about a dozen color swatches on the walls of rooms I’m about to decorate so that I can really see what it will look like at different times of day before I decide. This really goes for painting furniture too.  I always tell my students to paint a small piece of skirting board with the MMS Milk Paint color they are thinking of using on their piece of furniture and place it in the room the furniture is going into.  You will be amazed how different color looks according to what is around it.”

Miss Mustard Seed wrote a book titled “The Home Design Doodle Book” that may help you with this process.

Miss Mustard Seed designed this book to be a place to journal, dream, doodle, and plan. It’s a notebook to store ideas, lists, and goals. More importantly, it’s a conversation between you and Miss Mustard Seed to help you organize your thoughts and hopes for your home.

But enough about the Doodle Book!  Let’s get back to Tracey and Claremont Studio!  Tracey decided to carry Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in her community of Aberdeen because she’s been painting furniture for a very long time and probably worked with every type of paint on the market, but was never really happy.  She was looking for a paint range to retail from her gallery that would complement her artwork and painted furniture.

She tested the MMS Milk Paint range and knew that she had found what she was looking for.  As an artist, Tracey is interested in natural pigment and the MMS Milk Paint ticked a lot of boxes for her.  It’s natural, contains no “nasties”, has a wonderful choice of authentic colors, goes on smoothly and is easy to use.  Tracey loves the ceremony of mixing the paint and the fact you can mix a small or large amount depending on the size of your project.

Tracey also loves the versatility of MMS Milk Paint.  It can be used to stain natural wood, create a contemporary smooth and sleek look or re-create an authentic crackled ‘chippy’ look to make you believe that the furniture has history.  She loves the choice of finishes too!  Antiquing, white-washing or clear wax can be used and the accompanying products are lovely and creamy.  A little goes a long way.  All in all, she’s a huge fan and really thinks that MMSMP is the only paint on the market that can do everything she mentioned above.  Tracey has used the word ‘authentic’ a lot but she truly feels Milk Paint really is authentic!

If you want to learn more about Tracey’s artwork and Claremont Studio, you can follow her on social media and shop her online store via the links below:

You can also see Tracey’s work in person at any of these upcoming events if you’re in the Aberdeen area!

  • Tracey’s paintings can be seen at The Royal Scottish Academy, The Mound, Edinburgh, Scotland at the RSA Open Exhibition of Art 2017 from July 22 – October 1.  Opening Times: Monday – Saturday 10am – 5pm, Sunday 12pm – 5pm.  RSA Lower Galleries.  Free Entry.
  • Botanica’ Pop-up Shop, 8 Chattan Place, Aberdeen, Scotland. 3 – 14 August 2017. A collection of Tracey’s Illustrations, Prints, Handmade Books, Scented Candles and Bath Products will be for sale.
  • Art & Apothecary – A Collection of Tracey’s Paintings and Scented Candles will be stocked and for sale from August at Hammerton Store, 336 Great Western Road, Aberdeen, Scotland, AB10 6LX  Tel 01224 324449 info@hammertonstore.co.uk. Opening Times, Mon to Fri 8am – 6pm, Sat 8.30am – 5pm, Sun Closed.

Eulalie’s Sky & Linen Chippy Wall Cupboard

May’s Colors of the Month are simply gorgeous, wouldn’t you say?

may color of the month

They are beautiful all on their own, but I recently completed a piece where they happily combined together to create the most amazing look!

It all began with this rather sad looking wall cabinet.

aewing Cabinet-20

Isn’t it the most pathetic thing you’ve ever seen?  Those handles…ick!  The outside wasn’t looking too promising, however check out the beauty on the inside.

aewing Cabinet-18

Dear friends, it was storage heaven!

aewing Cabinet-7

These little glass-front cubbies swung out if you pushed on the corners.

aewing Cabinet-2

Each side had tons of pegs, which led me to think it was some sort of antique sewing cabinet.

aewing Cabinet-6

They’re quite narrow though and a spool wouldn’t have fit on them.  A few hours of Google searching revealed nothing, so I was absolutely stumped as to what it was originally used for.  Despite its mysterious origins, it was in desperate need of a MMSMP makeover!

I started on the inside.  It was musty, smelly, and unbelievably dirty!  A thorough vacuum took care of most of the problem spots, but I wound up going into the tight spaces with a toothbrush to properly rid them of spider nests and dirt.

