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Our retail spotlight is Stephanie Jones, owner of me & mrs. jones located in Memphis, TN.

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Tell us a little bit about you….
My husband Epps and I celebrate(d) our 25th anniversary on February 11th.  I was toiling away as a left-brained reinsurance underwriter in my hometown of Chicago when we met through work.  Epps is a great salesman, because before i knew it, i had married him and moved to Memphis.

This is our “year of three freshmen”…our son Will is at the University of Arkansas, and our twins, Charlie and Meg, have begun high school.  Left moping at home are Skipper, a German short-haired pointer, and Miss Ginger Grant, a mini-dachshund.  (and yes, there is a “Gilligan’s Island” theme at work there.)

Running the studio really is my passion and hobby and work all rolled into one – painting, creating, teaching, flea-marketing…but I do spend a lot of happy mom time in bleachers at cross-country meets, basketball, lacrosse & soccer games, and trap shoots, and I love to read, serve as a deacon at our church, and swim laps to relax.

Why did you start your business?
me & mrs. jones really started years ago as sort of a freelance lark when our kids were little…i began to dabble in painted finishes (during nap-times) in our home. Friends asked me to help freshen up their furniture and cabinets and walls, and it turned into an actual little business!   Local antique stores and garden clubs and the like began to ask me to teach workshops, and then the little white cottage on Cooper Street became available…and here we are!

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Where do you find inspiration?
Inspiration is everywhere…like my fellow MMSMP retailers, I obsess over old surfaces, whether it’s furniture, fenceposts, plaster, gilded objects, or wallpapers.  I love to watch movies like “Marie Antoinette” and “Pride & Prejudice” over (and over!) for the interiors.  And of course, books & magazines get pored over…especially books on French, Swedish and British interiors.


What is your favorite thing to collect?
Blue & white ware is my favorite thing…’fessing up here to a bit of a Blue Willow problem.  I’ve even stenciled the entry at the studio in the Willow pattern.

What is your favorite MMSMP color and why?
Asking me to choose a favorite MMSMP color is like asking which is my favorite child!  Since I have three…may I?  Flow Blue (natch!), Kitchen Scale, and Trophy…that’s the most I can narrow it down…love them all!



6 thoughts on “RETAILER SPOTLIGHT | stephanie jones

    1. marian Post author

      Hi Ronnie! I agree 100%! She’s an amazing lady! Thanks for your feedback regarding the Retailer Spotlight! We appreciate it!!

      1. Deborah Cottle

        Ronnie and I certainly hope that our application to carry Miss Mustard seed is approved! We can’t wait to become your newest retailer in St. Marys, GA at Cottle & Gunn!!!! Love your paint!

  1. Gail

    Stephanie is one of the nicest people you could ever have the pleasure of meeting and her shop is the bomb (a.k.a. awesome). Great choice for retailer spotlight!


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