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Easter Themed Wax Puck Resist Tutorial


Our Wax Pucks are made from 100% beeswax. These handy little discs fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and are very versatile. Wax Pucks create a resist in between layers of Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint and are also great for rubbing along stubborn drawer runners to get them moving again.

Today, we’d like to teach you how to layer two different colors of MMS Milk Paint using a Wax Puck resist in between! The subject of this tutorial are these adorable wooden bunnies.

wax puck, resist, miss mustard seeds milk paint, cover photo


  1. To achieve a layered look, apply one coat of milk paint and allow it to dry.
  2. Next, rub the Wax Puck over the edges, corners and “high points” of the piece.  Anywhere the wax is applied, milk paint will resist adhering. Make sure you rub the Wax Puck randomly around and in places where paint would naturally wear over time.
  3. Then, apply a second coat of milk paint in a contrasting color and allow it to dry completely.
  4. Using sandpaper, distress the surface to easily remove the paint where wax was applied, revealing first coat underneath.
  5. Seal your piece with any of our fine finishes.


Watch this video tutorial to see the process in action! This video was created by Jenn Baker of Eight Hundred Furniture.

Didn’t those bunnies turn out super cute?

tutorial, wax puck, resist, miss mustard seeds milk paint

A Wax Puck resist work best when you layer high contrasting colors over one another. This is Outback Petticoat with French Enamel on top.

french enamel, outback petticoat, wax puck, resist, miss mustard seeds milk paint, furniture wax

For a more subtle look, layer softer colors over one another. This is Arabesque over Schloss.

arabesque, schloss, wax puck, resist, miss mustard seeds milk paint

Layering colors in the same family provides a two toned look. This is Boxwood over Lucketts Green.

boxwood, lucketts green, wax puck, resist, miss mustard seeds milk paint, cover photo

You can replicate this look on any surface. Jenn used wooden bunnies that she picked up for one of her paint workshops. You can visit the unfinished wood section of your local craft store to pick up something similar just in time for Easter!

tutorial, wax puck, resist, miss mustard seeds milk paint



Fall Color Inspiration

Fall can’t come soon enough in our book!  Even though it’s not until September 23rd this year, we secretly wish it was here now.  There’s nothing like the colors of Fall to evoke all the warm and cozy feels, so today, we wanted to share the shades that best exemplify the season from the Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint palette.

Fall MMSMP Colors

Fall Color Inspiration

First, let’s begin with the most iconic color for the Fall season.  It’s the skin of a pumpkin, a pile of crunchy leaves swirling on the ground in a brisk wind and a slice of sweet potato pie.  It’s our rusty orange shade,  Outback Petticoat.

Outback Petticoat

Outback Petticoat was given its name by a group of our Australian retailers. You can read its color story in the photo above. It’s such a lovely shade of orange – not too bright or loud. It pairs well with warm tones like Marzipan and Curio as well as brighter shades of white like Ironstone and Farmhouse White.  Orange and navy are a winning combination as well, so feel free to add pops of Artissimo with it as well. Outback Petticoat also looks fantastic when partnered with another of our Fall colors, Boxwood.


Boxwood has been quite popular this season, and its no wonder why. Just look at that color! Mix it with Artissimo or Kitchen Scale to whip up your own custom blend of green, or use it straight out of the bag. Boxwood gets super rich and deep when sealed with our Hemp Oil. For extra age and depth, add a layer of Antiquing Wax.

Mustard Seed Yellow

Mustard yellow is a welcomed pop of brightness as the leaves change color. The shade instantly catches your eye and it pairs so nicely with other rich tones like Boxwood, Artissimo, Tricycle, Curio and Outback Petticoat. It offers a lovely contrast when its chipped over dark wood tones, such as in the photo above. Lighten Mustard Seed Yellow by mixing it with Ironstone or make it warmer and more muted by adding in a bit of Curio.

Speaking of…


Our warm walnut brown is an incredibly versatile color to have in your MMS Milk Paint collection.  It can be watered down to serve as a stain on raw wood or mixed in with other colors to mute them and pull them in the warm direction.

Inspiration Pieces

Now that we’ve got you dreaming of hot chocolate, the smell of cinnamon, your most comfortable sweater and soft leather boots, let’s dive deeper into our Fall colors and show you some inspirational pieces painted in these Autumnal hues.

The interior of this spinet desk was badly damaged when Jenn of Eight Hundred Furniture got her hands on it. To mimic the look of wood stain, Jenn painted Curio on in full strength and hydrated it with our Hemp Oil finish.


We absolutely loved this tallboy dresser that Sharon of i Restore Stuff created.

