RETAILER SPOTLIGHT | Yasmin Michielsen

We love our retailers!
Our retailer spotlight this week is Yasmin, owner of Ruby Wonen.


Bosstraat 12
4611 NC Bergen op Zoom

Opening hours:
Wednesday: 10:00 to 17:30
Thursday: 10:00 to 17:30
Friday: 10:00 to 19:30
Saturday: 10: 00h to 17: 00h





I’m Yasmin Michielsen, 27, born and raised in Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands. I live with my partner and dog.  My dog loves watching me paint, and once in a while give the pieces an extra touch with some dog hair!

At the age of 17, I joined the Army and was a sergeant for 6 years. As a kid a always wanted to be an interior architect, don’t know what went wrong there! ?   I guess I needed some adventure first!  After 6 years of army, I got time to think about a new start because of cuts in the Military. My dad is the owner of Cling On Brushes, so I was quite familiar with painting furniture. We ordered some Milk Paint at Old Red Barn, the distributor for Milk Paint and Cling On brushes. My first project was this lovely piece of furniture, and I painted it Eulalie’s Sky for my dining room. I loved it!!  I started thinking, how awesome would it be, if I can make work out of my hobby?  As a kid I was always very creative, and with a painters family, I had to keep the traditions in honor.  But of course with a touch of Yasmin ?

You can’t ask me which color I love the most – that’s torture! OK… so if I have to choose, I have to say Eulalie’s Sky.  It was my first color I ever tried and still loving it. And Boxwood, Bergere, Layla’s Mint, Artissimo….. I stop here ?

I loooove going to second buy shops, cute animal prints and feathers. And flowers! Every week a lovely lady brings in fresh flower bouquets, which customers can buy. 
Whenever I have the time, I love to read home magazines… which in this case you can imagine the “to-read-pile”




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