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September Colors of the Month – Shutter Gray & Mora

September Colors of the Month

September is in full swing and it’s time to highlight two new gorgeous colors in our collection.

As you can see, both Shutter Gray and Mora are quiet and soft colors. They have subtle differences, so let’s dive into Shutter Gray first and explore its characteristics.

Shutter Gray

Shutter Gray was inspired by a huge pair of antique shutters that Miss Mustard Seed found one day during an antique shopping trip. You can see them pictured above. The gorgeous blue/gray inspired her to add this color in her MMS Milk Paint collection, and we’re sure you’re happy she did!

Shutter Gray is a French gray with blue undertones. It’s a bit of a chameleon color too because it can lean different directions depending on the light and the decor around it. It can look gray, blue, or even lavender at times.

Photo via The Golden Sycamore

Shutter Gray pairs well with all of our whites and creams.

And it looks lovely unfinished. This gorgeous cabinet from Miss Mustard Seed’s old studio in Pennsylvania doesn’t have a finish on it. She decided to leave it raw and let it wear naturally.

And most recently, Miss Mustard Seed repeated this technique on her primitive hutch in the dining room of her Minnesota home.

This piece used to be a rich blue, but Miss Mustard Seed wanted to quiet it down to let her gorgeous MMS Milk Painted wall mural stand out and be the star of the dining room. Here’s what she shared about this piece on her blog.

“The new coat of paint is Shutter Gray mixed with some Lucketts Green and Linen MMS Milk Paint.  It made a soft, blue/green/gray color that coordinated beautifully with the mural.  I decided not to distress this piece at all, but left the milk paint unfinished, so it will wear over time and the color would be soft and have more variation.  It still looks and feels like old paint on an old piece, but it’s freshened up a bit.”- Miss Mustard Seed

Shutter Gray was also one of the shades in her color palette for the wall mural.

From top to bottom, the colors are Shutter Gray, Boxwood, Lucketts Green and Kitchen Scale. The wallpaper sample on the left side of the photo is by Susan Harter. You can see more of her stunning mural wallpaper on her site here.


Mora was named after the town in Sweden famous for its curvy clocks.

Mora is a pale blue/green color that is a member of our European Collection of colors. In the photo below, the colors are Mora, Schloss, Arabesque, Layla’s Mint, Marzipan and Bergere (left to right).

You can see Mora next to Bergere in the photo below. It’s much lighter than Bergere but bluer than Marzipan.

Mora is a fabulous whisper of a color. It’s an ideal choice if you want a bit of color that’s soft and isn’t white.

Like all of our colors, you can add some character with each of our finishes.

Photo via The Golden Sycamore

If you want to know how Miss Mustard Seed hand-painted the designs on the front of the Mora dresser, you can watch her video here showing her strokes and the process in general.

Here’s another beautiful piece done in Mora by Coast and Country Vintage.

And this little single drawer storage piece by Jenn over at Eight Hundred Furniture.

Mora is another chameleon color that leans more blue, gray or green at times.

You can shop for Shutter Gray, Mora and any of our other products from your local MMS Milk Paint retailer or online. Share your projects with us on social media too by tagging @MissMustardSeedsMilkPaint on Facebook and @mmsmilkpaint on Instagram!


June’s Colors of the Month – Kitchen Scale and Grain Sack

We love the beginning of the month here at Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint.  Why?  Because it means the time has come to feature two new gorgeous colors and one of our fabulous products for the month!

For the month of June, we’ll be highlighting Kitchen Scale and Grain Sack.

Let’s begin with Kitchen Scale.  This color falls in our blue/green family and is a deliciously deep teal.

Kitchen Scale got its name and color inspiration from this sweet scale that Marian (Miss Mustard Seed) had in her kitchen.

Doesn’t it have the most amazing patina?

Kitchen Scale pops against any of the whites in our line and it can be layered underneath of colors as well.  Marian painted her custom Lucketts checkout counter in Kitchen Scale followed by Boxwood overtop.

See how it pops?