She painted a base of Typewriter and then used Hemp Oil as a resist as she painted a second layer of Outback Petticoat.

And of course, there was a petticoat dangling from one of the drawers.  How fitting!

Jessica of Blue Peaches Furniture knocked this empire piece out of the park when she decided to give it a Boxwood makeover.

It was a commanding color choice to go with the strong lines and architectural features of her dresser, and we absolutely loved it! Boxwood lends itself well to Spring and Fall decor. Jessica paired it with some fresh white florals above, but it can also be staged to evoke the Fall feels as well. Bring out your red, orange, and warm wood accents and Boxwood starts to lean more cozy than springtime fresh.

Finally, this Mustard Seed Yellow hoosier by Circadee always makes us smile!

We hope you’re in the Fall mood now with our roundup of Autumnal colors! Share your MMS Milk Paint projects with us by tagging us on social media. Make sure you use our hashtags too! #mmsmp, #mmsmilkpaint, #missmustardseedsmilkpaint and #iheartmilkpaint!

Tips for Painting With Boxwood

Boxwood is one of the gorgeous greens in our MMS Milk Paint line.

This rich dark grassy green gets its inspiration from the preserved Boxwood wreaths that Miss Mustard Seed loves to use in her home decor.

Boxwood looks amazing on furniture pieces as well.  It’s such a vibrant and striking color choice.

Boxwood can also be tricky to work with, so we’ve put together some tips to help make the process a bit easier and to help you know what to expect when you’re ready to paint with this gorgeous green.

First, Boxwood has the highest concentration of blue to yellow pigments of all of our colors.  Blue and yellow pigments also like to separate from one another, which can cause some irregularities in the paint color.  You can kind of see that happening in our Boxwood paint blob below.  (And yes, that is the official term for those…color blobs!)

As the blue and yellow pigments separate, you’ll dip your brush into the paint and Boxwood will brush out more of an Olive color than a bright grassy green.  To help maintain a consistent color throughout your piece, we recommend that you stir Boxwood frequently.  (Now we recommend that with all of our colors, but try to do it more so with Boxwood.)  When you’re painting with this color, it’s not the time to multitask.  Stay focused and work quickly to get the paint on your piece.

Boxwood is also a color that you don’t want to touch up.  If there’s a spot that needs more paint, you’re better off putting on an entire coat of paint than just in one spot.

This will ensure that you maintain a consistent color across your piece.

We hope that our tips will help you work with Boxwood more effectively!  It’s truly a gorgeous green and it’s one that you should definitely have in your repertoire of MMS Milk Paint colors!

December Colors of the Month – Marzipan and Boxwood

December is here and so are holiday preparations and traditions.  It’s a month to celebrate being together with family, and we’re so pleased to highlight two more of our gorgeous colors.

Drumroll please…

December’s Colors of the Month are Marzipan and Boxwood!

Marzipan is the warm almond shade from our European Collection.  It’s reminiscent of the almond paste from which Marzipan cookies are made.  If you’re on the lookout for a delicious light beige color to use in your home, then Marzipan is just the right shade for you!

Here’s how Marzipan compares to the other neutrals in our line:

As you can see, it has more of a brown undertone than Linen, which runs a bit more yellow.  It looks absolutely fabulous when paired with our bright Farmhouse White!

Miss Mustard Seed used Marzipan as the main color on her “Book Page Decoupage Dresser” as well.  Get the full scoop on how she did it here:

Is your mind spinning with ideas on how you can use Marzipan yet?  Let us help them turn even more by showing you what Marzipan looks like with all of our various finishes.

Photo via The Golden Sycamore

Seeing it with our Antiquing Wax makes our hearts beat a little faster!  It’s such a perfect color to use with that finish.

Now, because December is the month for Christmas, we would be remiss if we didn’t feature our beautiful Boxwood green!

Boxwood gets its name and color inspiration from the preserved boxwood wreaths that Miss Mustard Seed loves to use in her home.

It’s the prettiest darn shade of green we’ve ever seen, and we know you’ll love it too (if you haven’t tried it yet).

Boxwood can be mixed with our navy color, Artissimo, to make the loveliest shade of Forest/Hunter/Jewel green.  It’s easy to mix – use 3 parts Boxwood and 2 parts Artissimo to make the famous “vintage chalkboard” mix (discovered by Allison of The Golden Sycamore”) and finish to your liking.

Chelsey from Shop a Cozy House used it on this adorable antique dresser, and we fell in love with it!

Or, use it straight with any of our fabulous finishes.

