Our retailer spotlight this week is Laura from JUNK DOG SALVAGE.  Be sure to stop by Junk Dog Salvage if you’re in the Stuart, FL area!

Tell us a little bit about you…
My name is Laura Cirillo. I’m the proprietress of Junk Dog Salvage in Stuart, Florida. I have two sons that make me boast and gush when given the chance. Christian, 21, fulfilling his dream working hands on with performance autos both on and off the race track. Zachary, 19, studying to be a Nuclear Engineer for our wonderful Navy. I told you I’d boast! I’m also real proud of their dad, Paul, whom I celebrate our 25th anniversary with real soon!

Why did you start your business?
I found myself, as so many have, transitioning from steady employment to part-time – blah, coupled with empty nest syndrome.  Along the way, I found these wonderful blogs and online videos about refreshing vintage furniture through paint and sandpaper. Soon our home was busting out the door with painted gems that needed a home. So I leased a small workroom with retail space off the beaten path existing on social media for exposure. Over the course of three months I was excited to meet so many like myself; vintage lovers with a thirst for color, freshness and style in their homes. Fellow hunters excited to turn the corner in the local thrift shop to find just the perfect piece to wedge into their car and bring home to transform. Before I knew it I was moving into a much larger shop and spending six days a week sharing this passion with like-minded customers I consider my greatest finds.


Where do you find inspiration? 
I find my inspiration from the pieces that find their way into the workroom. I find myself chatting with customers or driving the van all the while envisioning the latest project in bright lime green or chippy wonderful Ironstone. These visions get me started on a path, but the actual buffet or dresser takes me to the final outcome. How the paint reacts, how it absorbs, how it highlights. I’ve never equated myself with an artist, but I think that’s maybe how one must feel when taking oil to canvas. I’m far from an artist, but I can pretend!


What is your favorite thing to collect?
I am attracted to old keys, locks, Art Deco pieces and boxes of any sort. I seem to search them out and add them to our store’s inventory. I must not be the only one who favors them, since they always find a new home. I must admit there is a little pang when a rusty, old lock and key leaves the shop.

What is your favorite MMSMP color and why?
My latest passion is for Apron Strings. Here in Florida we tend to favor the brighter colors but I’m a New Englander at heart. I love how Apron Strings brings out the warm wood tones in not only the piece I’m using it on but also the pieces in the room around it. It can be a warm and cool color at the same time. One that brings a smile to your face.




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