Milk Paint Mixer

I’m constantly asked about introducing new milk paint colors (and I’m working on that…slowly), but I wanted to explain a bit further why I chose the twelve colors of the original line.  First off, these are colors I love and use in my decorating.  I also wanted the colors to be very saturated, so they would be perfect for mixing either to lighten or to create new colors altogether.  I know mixing colors doesn’t come naturally for everyone.  It does involve some knowledge of color theory and some trial and error.

Well, one of my clever retailers, The Purple Paint Lady, has developed a virtual color mixing tool to help remove some of that guess work!


Color Mixing Tool Button


With this tool, you can select any two or three paint colors in the line and mix them in different ratios to see what the end result would be.  Here are some mixes I came up with while playing with the tool…

Colo Mix 2 Color Mix 1 Color Mix 3 Color Mix 4 Color Mix 5 Color Mix 6

Fun, right?  And addictive!

I love that this tool will allow you to play around with color without buying a bunch of different paint colors and mixing for hours.  Obviously, the color isn’t 100% accurate, since monitor colors vary, etc., but it at least gives you a good place to start.

Thanks so much to Steve and Tricia for developing this.  (Have I mentioned they’re clever?)


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