Photo via The Golden Sycamore

As you can see, Boxwood gets its deepest and richest shade by using our “liquid gold” aka Hemp Oil.  That’s probably our favorite look!

Pair Boxwood with Tricycle red for a classic Christmas duo, like Stacey of Embracing Change did on this adorable holiday sled.

However you use it, Boxwood is a rich and stately color choice for any occasion!

We hope you’ve been inspired to give Marzipan and Boxwood a try this month.  For more inspiration, visit our Color Focus Boards on Pinterest.  You can find your local MMSMP retailer here or shop online here.  Make sure you’re sharing all of your Boxwood and Marzipan projects with us all month long on social media too.  We love seeing what you’re creating!

MMSMP Bespoke Colors

We love each and every one of the colors in the Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint palette.  They have been carefully chosen and formulated, and Marian has lovingly named them based upon things that inspire her.

While our colors are gorgeous to use right out of the bag, they’re even more fun to mix together to create new bespoke colors!  We have found a few lovely combinations from some of our retailers and regular users that we wanted to share with you.  Maybe their Milk Paint mixture will inspire your next project!

Let’s begin with Sharon’s beautiful French Blue.  Sharon is the owner of I Restore Stuff in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  Sharon mixed equal parts Farmhouse White and Bergere to get a gorgeous French Blue.

The subject for her makeover were these sweet nightstands.  Didn’t they turn out fabulous?

Sharon’s recipe is different from our Eulalie’s Sky in that it’s not as aqua and it definitely retails the smoky blue quality of Bergere.  And let’s face it…that’s why we love that color, right?

Here’s what Sharon’s tables looked like before:

Quite the transformation, eh?

When you mix two or more Milk Paint colors together, Sharon has some wonderful tips to help you in the process.

Our next custom color example is one that you’ve definitely seen before.  This is the vintage chalkboard mix that Allison of The Golden Sycamore developed.  It’s 3 parts Boxwood and 2 parts Artissimo.

What you may not have seen before is the gorgeous dresser that Chelsey of Shop A Cozy House painted using Allison’s Chalkboard Mix.

Isn’t her staging so simple and sweet?  This color combination looks fabulous on small chests of drawers and tables.  It’s incredibly versatile too because you can “season” the piece to be a chalkboard, like Marian did on this one:

Or you can seal your piece with any of our finishes and enjoy the gorgeous color as-is.  It’s to die for during the holidays!

Next is a beautiful Swedish Blue that Goedele of Dala Muses mixed up for an adorable chest of drawers.  To get her bespoke hue, Goedele mixed equal parts Mora, Grain Sack, and Trophy.

Here is the resulting color:

It’s soft, sweet, airy, and simple.  Can’t you see all of the colors showing a bit?  We can and we loved it!

Finally, we’d like to share a divine neutral combination that Jenn of Eight Hundred Furniture mixed up.  Take equal parts Marzipan and Schloss to create a lovely “putty”.

Jenn painted it on a round oak pedestal table with empire legs and a vintage china cupboard.  Sometimes it leans gray and other times it leans beige.  Either way the light shines, we thought it’s a lovely neutral to add to your palette.

We hope these bespoke mixtures have inspired you to try your hand at mixing your own custom color.  If you discover one you fall in love with, share it with us!  Tag “@mmsmilkpaint” on Instagram and “@MissMustardSeedsMilkPaint” on Facebook.

MMSMP Featured Artisan – Lee.Marie Antiqued Furniture

Here at Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint, we are always on the lookout for talented artisans who are using our products in beautiful and unique ways.  It seems that every time we check our Instagram feed, incredible pieces are popping up left and right from a consistent and uber talented furniture painter.  We’re talking about ridiculously pretty furniture, like this Outback Petticoat stunner:

How could you not slow your scroll with eye candy like this?!

These gorgeous creations all hail from the talented Kristie of Lee.Marie Antiqued Furniture in Innisfail, Alberta.

Now you may be wondering why her business is called “Lee.Marie” if the owner’s name is Kristie.  (We were too, so we asked!)  The name “Lee.Marie” came from combining Kristie’s middle name with her sister’s middle name. Ever since they were little they would pretend they were store owners, and regardless of what kind of store they owned, it was always called “Lee.Marie”.  So when Kristie discovered her passion for refinishing furniture, it was easy to make the choice for a name!  Kristie ran it by her sister first, of course, and she was given the “thumbs up” to use it!

Kristie’s journey to painting furniture started when she was little.  As a young girl, she was always asking her dad to paint the walls of her bedroom a different color every year or so, until her father showed her how to do it herself.  When she moved out and got married, she drove her husband crazy with the same obsession of wanting to paint the walls and change the decor and switch everything up all the time.  (Can any of you relate?)

