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Happy Monday!  Thanks for sharing your masterpieces last week!  It’s so fun seeing what transformations you create!

We have a new color of the month – Typewriter!  Find out a little more about Typewriter HERE!  Here’s our latest Typewriter transformation.  What does yours look like?

green line

I have to tell you that I have really enjoyed the frenzy of painting and upholstery as I was getting ready for Lucketts.  With everything else I was working on, I didn’t have much time for it.  Truth be told, I was probably a little burnt out on churning pieces out over the past few years and a break ended up being really good for me.  I’m now looking around at all of the furniture in my house and I’m looking forward to tackling some pieces that have been hanging out for a while.  I’m also feeling inspired to work on some spaces and pieces for others!  I’ve always shied away from that, but I think it would be fun.  So, we’ll see…

In this furniture-makeover-episode, I’m sharing the before and after of this desk.  Since it’s prettier, here’s the after first…


Here’s how it looked before…


My dad brought this desk to me, rescued from a family member’s attic.  It belonged to his grandmother, but hasn’t been used for years and was showing wear from a life of being well used.


The wood on the drawers fronts was really pretty, so I considered stripping and refinishing them, but the veneer was a little rough in some places and I was pressed for time, so I decided to paint them as well.  I did strip the top, though, and Jeff and I repaired the drawers.


Cari painted the base coat for me.  I think we opted for no bonding agent on this one, but I forget.  I chose MMSMP Typewriter for the piece, since I knew there would be issues with the red stain seeping through a lighter color.


I also love the way the wood looks peeking through the soft black where it was distressed.


I finished the top with three coats of Hemp Oil with a light wet sanding between the coats.


The black paint pulls out the black in the grain, which looks really cool.


I thought the hardware was pretty, so I kept it as is.  I just cleaned it up with some Hemp Oil.


The antique typewriter didn’t sell day one, but it sold to a very sweet woman on day two.  Her husband gave her time away from the home and kids to shop at Lucketts for their anniversary.  I’m sure they’ll get a quiet dinner or something else as well, but I thought that was so selfless of him.  The funny thing is that just five minutes after she pulled the tag, two other people wanted to buy it!  That’s just how it goes at antique fairs.


Everyone wants what’s already sold!


4 thoughts on “mmm | milkpaint masterpiece monday

  1. Alexis

    Oh, how I love this piece! It’s inspired me to do something similar with my desk. I have a question, though. On either side of the desk, I have two pieces. One is a lateral file cabinet. On the other side is a small wicker chest of three drawers. The filing cabinet is black; the chest is a dark brown. What I want to do is make a “unit” of all three pieces. Have you ever done anything with a metal filing cabinet? I know it could look great with handles, some MMSMP, and maybe even a strip of molding at the top but I’m not sure where to start.
    Thanks in advance, Marian!

  2. Holly McCall {McCall Manor}

    I’m about to paint a desk for our the secretary at the school where my kids attend. She just had her 80th birthday and there are a few of us that are redecorating her office space. The desk is probably going to get a little MMSMP Artissimo or Typewriter. Either will be YUMMMMMMMMMY!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Kathleen Herman

    I love it and really do want to find the perfect piece to paint in typewriter. It is gorgeous. And I love the wood showing through on the distressed edges. That is my favorite too on everything.


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