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MMSMP Featured Artisan – Elizabeth Sherman

Happy January, everyone! We hope you had a lovely holiday break and are dreaming of all the possibilities that await you in 2019. As you are getting back into the swing of things post-Christmas, we’d like to introduce you to our latest MMSMP Featured Artisan!

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve probably seen us sharing the beautiful hand-carved creations of Elizabeth (aka Liz) Sherman.

We sent Liz some questions over the holidays, and she graciously gave us insights into her world of spoon carving and we’d love to share it with you.

How did you get started carving spoons? 

I’ve been interested in woodworking since I was a little girl helping my dad build things. As an adult, I was focused on raising my two boys and career and didn’t do much of anything in the way of hobbies. Later as my boys grew older, I started thinking about a hobby. One of my brothers suggested I carve something from a bunch of cedar logs he had cut down. I kinda laughed and didn’t take him up on the offer.  About a year later and after being inspired by some very talented spoon carvers and their work, I decided to take my brother up on the woodcarving offer. And, the spoons began…

Did you have another career or passion prior to spoon carving?

I have always worked in healthcare, so spoon carving was a bit of a change. I have always been interested in art and tradition. Through spoon carving, I have found I am able to express and create functional art. I’m also able to preserve and pass on the tradition of handcrafted work.

Do you have a favorite wood species you like to create with, or a favorite type of product you enjoy making? 

Butternut wood is probably my favorite to work with, but also love walnut! I really enjoyed making the snowmen spoons for the Holiday season.

I’ve made a variety of kitchen utensils which go beyond spoons, but spoons each with their win unique shape and style are my favorite to make.

What are your favorite aspects of using MMMSMP products on your creations? 

I have really enjoyed the colors and the ease of mixing and lighter and darker shades. I also appreciate the ease of dissolving and mixing up the paints. Some of the finishes I have used, particularly the beeswax and hemp oil, really go a long way when applying and are long lasting. I have found the hemp oil seals in the color nicely.

Do you have any favorite MMSMP products in particular?

Does the apron count? I love it!

Some of my favorite colors are Aviary, Boxwood, Layla’s Mint and Tricycle.

We ask all of our MMSMP Featured Artisans if they have advice for folks who have never used MMSMP before, or who are too intimidated to start.

Here’s what Liz had to say:

Prior to mixing the paint for my first use, I was afraid I might not get it right – but I found mixing MMSMP is a breeze! It’s really fun and I found myself really enjoying mixing different amounts to get certain desired shades of color. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Try out that new idea – a different design, style, approach, color, use different medium for artistic expression. It might not work out but then again, maybe it will! At least you’ll know either way.  Learn something new. Most of all, enjoy the process!

We hope all of you enjoyed meeting Liz! You can follow her on Instagram by clicking here and join her on Facebook here.

Do you know a fabulous artisan who is using Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in unique ways? We’d love to hear all about them! Send us an email at jenn@missmustardseed.com and share their work with us!