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Hello Everyone!

This dresser that I’m going to show you today is not only a “before & after” (always my favorite kind of post) it’s also a rescue.

Really. I rescued this dresser.

From a bad paint job.

I saw this piece on Craigslist (do you shop Craigslist? I’ve become a little bit addicted…). I’m not really sure what drove me to ask my husband to go pick it up. The price was decent but the photo was really dark and really blurry and half of the dresser was actually cut off… I could really write a whole post (maybe even a whole separate blog about hilarious Craigslist photos and postings…). The seller said she thought it might be kind of old because of the keyholes – and I thought it looked like a nice size – and it wasn’t very far away – so, I bought it.

I wasn’t home when my husband returned with the dresser – but he called me to tell me that he thought I had overpaid… I believe that his exact words were,

“It’s a $10 piece of junk.”
(he did not say “junk” but i’m not going to use that word…)

The blue was very shiny and the silver knobs were even shinier. Like, tin foil shiny. My original plan was to strip the top and then sand the rest a bit… then repaint and perhaps have a bit of the old paint showing through. Well, as soon as I began stripping I realized that I was in trouble. Under the blue paint was white paint and under the white paint was a very bright orangey-red stain. At some point I decided that it would all have to go.

All of it.

It took a while.

But underneath all of the yucky old paint and stain was a very cute and (definitely pretty old) little pine dresser. It’s a fantastic size (on the petite side), and very nicely made.


How do you feel about yellow?

Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Makeover

I hope you’ll agree with me that this is a huge improvement.

Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Makeover

You can probably tell that I painted the dresser in Mustard Seed Yellow. In order to add some interest I painted the body “frame” in full strength MMSMP Mustard Seed Yellow and then I painted the drawers, top and sides in a combo of Mustard Seed Yellow and Ironstone.

( 3 tablespoons of Ironstone to 5 tablespoons of MS Yellow)

Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Makeover

I couldn’t find the knobs that I really wanted at a decent price – I wanted real antique white milk glass with dark brass centers – but I found these plain white ceramic knobs at Lowes – and they were very affordable.

And I’ll tell you a secret…I brought the dresser into the kitchen to take pictures…and it’s still there. The piece is definitely for sale – you can find it in my
Etsy Shop
but it really does look so sunny and cheerful in my kitchen. I really think it would make an perfect addition to a baby’s room, too!

Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Makeover

As you saw, I stripped this thing right down to 100% raw wood so there was no need to use any bonding agent to get this nearly flawless smooth finish – without any chipping. There are a couple of spots where there were old repairs that may have been filled with wood filler – and those just add a little more character to the finish.

Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Makeover

I ended with two coats of Hemp Oil and it’s just smooth and lovely.
I hope you like it as much as I do.
Several people commented on another one of my pieces saying that it’s okay to paint wood when the painter has a good “eye” and while I think that’s important – I think the products you use make a HUGE difference in the outcome…

There are paint jobs and there are paint jobs.

There’s just something about this paint.


4 thoughts on “MMSMP | before & after

  1. KathieB

    the dresser is just lovely. Perhaps you will find something else to paint that same color for your kitchen… something to keep!

  2. Janet

    So, has your husband changed his mind about this dresser? It really looks lovely. I like the idea of the milk glass pulls but the ones on it now work. Thanks for giving the paint proportions.


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