Kitchen Scale is right in the middle between green and blue.  Here it is next to Boxwood:

And here it is nestled next to a brighter blue, like Flow Blue:

Like we said, it’s the perfect teal!

Here’s how Kitchen Scale looks with some of our finishes.  Big thanks to Allison from The Golden Sycamore, as usual, for her helpful photos!

In addition to our lovely Kitchen Scale, we’re also featuring Grain Sack this month.

Grain Sack got its name from the faded color you find on an old nubby antique grain sack.  It’s a member of our neutral family.

It’s a bit of a chameleon color.  Sometimes it looks white while other times it looks gray or beige.  It all depends on the colors that surround it.

Grain Sack can also take on different looks with our finishes.  We think it looks absolutely divine with our Antiquing Wax!

Grain Sack is an excellent color choice if you aren’t sure if you want the creamy yellow undertones of Linen, or the bright white of Ironstone or Farmhouse White.  If you know you want a neutral but aren’t 100% sure which way to go, choose Grain Sack!

For more June Colors of the Month inspiration, visit our color boards on our Pinterest page.

Click here for Kitchen Scale’s color focus board.

Click here for Grain Sack’s color focus board.

Be sure to share your Kitchen Scale and Grain Sack masterpieces with us on social media.  Tag us on Facebook and Instagram and be sure to use our hashtags (#mmsmp, #mmsmilkpaint, #iheartmilkpaint) as well!

Eulalie’s Sky & Linen Chippy Wall Cupboard

May’s Colors of the Month are simply gorgeous, wouldn’t you say?

may color of the month

They are beautiful all on their own, but I recently completed a piece where they happily combined together to create the most amazing look!

It all began with this rather sad looking wall cabinet.

aewing Cabinet-20

Isn’t it the most pathetic thing you’ve ever seen?  Those handles…ick!  The outside wasn’t looking too promising, however check out the beauty on the inside.

aewing Cabinet-18

Dear friends, it was storage heaven!

aewing Cabinet-7

These little glass-front cubbies swung out if you pushed on the corners.

aewing Cabinet-2

Each side had tons of pegs, which led me to think it was some sort of antique sewing cabinet.

aewing Cabinet-6

They’re quite narrow though and a spool wouldn’t have fit on them.  A few hours of Google searching revealed nothing, so I was absolutely stumped as to what it was originally used for.  Despite its mysterious origins, it was in desperate need of a MMSMP makeover!

I started on the inside.  It was musty, smelly, and unbelievably dirty!  A thorough vacuum took care of most of the problem spots, but I wound up going into the tight spaces with a toothbrush to properly rid them of spider nests and dirt.

After everything was clean, I attacked every corner with hydrating Hemp Oil.

aewing Cabinet-9

The wood was so dry and thirsty and it looked amazing when I was finished.  The glass-fronted cubbies got a few squirts of Windex too!

aewing Cabinet-22

The outside was in desperate need of paint.  I wasn’t 100% sure what color to use, but I had a feeling I would wind up with bleed-through no matter what color I picked.  My first step was to apply a layer of Tough Coat to seal in the dark stain.

aewing Cabinet-27

In the end, I decided to paint the cabinet with Eulalie’s Sky.  I thought that most people probably have white walls in their homes, and this cheerful color would add a lovely vintage pop to their space.  The color brushed on perfectly, but I had an obvious problem after I distressed.

aewing Cabinet-10

The top I made for it was cut from a pine scrap board, and it didn’t match the doors at all.  They were constructed from plywood and the dark stain caused the Eulalie’s Sky to appear slightly darker and more saturated than the pine.  Nothing changed even when I added more coats of paint to the top.  I couldn’t leave the cabinet uneven, so I turned to my jar of Beeswax Finish.

aewing Cabinet-26

I decided to do a Beeswax resist with the Eulalie’s Sky and a coat of Linen.  I mixed up my Linen on the thicker side, not taking too much care for the texture.  I had some lumps and sediment, which I did on purpose.  I wanted the Linen to create a crusty top layer, giving the illusion of time-worn paint.

