Say Hello to Aviary & dresser reveal

Since the very beginning, I’ve asked you to say “hello” to each new color I add to the MMS Milk Paint line.   Now, for the 27th time, I’m asking you to “say hello” to Aviary!

Aviary is a smoky blue/gray with green undertones.

It was designed to match the paint on an antique French birdcage I purchased a couple of years ago.  It was a cool piece, but I bought it mostly because I loved the color.

As I was thinking about a new color to add to the line, to replace Dried Lavender, I kept coming back to this one, knowing it would look lovely in milk paint.

Like many of our colors, it’s a chameleon.  It looks gray next to blue and blue next to gray.  It looks light and soft next to darker colors and rich and smoky next to whites.

Here is how it compares to the blues and grays currently in our line (Aviary is the background color)…

And, here is how it looks on the dresser I painted last week!

I shared how I prepped the piece in THIS POST and how I painted and finished it HERE.

I opted to apply only one coat of paint, to allow a little more variation in the color and for the grain of the wood to show through.  Those are qualities that are unique to milk paint and I think they make for a more interesting finish, especially on an old piece of furniture.  It looks like this piece has been wearing the paint for a while.

I used the original hardware, because I liked how the soft brass played against the blue.

It’s such a subtle simple piece and I’m glad I didn’t add decorative painting or things that may have detracted from that beauty.

If you want to get your hands on some Aviary, here are US, Canadian, and Australian retailers who I know have it in stock in their online shops (while supplies last)…


Illinois – From Shabby to Fabby

Indiana – Five Thirty Home

Texas – Silk & Sage Designs

Texas – Lost & Found Decor

Wisconsin – Painted

California – Knot Too Shabby

Georgia – BrushStokes by Mary Anne



Ontario – Concession Road Mercantile 

Ontario – My Painted Door

Alberta – Happy Little Paint Shop



I Restore Stuff

Coast & Country Vintage


You can find a full list of our online retailers HERE and brick & mortar retailers HERE.  Since the color is new, call ahead for availability to make sure it’s in stock.

We’ll be featuring brick & mortar locations who have it in stock on the MMSMP Facebook page throughout the week, so keep an eye out for your area!

One thought on “Say Hello to Aviary & dresser reveal

  1. Susan

    It’s beautiful! Thank you for the comparison to colors like Trophy and Schloss and the blues.


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