After everything was clean, I attacked every corner with hydrating Hemp Oil.

aewing Cabinet-9

The wood was so dry and thirsty and it looked amazing when I was finished.  The glass-fronted cubbies got a few squirts of Windex too!

aewing Cabinet-22

The outside was in desperate need of paint.  I wasn’t 100% sure what color to use, but I had a feeling I would wind up with bleed-through no matter what color I picked.  My first step was to apply a layer of Tough Coat to seal in the dark stain.

aewing Cabinet-27

In the end, I decided to paint the cabinet with Eulalie’s Sky.  I thought that most people probably have white walls in their homes, and this cheerful color would add a lovely vintage pop to their space.  The color brushed on perfectly, but I had an obvious problem after I distressed.

aewing Cabinet-10

The top I made for it was cut from a pine scrap board, and it didn’t match the doors at all.  They were constructed from plywood and the dark stain caused the Eulalie’s Sky to appear slightly darker and more saturated than the pine.  Nothing changed even when I added more coats of paint to the top.  I couldn’t leave the cabinet uneven, so I turned to my jar of Beeswax Finish.

aewing Cabinet-26

I decided to do a Beeswax resist with the Eulalie’s Sky and a coat of Linen.  I mixed up my Linen on the thicker side, not taking too much care for the texture.  I had some lumps and sediment, which I did on purpose.  I wanted the Linen to create a crusty top layer, giving the illusion of time-worn paint.

Once my Linen was mixed up, I used a heavy hand with the Beeswax Finish and applied it over a small section.

aewing Cabinet-16

I immediately picked up the Linen and painted it on thickly, taking care not to overbrush it.  My goal was to simply lay it overtop of the Beeswax finish, not to work it in.

aewing Cabinet-28

You could immediately see the Linen pulling away from the Beeswax underneath.  This was exactly what I was looking for!

aewing Cabinet-5

I repeated the process all over the cabinet, making sure to work in sections.  It took about an hour for the Linen to completely dry because I painted it on thick and it was a rainy humid day outside.  Things were starting to look perfectly chippy!

aewing Cabinet-24

aewing Cabinet-3

After a healthy sanding, my cabinet was proudly wearing Eulalie’s Sky and Linen in chippy perfection.

aewing Cabinet-4

Now there was no color discrepancy between the top and the bottom.

aewing Cabinet-15

Because the finish was textured and chippy, I sealed it with Tough Coat.  This is an ideal product to use over chippy MMS Milk Paint.

aewing Cabinet-1

I staged my cupboard to be used as a jewelry cabinet.  I thought the pegs would be perfect for rings and necklaces.  Plus, I’m not a sewer and my pathetic stash of sewing supplies would have made for poor pictures.

aewing Cabinet-36

Here are my rings all lined up and eager to be chosen for the day.

aewing Cabinet-35

aewing Cabinet-34

One of the drawers has dividers built in, so I thought they would be perfect for watches and bracelets.

aewing Cabinet-33

The swing-out cubbies could hide bracelets too.

aewing Cabinet-32

aewing Cabinet-31

No tangled necklaces here!

aewing Cabinet-14

The finishing touches on this piece were the (unfortunately non-working) key and a pair of glass knobs.

aewing Cabinet-30

aewing Cabinet-23

This piece drew 4 or 5 buyers within a few hours of posting it.  I’m happy to say that it has been sold and is awaiting its new owner with eager anticipation.

aewing Cabinet-11

For more MMSMP inspiration, visit my website and subscribe to receive furniture updates at www.eighthundredfurniture.com.  Make sure you’re following me on Instagram too at eight.hundred.furniture for other MMSMP tips and tricks!

How are you using Eulalie’s Sky and Linen this month?  Be sure to tag Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint on social media so we can share your beautiful handiwork!  Use our hashtags for easy searching.  #mmsmp #mmsmilkpaint #iheartmilkpaint

may color of the month

May Colors of the Month – Eulalie’s Sky & Linen

May is upon us and it’s brought blooming flowers, warm breezes, and birds nesting in the trees. It’s also brought two new MMS Milk Paint colors to highlight and explore!

Our first Color of the Month of May begins with a cow.  The wildly talented Cindy Austin offered to paint a picture of a cow for Marian because she wanted one for her home.  Cindy worked on it for a few weeks, and then one day Marian received a huge box on her doorstep!  Inside was the now famous cow, Eulalie.


The color of the sky in the painting was so beautiful, that Marian added it to the Milk Paint line, and it’s appropriately named “Eulalie’s Sky”.  This soft aqua looks fantastic when paired with any of the whites in our line.

MMSMP | eulalie's sky

It’s a fun color to mix too!  The powder appears creamy white in the bag, but once water hits it, it turns into the beautiful shade of aqua that we all know and love.

Eulalie's Sky

Thanks to Allison of The Golden Sycamore, we can show you how Eulalie’s Sky looks when paired with our waxes and Hemp Oil.


