3 thoughts on “Milk Paint Masterpiece Monday

  1. Sharon Rexroad's Bringing Creativity 2 Life

    I’m laughing hysterically now. I know you have no real control over what ads show up on your site, but the juxtaposition between the lovely rustic milk painted door & mason jars in the first picture and the glitzy rhinestone covered Christian Loubitan shoes from Saks in the ad that appeared at 1:45am CT is just too funny. I’m trying to picture you painting something in your MMS tshirt & your cute nosering, wearing 5″ heels with red soles. Guess you’d have to use Tricycle for your project… (Let me if you want to laugh too as I couldn’t resist taking a screen shot).

  2. Eni

    I love the look of the furnitures painted with milk paint. You inspired me to paint my mason jars. I paint them with chalk paint and distress, and wax them to give them a vintage, stunning,look in the end.

    Keep up the beautiful work….

  3. Carrie Slayton

    I love the photo at the head of this post. It contains some of my favorite things. A “vintage” green folding chair, blue canning jars and the old white door. A wonderful montage!


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