Our retailer spotlight this week is Barbara Bussey, owner of The Treasured Home.  If you’re near the Fair Oaks area be sure to check out her shop!


9906 Fair Oaks Blvd.
Fair Oaks, CA 95628



deskI first met Marian, AKA, Miss Mustard Seed, about three and a half years ago, at the very first Haven Conference! Marian had developed the line at this point, but hadn’t placed it in retail locations.  This was my first ever experience, to learn and play a bit with this new line…and milk paint in general.

I was so excited by Marian and the product, that I applied to become a retailer, as soon as I returned home!


About the same time, I was putting plans together, to open my own antique shop,  with gifts and a furniture painting studio and classroom. It will be three years ago, this coming October, that my doors first opened and I credit much of the inspiration, to take the leap, from Marian herself.  I’m sure I am not the only person to make this claim!

While I have had a fair amount of experience in business, had I known how challenging the retail world was, I might have thought twice.  As they say, ignorance is bliss!


I no longer have kids at home and my husband couldn’t be more supportive.  That is a huge plus, no matter what your goal!

Through the years, my love for furniture painting just  grows stronger.  There’s always some thing to learn and I really love to share my knowledge with students in my workshops and customers at the shop. Seeing folks get excited is so fun!

One of the biggest misconceptions about milk paint is that, because you have to mix the paint powder with water, that it must be difficult.  That really isn’t the case.  Compared to liquid paints on the market, like acrylic and chalk, unmixed paint powder will last indefinitely.  Chalk paints last a year or two and less if the can isn’t sealed very well, after opening.  Milk paint will let the wood grain show through, even if you have complete coverage.  You can let more of the wood grain show, by adding more water.  It’s a very versatile paint.

The best part, is when you paint a piece of furniture, without bonding agent and the piece self-distresses, creating the most authentically aged finish possible, in a couple of hours!treasuredhome3

 This secretary didn’t stay in the shop for long.  Everyone loved the chippy finish! table

There’s always something new to learn and each completed  piece is so different from the one before!

To get a better look at the shop, go HERE, for a virtual tour. Or follow our blog at: And if you’re ever in the Sacramento area, I sure hope you’ll stop by and say hello!
Barbara Bussey

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