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One of the best parts of the blog/social media community is virtually “crossing paths” with people who you otherwise might not ever know.

A few months ago, I received an e-mail from Luise, a media designer and native German who moved to the US.  Luise and Shawn, an arborist, are throwing tradition out the window to embracing a lifestyle that fits with their convictions and desire to live simply.

See that trailer they are posed with?


(Sophie is the other member of their family, as an FYI.)

Well, that trailer is the foundation of their house.  Their “runaway shanty” as they call it.


They are strategically packing an entire house…bathroom, kitchen, living and sleeping quarters into this teeny-tiny mobile home.

Not only are they making the space efficient, but charming as well.  Is it even possible to not love that arched, bead board clad ceiling?  I think, no.


As they are building their home, they are also using materials and supplies that are environmentally friendly, so they used MMSMP to paint the interior.


This is the part of the project when Luise reached out to me to ask if we would like to partner with them in their project.



I’m not exactly “tiny-house” material, but I can live vicariously through them and enjoy being a small part of the process.


You can follow their journey along with all of the details of the building project over on their blog, Runaway Shanty.

We will definitely share the reveal when it’s done!

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