Pair it with White Wax for a coastal look or with Antiquing Wax to add depth and contrast.

Here are some of our favorite Eulalie’s Sky pieces:

This is the dresser that Jenn of Eight Hundred Furniture painted during the filming of Marian’s “Prove Yourself Wrong” video.


Here’s a cabinet that Marian painted with Eulalie’s Sky and Ironstone.


Stacey of Embracing Change paired it perfectly with orangey-pink flowers for a nice pop!


Melanie of Mango Reclaimed shared this layered beauty!  It’s proudly wearing Eulalie’s Sky, Dried Lavender, and Grain Sack.


Our favorite probably has to be this stunner by Knot Too Shabby.

Catalogue Display-1

Just look at all of those drawers!

Catalogue Display-3

This color was actually a bespoke mixture of 1/2 cup Eulalies Sky, 1/4 cup Kitchen Scale, and 1/4 cup Ironstone.  The framework was painted in Ironstone.

Catalogue Display-7

Our second Color of the Month is our creamy Linen.

MMSMP | linen

Linen was created to echo the color of aged and antique linen fabric.


Linen has more yellow undertones than Ironstone or Farmhouse White, however it’s not quite as creamy and warm as Marzipan.  It also doesn’t have the subtle gray of Grain Sack.  It’s the perfect off-white!

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 3.28.22 PM

Linen looks fabulous in each of our finishes.


It’s especially delicious when it chips over dark wood.  Check out how Breida from breida with a b painted her piano in Linen!


Linen is also a cornerstone color to have in your stash because it can lighten colors and add warmth to your bespoke mixtures.

color of the month

Make sure you’re sharing your Eulalie’s Sky and Linen pieces with us on social media.  We love seeing what you are creating!  Tag @mmsmilkpaint on Instagram and @MissMustardSeedsMilkPaint on Facebook.  Use our hashtags too so we can find your posts – #mmsmilkpaint #mmsmp #iheartmilkpaint

Cheers to May!

MMSMP On Metal – A Vintage Cart Makeover

Did you know that you can use Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint on metal?  With a little bit of Bonding Agent and creative vision, you don’t have to limit yourself to only wood projects!

When I last visited Marian at Mustard Seed Studio, I made a stop to a nearby antique shop and picked up this vintage metal cart.


As you can see, it had a lot of rust spots and a rather sad looking paint job.  Despite its rough appearance, I envisioned it wearing one of the more vintage shades in the line such as April’s Color of the Month, Lucketts Green or perhaps Eulalie’s Sky.


This aqua shade is perfect for the summer and it thought it would brighten up my rusty cart.  I made a video detailing the makeover process, including tips and tricks for using Tough Coat as a finish.

To make sure my Milk Paint adhered, I mixed equal parts Bonding Agent to mixed Milk Paint.


 Bonding Agent

After the cart was painted and sealed, I took a trip to my local Habitat for Humanity store and found the most adorable china set.



The tea set matched the color of my cart perfectly!  Here is the hallmark on the back.


Staging the cart was a lot of fun.  I took this shot so you could see how I set everything up “behind the scenes”.


I took the cart out onto my balcony and put a piece of leftover bead board paneling behind it to hide the door to my apartment’s utility closet.  Using some double-sided tape, I adhered my linen bunting to the top so the panels wouldn’t flap in the wind.  I shot all of my pictures this way and cropped them during the editing process.


Don’t the dishes look amazing up against Eulalie’s Sky?


I really couldn’t have found a better pairing!   


I just love the pop of aqua glazing inside the teacups.  It compliments Eulalie’s Sky so well!


To add some more floral elements, I took some lavender and arranged it in an old ball jar with some moss to hide the stems.


Despite the fresh coat of paint, this cart still has plenty of vintage charm including the original wooden caster wheels,


and lots of texture peeking through the metal.  This is the main reason why I used Tough Coat as my finish of choice.  With the texture of the metal and the use this cart will be getting, I wanted a finish that would hold up to drinks, cookies, plates, and lots of summer evenings.


I used 150 grit sandpaper to wear the edges down so the cart feels fresh but not 100% brand new.


I’m over the moon with the way everything came together on this piece and I’m so glad that Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint has Eulalie’s Sky in their collection.  It was the perfect color choice on this vintage cart.  I’m also so pleased with the way Bonding Agent allowed the paint to stick with no chipping, and Tough Coat sealed everything in like a champ.


Do you have any metal pieces that you could paint?  Share your projects with us by tagging @MissMustardSeedsMilkPaint on Facebook, @mmsmilkpaint on Instagram, and use our hashtags #mmsmp and #mmsmilkpaint so we can find your gorgeous photos!