Sweet chevron dresser restyle.

Hello out there!

What’s going on in your neck of the woods? For me, I’m excited that warmer weather is finally headed our way! Also, I’ve recently planned a trip to Mexico that I’m super pumped about! Looking forward to soaking up some sunshine – this girl needs a vacay, lol!

Speaking of sunny skies – how about a cheerful yellow dresser to brighten your day? Now, I’m not just talking about any yellow dresser – this one has a sweet chevron pattern too!


So today I’m going to show you how to add a little chevron to your life . . .

For this project I used a 9 drawer dresser that had been handed down the family line when it came to rest in my customers spare bedroom. With an idea for the type of look she wanted to create, my customer brought in the dresser along with an inspiration picture she had found on Pinterest.

I loved the idea and was excited to tackle a chevron patterned dresser! We collaborated on colours in the Miss Mustard Seed Milk paint line and decided on using ‘grain sack’ overall with a ‘mustard seed yellow’ chevron pattern for 6 of the nine drawers.

Here’s where we started:


 Something with simple lines is usually best for this type of project so that you can let the painted pattern be the star.

After prepping this piece to be painted (a good sanding overall), I painted the entire thing in ‘grainsack‘. I think it took about 3 coats to get the colour right where I wanted it.

ChevronDresser-5 ChevronDresser-4

Next came the fun part!

I grabbed my painter’s tape, a ruler to measure spacing and got to work creating my pattern. I lined up the drawers so I could visualize the overall look as I was taping it all out.



Once I had it taped out just right, I was ready to paint!

Of course we could have also done some simple stripes, or some funky colour blocking on this piece instead . . . the possibilities are really endless!


For our complimentary colour we mixed up some ‘mustard seed yellow‘ with a splash of ‘luckets green‘ and painted around the taped out areas.

After it was all painted, I mildly distressed the entire dresser and applied hemp oil for a rich finish. Seriously, how pretty is this?!?

Let’s take one final look, shall we?


What do you think?

Do you have any pieces that would benefit from a sweet chevron pattern?

Still looking for more inspiration? Jump on over to www.mangoreclaiemd.com to see more of what were up to!

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