Once my Linen was mixed up, I used a heavy hand with the Beeswax Finish and applied it over a small section.

aewing Cabinet-16

I immediately picked up the Linen and painted it on thickly, taking care not to overbrush it.  My goal was to simply lay it overtop of the Beeswax finish, not to work it in.

aewing Cabinet-28

You could immediately see the Linen pulling away from the Beeswax underneath.  This was exactly what I was looking for!

aewing Cabinet-5

I repeated the process all over the cabinet, making sure to work in sections.  It took about an hour for the Linen to completely dry because I painted it on thick and it was a rainy humid day outside.  Things were starting to look perfectly chippy!

aewing Cabinet-24

aewing Cabinet-3

After a healthy sanding, my cabinet was proudly wearing Eulalie’s Sky and Linen in chippy perfection.

aewing Cabinet-4

Now there was no color discrepancy between the top and the bottom.

aewing Cabinet-15

Because the finish was textured and chippy, I sealed it with Tough Coat.  This is an ideal product to use over chippy MMS Milk Paint.

aewing Cabinet-1

I staged my cupboard to be used as a jewelry cabinet.  I thought the pegs would be perfect for rings and necklaces.  Plus, I’m not a sewer and my pathetic stash of sewing supplies would have made for poor pictures.

aewing Cabinet-36

Here are my rings all lined up and eager to be chosen for the day.

aewing Cabinet-35

aewing Cabinet-34

One of the drawers has dividers built in, so I thought they would be perfect for watches and bracelets.

aewing Cabinet-33

The swing-out cubbies could hide bracelets too.

aewing Cabinet-32

aewing Cabinet-31

No tangled necklaces here!

aewing Cabinet-14

The finishing touches on this piece were the (unfortunately non-working) key and a pair of glass knobs.

aewing Cabinet-30

aewing Cabinet-23

This piece drew 4 or 5 buyers within a few hours of posting it.  I’m happy to say that it has been sold and is awaiting its new owner with eager anticipation.

aewing Cabinet-11

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may color of the month

April Colors of the Month – Mustard Seed Yellow & Lucketts Green

April is here and with it brings two new gorgeous colors to feature!  Whenever someone mentions Spring, we automatically think of the color green.  It’s simply where our mind goes.  With that image in mind, it’s only fitting that our first color for the month of April is our very own Lucketts Green.

Lucketts Green Collage

This shade of green got its name and color inspiration from the green siding on the Old Lucketts General Store.


Marian was a vendor here for years and still sets up a booth at The Lucketts Spring Market every year.

Lucketts Green is the perfect color to add a pop of vintage charm.

Lucketts Green Cabinet

Thanks to Allison at The Golden Sycamore, we can show you what it looks like with our various finishes.  We just love that she makes these photos available to her customers and readers!

Lucketts Green Finishes

Our second color for the month of April is our buttery Mustard Seed Yellow.

Mustard Seed Yellow Collage

It’s bright without being too bold and is the happiest shade of yellow, in our opinion!

Marian was inspired by one of her yellow dresses and she painted a dresser to match!  Watch her feature here:

Mustard Seed Yellow looks amazing when paired with dark wood tones, like this dresser by Karla and Amanda of Vintage Hip Decor.


Check out how Jenn of Eight Hundred Furniture paired Mustard Seed Yellow against a Curio/Typewriter stained interior on this gorgeous wardrobe.

Yellow Cupboard-19

Mustard Seed Yellow can be lightened to achieve a whitewashed look with our White Wax, or deepened to show age and time with our Antiquing Wax.  It also darkens and takes on a more rich tone when Hemp Oil is applied.


Here are some inspirational pieces from other MMS Milk Paint enthusiasts and retailers that showcase April’s colors of the month.

Embracing Change

BE INSPIRED | lucketts green dresser

Circa Dee


Farm Fresh Vintage Finds


My Painted Door


D.D.’s Cottage and Design


We hope you are feeling all of the Spring vibes like we are, and feel inspired to use our featured colors to move mountains in your home!  Share your masterpieces with us on social media by using our hashtags #mmsmp and #mmsmilkpaint.  Tag us on Facebook and Instagram too!