Our retailer spotlight this week is Angela, owner of Me & Harmony.  If you’re near Sprockhövel be sure to check out her shop!

Weuste 7
45549 Sprockhövel

PHONE: 49 2339 911755



Tell us a little bit about yourself …
My name is Angela and I love decorating and furnishing!  And I love neutral colors!  French, Flemish, Nordic country house, Farmhouse Look, Vintage and lots of … me! For more than 14 years I have been in a relationship with a wonderful man, Martin. Since last October our small family is completed by Tinka, a minxy cat that we adopted to give her a better life. We live together in one house with my parents in a small town near the Ruhrgebiet in Germany.

Interior Design has fascinated me from an early age but I studied business and worked in this domain all my working life. I never found my niche in Interior Design business and tried to ignore my passion for a long time. I started re-finishing furniture out of necessity a few years ago when I wanted new dining chairs and couldn´t afford some… That’s how I discovered that to breathe new life into old furniture for me is a way to live out my passion. I read lots and lots of internet blogs. One of them was Miss Mustard Seed. I have been following it since three years now and I watched Marian establish her own paint line and grow and develop. She is the one who inspired me most. I wanted to try MMSMP for a long time but it was not available in Germany. When it finally was I ordered some of it because I urgently wanted to create ´Chippy Goodness´ since I saw a video tutorial by Marian on Youtube. It worked out fabulous and after this I never wanted to use another paint again!Me!

You can see my very first MMSMP piece on the picture with the two chairs. It´s the left one and it´s still one of my absolute favorite pieces. The right chair is one of my latest pieces and I really love how it turned out from a metallic varnish to this extraordinary chair by using several Resist Methods.

Favorite Pieces

Why did you start your business?
Working in the office became more and more a burden form me. I was suffering. I was depressed. Listening to myself I found out that I´m a HSP, a Highly Sensitive Person. I began to see myself from another point of view. I understood that there was nothing wrong with me because I couldn´t accept doing a job I don´t feel comfortable with. I saw that I had to listen to my inner voice and to emancipate. Me & Harmony started as an internet blog in August 2013. Then the same year in December I started with a small business besides my office job but that wasn´t enough. It was so much work but not enough happiness. I then had coaching lessons and figured out more and more that I can become what I always dreamed of. Realizing this it took only a short period until I was so focused that I was not able to think of anything else. And so I quit my office job completely by the end of April to concentrate on re-finishing furniture, selling MMSMP and teaching workshops. I hosted my first workshop end of June and it was big fun!

Studio Door

First Workshop

Where do you find inspiration?
Without Facebook I never got to know Miss Mustard Seed! I found a lot of inspiring blogs on Facebook and I spend some time every day on Pinterest and Instagram. Besides I´m a passionate reader of home styling magazines and books. I´m also very inspired from nature and our trips to the island of Mallorca in the Mediterranean Sea.

What’s your favorite thing to collect?
I never was a collector. As a kid I tried to collect stamps but I never had the perseverance. There are so many different things I love so I´m really not able to settle on something special. Maybe one could say my favorite things to collect are all things lovely!

What’s your favorite color MMSMP and why?
That´s a difficult question because they are all so beautiful! I really love Mustard Seed Yellow and Trycicle but I´m normally neither the yellow nor the red guy which means I have no use for this colors. The color I actually use the most is Shutter Gray. I love that it´s blue but at the same time neutral enough to match nearly everything.


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