September’s Product of the Month – Beeswax Finish

We could sing the praises of our Beeswax Finish

This versatile product lends itself to tons of uses and we’re so proud to be featuring it for the month of September!

Let’s talk about what’s in our Beeswax Finish first, and then we’ll move on to its applications.  The wax used is 100% beeswax which is mixed with kosher mineral oil in order to make the wax workable.

Our Beeswax Finish is non-toxic and food safe so it can be used on wooden cutting boards, utensils, butcher block counters, salad bowls, children’s toys, etc.  You can also use it on leather shoes and boots to keep them hydrated and protected!

Kriste of Rosemary & Thyme wrote a wonderful post detailing how she cares for her leather shoes using MMS Milk Paint products.

Our Beeswax Finish provides a “livable” finish, meaning that scratches and blemishes can be sanded out and more Beeswax can be applied.  It’s a great finish for busy households and most touch-ups can be completed in 10 minutes or less.

This product can be used as a sealant for milk painted surfaces or as a finish for raw or stained wood.  If you choose to use Beeswax as your topcoat over Milk Paint, your piece must remain an indoor-only piece.  Wax will melt in the heat, so our Beeswax Finish is not intended for outdoor use, furniture shows, porches, etc.

One of our absolute favorite uses for this product is as a resist in between layers of Milk Paint.  Jenn Baker of Eight Hundred Furniture used Beeswax as a resist in between Eulalie’s Sky and Linen on this repurposed sewing cabinet.

Here’s the inside:

The texture and layers of color were all thanks to a layer of Beeswax.  You can read her full tutorial here.

Kriste also used Beeswax to create a chippy finish on a piece in her home.

You can read how she achieved this stunning look by reading her original post here.

Shop for Miss Mustard Seed’s Beeswax Finish at your local brick-and-mortar retailer or online.  We would love to see how you are using our Beeswax Finish this month.  Share your projects with us on social media and tag us in your photos.  We love seeing what you’re up to!


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