milkpaint masterpiece monday & lampshades

Happy Monday Milk Paint lovers!  Check out this awesome post by Breida, and don’t forget to share your masterpiece with us!  (Links at the bottom of the post)

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Hello, Everyone!

We are really getting down to the wire as far as this Christmas Season goes. I’ve been so excited for it this year and that excitement has brought on some serious inspiration! I’ve got more ideas than I’ve got hours in the day but I’m here to share what I’ve been doing with Milk Paint for the last few days!

I recently did a post over on my own blog, breida with a b., that was a big group effort with a great group of junk loving bloggers. Our fearless leader is none other than Donna herself from Funky Junk Interiors. Donna gathered the troops for a Christmas blogging event and asked us all to create a “junk project”.

This was months ago.

I was feeling very well prepared because I knew exactly what I was going to make for this assignment. I may have even gotten a little bit cocky about it. Over the summer I had picked up a pair of truly lovely vintage auto jack stands. I knew the minute I saw them that they needed to be turned into lamps. Really. They were just crying out to be lamps.

( You can read all about me and the Junkers United team and how I turned them into lamps over here at breida with a b. )

Vintage Jack Stand Lamps with Milk Painted Shades


And even though I am sort of known for doing things at the last minute – I really had this one under control. It was a very simple project – even the wiring was super easy and affordable and then I realized…


I took myself off to Lowes in order to buy some – with the idea in my head that black shades might look cool with these black and red lamps…

Vintage Jack Stand Lamps with Milk Painted Shades

Unfortunately, there was only one type of black shade in the store and it was WAY too big for my lamps. I decided to buy the plainest off white fabric shade in the place and see if I could do something with it when I got it home.

**please make a note – if you are making two fairly identical lamps? go on ahead and purchase two lampshades on your first trip to the store. it will save you the trouble of asking your husband to run out and get you a second one at some point…

I decided that I would try painting these fabric shades and even posted the question on my FB page asking if people thought I could paint a lampshade. Then everyone started chiming in and saying yes, (yay!), they had done it and it worked (yay!) and telling me all the different kinds of paint they’d used. I actually considered just going with one of their suggestions – so that I’d be sure that it would work because by this point – I was really running out of time to get this project completed. I still only had the one single lampshade and I needed to finish my project and I really didn’t think I could face a flop… I wanted to paint that shade with Typewriter MMSMP and then be able to draw on it with chalk. I decided that there was only one way to find out if it would work.

Vintage Jack Stand Lamps with Milk Painted Shades

And it DEFINITELY worked!

I apologize for not taking any process photos but, trust me, there wasn’t anything tricky about this. It was just a plain off white fabric shade – as plain as plain can be. I mixed up my paint in the usual manner and I painted it just like I would paint anything else. I did it in two coats – but I totally could have gotten away with one. I did not wait for the paint to dry between coats.

Lemme tell ya something – the Milk Paint went onto the fabric like that was the intention all along. It worked PERFECTLY. And when I finished painting the first shade – it looked like it came that way. Seriously – it looked like it had always been a black lamp shade! I was thoroughly impressed!

Vintage Jack Stand Lamps with Milk Painted Shades -

When the milk paint dried on the surface of the fabric it left just the tiniest bit of roughness – just like it does if you’re painting a dresser. I wasn’t sure if I could sand it – answer: Yes. With the lampshade on the left in the above picture, I gave it a very light sanding with a super fine sanding sponge and it made the surface baby skin smooth. I was also able to “condition” the surface (put a layer of chalk on the shade and erase it before drawing the Christmas ornaments). The chalk on the fabric shade is FULLY erasable – you can redecorate it for any event – or season.

Now – listen up – the shade on the right is NOT conditioned – can you see that it is a deeper black color? Nevertheless, I was still able to erase from that surface – and redraw when I messed up. I turned that part to the back because it does make the shade a little greyer (like the one on the left). I really LOVE the stark contrast of the unconditioned black chalkboard surface and the white chalk! And YES – still erasable!

Vintage Jack Stand Lamps with Milk Painted Shades

Vintage Jack Stand Lamps with Milk Painted Shades

I decided that I want to try painting some Tricycle lamp shades too! But that’s going to have to wait a bit. I was REALLY inspired by what an amazing chalk board surface the MMSMP is making and I’ve done a few more projects that involve milk paint and chalk!

wanna see??

I’ll be sharing soon!

…and to ALL a good night!

Vintage Jack Stand Lamps with Milk Painted Shades


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12 thoughts on “milkpaint masterpiece monday & lampshades

  1. mary Anne

    Wow, so clever. and thank you so much for all the details about what worked. So many times the blogger says I painted the lampshades, period. Love it!!

    1. Breida

      Hi Mary Anne –
      You are so welcome! This was a super easy project and really satisfying because it came out so nicely – give it a try!

    1. Breida

      Hi Jenn –
      Don’t you just LOVE it when a plan comes together? I had a picture in my head as soon as I bought the jack stands – and it all worked out just the wy I wanted it to – that doesn’t happen very often!

  2. Ruth

    Thanks for the GREAT idea. Just so happens I have at least a dozen white lamp shades left from a frantic purchase at the Re-store. (They were $1 each)


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