Eventually, Kristie got into painting canvases and it solved her creative itch (for a little while). She also took up playing multiple instruments and attending lessons, but she still felt like she was always looking for another project to do.

One day, she came across a Pinterest post about painting furniture, and knew she had to try it!  Kristie’s mom offered up a small side table and bookshelf.  Kristie painted them white with some light distressing and the rest is history.  As is the case with a lot of our MMS Milk Paint users, Kristie was completely hooked!  She had finally found her creative outlet and developed a love of photography along the way. It solved her constant itch to create something, and she knows her husband is happy that the home projects have slowed down!  Her cello is now used as a furniture prop these days.

Without the help of her husband, Kristie says she couldn’t paint and sell furniture.  Between the physical demands of the profession and being a Mom to an adorable young boy, there just isn’t enough time in the day to do it all.  Everyone who is a parent knows that it is hard to get anything done throughout the day with a little one in the home, and it’s even harder to take time to work on extra things like hobbies.  Kristie is fortunate enough to have an amazing husband who is always happy to tire out her toddler while she paints.  He also helps with the heavy lifting and repairs that come along with painting furniture.  She literally couldn’t do it without him.

While it may seem that her business takes her away from her family life, it has actually done the opposite.  Kristie and her family often make day trips out of picking up pieces that are further away and visit family if the pickup is at the opposite end of the city where they live.  Sometimes they’ll hang out at a new park or try a new restaurant along the way.  Painting furniture has allowed Kristie to have a creative outlet that she so desperately needed, and provides a way for her to make some extra money while her baby sleeps.  We call that a win-win! 

Kristie started using MMS Milk Paint when she visited one of our fabulous retailers, The Vintage Verandah, in Cochrane, Ab.  The owner of Vintage Verandah, Tanya, gave Kristie a confidence boost by asking her to be in a vintage market and Tanya always had kind words and encouragement for Kristie every time she frequented the shop.  (See?  Aren’t our retailers amazing?!)

Kristie always saw MMS Milk Paint on the shelves but she was too scared to try it.  She wasn’t exactly sure why, but as she joined Instagram and started seeing tons of authentically chippy pieces, it inspired her to buy her very first pouch of Milk Paint the next day.  Kristie was amazed at how simple and easy it was to create the chippy look, which was exactly what she was going for.  We encourage you to take this step as well, dear readers.  Every so often, we hear how intimidated folks are to try our paint, and we encourage you to prove yourself wrong and give it a go.  It’s not as hard as it appears to be.  We promise!

We asked Kristie if she had any advice to pass on to a brand new users of MMSMP.  Here’s what she said:

“For anyone wanting to try milk paint but hasn’t yet, I encourage you to try it. I was apprehensive because I heard it was unpredictable and hard to mix. As far as those two go, the unpredictability is actually why I love it the most and you really can’t mess up the mixing!  It’s easy, and I wish I discovered milk paint sooner!”

Milk Paint Powder 1

Kristie is always amazed at how every single MMSMP color turns out prettier than she imagined. She swears every shade looks good in her house, and she loves how mixing and matching colors always turns out beautiful.  She says that the MMSMP color pallet is exceptional, and of course, we have to agree with her!  Her most favorite aspect of our paint is how it takes on a mind of its own and it almost “decides” where and when it wants to chip.  She has learned to roll with the unpredictable nature of MMSMP and she says that the paint is always right.  It’s like magic!

While Kristie has used a wide range of our colors, her favorites are our Farmhouse White, which is a classic, or any of the other neutrals in the line.  She truly believes that furniture should enhance and hold a space together.  A dresser in a bedroom should be handsome but humble, all the way down to the hardware.

She always imagines her pieces covered in dishes, picture frames, lamps, books and other trinkets of life, so she tries to make pieces that are subtle statements without adding to the clutter and chaos of the average home.

The same is also true for her colorful pieces too. Outback Petticoat and Boxwood have been her favorites, especially on something like an entryway server welcoming guests as a bold surprise in a neutral setting.

The finish she uses about 99% of the time is our Hemp Oil.

She loves that it’s extremely easy to apply.  The finish it creates is always extremely smooth and durable.

Kristie sells her gorgeous hand-painted furniture in her booth at The Old Creamery Antiques in Innisfail, Alberta.

