RETAILER SPOTLIGHT | Jody Dorsey & Bobbie Whitley

Our retailer spotlight is Jody Dorsey and Bobbie Whitley, owners of Flea Body’s Vintage & Home Decor!  Be sure to stop by and see them if you’re in the Wilmington, NC area!

4514 Park Avenue
Wilmington, NC  28403


Wednesday – Friday: 10AM – 5:30PM
Saturday: 10AM – 5:00PM
Sunday: 12:00PM – 4:00PM

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Flea Body’s is owned by the dynamic mother/daughter duo, Bobbie Whitley and Jody Dorsey.  We have enjoyed a lifetime of antiquing, junking, treasure hunting at flea markets and have even been known to dumpster dive on occasion(ok, so LOTS of occasions)!

After dabbling in renting space from several different antique stores, we decided to venture out and open up our own shop.  Bobbie came up with the name “Flea Body’s” because she says we’ve always been a couple of bodies in the flea market.  It’s also catchy and sticks with ya!

When you visit Flea Body’s, it’s like visiting no other store.  You will find an array of colors and unique pieces.  Traditional shabby chic furniture usually means distressed white finishes.  We tend to use bolder selections of colors such as bright greens and blues, yellow, red, and a smattering of black.  Our inspiration is actually found by going against the grain…not producing what is expected of most painted furniture stores.  When a piece comes in, Jody will consider how and where a potential customer might use the piece.  Would it be just an accent, a more functional piece, or a display piece?  Colors and themes are decided and let the painting begin!  This, coupled with our excellent customer service enables us to set ourselves apart from the competition.

Jody loves Artissimo because Navy Blue looks good on everything.  Bobbie’s favorite color is Boxwood because it’s so earthy and natural.

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