November Colors of the Month – Curio and Schloss

Over here at Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint, we feel as if we blinked and October was gone!  Since November is now upon us, we’re so excited to feature two of our dreamy and comforting shades with you to warm up those cold November nights!

Everyone, say “hello” to Curio and Schloss:

Don’t they remind you of hot cocoa and warm fuzzy blankets?  Well, they should because both of these lovely colors have comforting warm undertones.  Let’s dive into Curio first.

Curio got its name from the rich warm brown color you often find on curio cabinets.

It’s an incredibly versatile color to have in your MMS Milk Paint collection because it can be used as a toner, stain, and a full strength color.

To use Curio as a stain, mix 2 or 3 parts water to 1 part milk paint powder.  Use it to stain raw wood on the tops of dressers, buffets, console tables, and photo frames.  Here are a few of our favorite Curio-stained projects:

This church pew bench was painted by Abbe Doll of Doll Design Co.:

This upcycled chicken coop coffee table by Jenn of Eight Hundred Furniture was stained with a mixture of Curio and Typewriter:

Annie of Simply Chic Furniture used Curio to stain this southwestern hat rack:

My Painted Door shared this sweet dresser that is proudly sporting a Curio painted top and a Trophy/Ironstone body:

You can even mix in some Curio to tone down other colors in the MMS Milk Paint collection.  Mix it with Tricycle to get a lovely muted barn red.

If you want more color inspiration for Curio, you can visit our Color Focus Pinterest Board by clicking here.

Curio is lovely to use as a full strength color.  Here, you can see how it takes on different personalities with our various finishes.  (Thank Allison of The Golden Sycamore for this graphic!)

However you use it, Curio is a must-have!

Next, let’s chat about our deliciously warm gray, Schloss.

As most of you know, Marian grew up in Germany when she was a little girl.  Her love for the culture and German decor is still with her today, and it manifests itself perfectly in Schloss.  The word “Schloss” is actually German and it means “castle”.

Marian wanted a warm gray in her European Collection that would mimic the faded stones that one would find on the old castles scattered throughout Germany.  It’s THE perfect “greige”!

It’s an ideal color to use if you want gray, but your decor leans warm.  Here, you can see Schloss nestled up against our cool gray, Trophy.  Can you see how Trophy is much cooler than Schloss?  Trophy has more blue undertones, while Schloss has more yellows and browns.

Schloss looks absolutely divine when topped with our Antiquing Wax (which happens to be November’s Featured Product of the Month).

Thanks as always to Allison of The Golden Sycamore for this graphic showing how Schloss looks with our various finishes.

Marian first featured Schloss on this gorgeous caned-back sofa.

She painted Schloss on the frame and allowed Milk Paint to do its thing.  Click here to read the full featured post on Schloss.

For more Schloss color inspiration, visit our Pinterest Color Focus Board here.

We would love to see how you are using our cozy and warm November colors this month.  Tag “@mmsmilkpaint” on Instagram and “@MissMustardSeedsMilkPaint” on Facebook so we can see your creations!

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One thought on “November Colors of the Month – Curio and Schloss

  1. Anne Doyle

    Love your newsletters And the gorgeous photography they always contain. Curious though seeing how Schloss was done in one photo on an outside door, does that mean milk paint Can be used for outside doors? If so I’m all climates? We are in Québec and we get to minus 40c here in winter with snow, and strong winds and icy rain. Our doors are somewhat protected by porch roofs but are still exposed. My doors got painted black this summer and I hate them now. They are always dirty and every speck shows. My favourite colour in your palette is Curio and I think with my wooden decks, my black iron balusters, our green siding and mustard colour bench Curio would give me the dark I’m looking for without being a dust Magnet. So can it be used on outer doors? If so do I need to remove the oil based exterior paint I put on it this summer? What kind of prep?


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