The store is owned by her father-in-law, and she is lucky enough to learn from his knowledge of (and access to) antique furniture.  Kristie would highly recommend renting a space in an antique mall.  Even though The Old Creamery is family-owned, she still pays rent and commission just like everyone else.  She finds it to be a good trade off for the advertising, storage space, showcase room and storefront hours that she simply couldn’t provide on her own.  About 75% of Kristie’s sales are through the antique mall, and the rest is through her social media, so The Old Creamery is a huge help to her!  Kristie enjoys the community of being with other like-minded creatives and having a whole new audience and exposure.  So, if you’re wondering if you should begin selling your MMS Milk Painted furniture in an organized way, renting a booth in an antique mall or market is an excellent way to begin!  Many of our MMSMP retailers sell out of antique booths, so you’ll be in good company!

You can follow Kristie’s furniture makeovers on her Facebook and Instagram feeds, or visit her space in person at The Old Creamery Antiques in Innisfail.

Are you a talented artisan who is using MMSMP products in beautiful and unique ways?  Do you know of someone we should follow?  Tell us!  Send Jenn Baker an email at jenn@missmustardseed.com with links to social media feeds and photos, and who knows – maybe you’ll be our next MMSMP Featured Artisan!

Milk Painted Chalkboard Tutorial

Hello Milk Painters, this is Jenn Baker of Eight Hundred Furniture and I have a fun tutorial to share with you!

Chalkboards are the perfect project to try if you are brand new to Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint.  They’re fast, easy, inexpensive, and versatile!  Even if you’re a veteran and can Milk Paint with your eyes closed, chalkboard projects are a fun way to paint the day away!

I recently acquired a fantastic chalkboard “specimen” from a local antique market and I couldn’t wait to share it with all of you!

This antique wooden ironing board couldn’t be used for its original purpose anymore because it needed some structural reworking.   The legs were all wonky and it was missing a few parts.  It didn’t sit upright properly, as you can see.  Downward facing dog was about all it could do (much like the sun bathing cat in the background).

I used my flathead screwdriver to completely remove the legs along with their hinges.

I needed to use a tiny head attachment because the screws didn’t have a very deep channel.  Getting adequate torque was a bit challenging, but they all came off eventually.

See?  No more hinges!  (P.S. – Isn’t that wood yummy?!)

Now that the legs were off, I could flip the top over and begin painting it.  I saved the set of double legs that are in the top right corner of the photo below and reattached them so the sign propped up like an easel.

I chose Typewriter for my chalkboard because I wanted a traditional black background.  This was going to go in my antique booth to compliment one of my MMS Milk Paint display, and I wanted it to pop.  My plan was to write upcoming demonstrations and workshops on it so shoppers can take part in the fun!  You could also use a mixture of Boxwood and Artissimo to make a vintage green chalkboard.  The formula is 3 parts Boxwood with 2 parts Artissimo.

Here’s what that vintage green chalkboard mixture looks like.  Isn’t it dreamy?

Like I mentioned, I was using Typewriter, so I would have a traditional black look to my chalkboard.

I mixed up about 3/4 cup of Typewriter powder with the same amount of water in a handleless ironstone cup.  Because I was painting on raw wood, I knew it would be thirsty and soak up a lot of Milk Paint.

I painted two coats of Typewriter on the front and along the sides of the ironing board.  Typewriter has excellent coverage and soon, all of those scratches, nicks, and dings were gone!

Things were looking beautiful about half way through the first coat.

It didn’t take very long to dry either.  Milk Paint soaks in more like a stain rather than laying on the surface like modern paints such as latex or chalk-type paint.  It dries pretty fast on raw wood.  Each coat took about 20 minutes to dry.

After the board was dry, I went over it with 400 grit sandpaper to smooth away some of sediment that didn’t brush out.  I wanted a relatively smooth writing surface, so the 400 grit sandpaper helped.  I did get wind up getting some white specks from the dried pigments, but I was going to season the board with chalk anyway so it didn’t matter.

“Seasoning” a chalkboard is essential to prevent your words from being burned onto the surface.  This is also called “ghosting”.  Basically, you take a piece of chalk, turn it sideways, and rub it all over your new chalkboard.  Here’s Miss Mustard Seed herself demonstrating this step on one of her HGTV tutorials.

After seasoning the chalkboard, I wiped it back with a paper towel.  My last step was to rework the legs so the ironing board stood up more like an easel or a sign.

And voila!  Milk Painted chalkboard complete!

If you would like to make your own Milk Paint chalkboard, here’s a list of materials you’ll need:

  • MMS Milk Paint (Typewriter or 3 parts Boxwood and 2 parts Artissimo)
  • Wooden chalkboard surface (Or you can even use glass!  Just add our Bonding Agent in)
  • Piece of chalk
  • Rag or paper towel
  • Paintbrush
  • Stir stick or mini whisk
  • Mixing cup