Our retailer spotlight this week is Heather O’Malley, owner of Thistle.  If you’re near the St. Paul, MN area be sure to check out her shop!

2228 Carter Ave
St. Paul , MN 55108


Just a bit about me…I have been married for 35 years, 3 children & 2 grandchildren. My hobby is painting, I’ve always loved color.  I have owned my own visual display company for 19 years.  Those years spent designing sets with a wide range of clients, from wedding couples, Holiday displays to Celebrity fund raisers.bdaypicatthistle

Heather is on the left…wearing the crown!


During this time, I was often asked to re-fab, upcycle or reuse a prop.  I had quite a collection!  I thought opening a shop, and selling these fun props along with new refangled projects would be a great idea?SatoriPhotography-Thistle-5x7-7995

A Few shots of Thistle.

 SatoriPhotography-Thistle-5x7-7999 SatoriPhotography-Thistle-5x7-7935 SatoriPhotography-Thistle-Web-8023

I find inspiration all around me but it seems to really appear in the middle of the night (usually when I’m up with a hot flash!!)

I inherited my entrepreneurship from my mother who is 93, who has owned her own business for 71 years and still goes to work 2 days a week.  My creativity and love of color from my father who was a lithographer ( old school graphic artist).

I love to collect cupboards & buffets, I only wish I had a house large enough to keep them.  My favorite color is tricycle, I have always loved red!Buffet after painting

her favorite piece is her parent’s buffet from the family home, she painted it years ago and use it in her office.

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