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I’ve told you before – when I’m looking for a new piece of furniture to work on, the very first place I turn is Craigslist. And that is exactly where I found this dresser that I’m sharing with you today. I chose this piece for today’s post for two main reasons. First, I really like the chipping that I achieved (completely by accident) and since I’ve gotten this look more than once now, I thought I’d share the simple technique. The second reason is an important tip about hunting for bargains on Craigslist.

This dresser was a semi custom piece that I did for a customer who found me through my Etsy shop. She saw another dresser (this one) done in MMS Kitchen Scale, and she loved the color but she had some very specific size requirements. I did a quick search on Craigslist and was able to give her a choice between two different dressers – in different styles that both fit her requirements almost exactly.

A NOTE: This is NOT my preferred method for selling furniture. I would MUCH rather just present FINISHED pieces to my customers and let them decide whether they like them or not. I can honestly say that I’ve never painted a piece of furniture that I thought looked terrible when I finished with it – and YET – I have had things come out considerably differently than I thought they would when I began! No two pieces are ever the same – and really – the finishes are often quite different – depending on lots of different variables. If you are trying to sell your pieces, I would caution you (or at least I caution myself) against showing the “before” before the “after” is an after!

It all worked out in this case though, and here is what the finished dresser looked like – painted in MMS Kitchen Scale.

miss mustard seed makeover Kitchen Scale

So – I knew that the original dresser that this client had seen (and loved) had a completely non-chippy finish. It was a dresser (i did a post about it here) that needed a complete overhaul – major restoration – and got stripped down to bare wood – the entire piece. If I’m not going to strip a piece down to bare wood, my next attempt at a non chippy finish is using a primer coat of chalk style paint – it sticks to anything. And that is how I discovered this little technique. This dresser was pretty shiny underneath the paint – but the chalk paint had no trouble adhering. I used a color that was pretty close to Kitchen Scale but I still needed two coats of the Milk Paint to get the coverage that I wanted. As my second coat of Milk Paint got to the “complely dry” stage – it began to chip in a few places.

My theory is that the water in the two layers of milk paint absorbed into the chalk paint and lifted it right off in a few places. I ended up with the chipping that you can see in these photos.
**i did not use Bonding Agent…

left distress 2

miss mustard seed makeover Kitchen Scale

(sorry about the grainy-ness… was trying to give you a closeup vision – makes the floor look really dusty – eek!)

The chipping was not a welcome sight – at first. Once I calmed down and realized that I should just go with it, I also realized that I really liked how it was looking. It looked like real age on the piece. It looked authentic…

miss mustard seed makeover Kitchen Scale

I got the same effect on the last piece that I showed you – the Trophy Lingerie Chest. And I did it in the same way. Again – accidental – but more quickly accepted this time – and I think it just works SO well on this piece, too.

Miss Mustard Seed Makeover

Miss Mustard Seed Makeover

**remember that i DID use Bonding agent on some parts of this piece – but NOT in the places where I got this chipping…

Just a little chippy – not too much – I love it!

Back to the Kitchen Scale Dresser…

miss mustard seed makeover Kitchen Scale

The top was sanded down and stained in Rustoleum Dark Walnut and finished with Hemp Oil.

beauty with feathers FINAL miss mustard seed makeover Kitchen Scale


miss mustard seed makeover Kitchen Scale

And finally, a word about shopping on Craigslist. Since I had to show my client a “before” picture to make sure that she didn’t hate the style of the dresser that I found to fit into her space, the easiest option would have been to just shoot her that pic that I found on Craigslist.

Here is that photo:


Because of time constraints, I went and bought the piece before getting an okay from the client and so I decided to send her my own photo to see if I could get one that was a little more attractive…

Here is my photo: (just snapped in my driveway with my phone – no editing)


You can’t even believe it’s the same dresser, dresser right?


Here is my point – people are putting terrible pictures on Craigslist like it’s their JOB. Seriously. My client was ECSTATIC when I sent her the photo from my driveway – and NO ONE could be ecstatic about that other picture. The more experience you have dealing with furniture – the easier it is – but you’ve got to learn to see past the terrible pictures. There are GREAT deals to be had!

I think this was definitely one of them!

See you soon!


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