May Product of the Month – Lavender Wax

Our Furniture Wax is pretty awesome.  It’s creamy, easy to apply, and provides excellent protection for your furniture pieces.


What could possibly make it any more amazing?


How about adding the soothing fragrance of lavender?


Our Lavender Wax still has all of the goodness of our Furniture Wax with the addition of a heavenly lavender aroma.  Now you can protect your MMS Milk Painted masterpieces and enjoy an aromatherapy session at the same time!


Simply use a clean cotton cloth or brush to apply the wax in a thin layer.  Allow it to dry for 3-5 minutes then buff to a shine with a clean lint-free cotton cloth.  For additional shine and durability, apply a second coat.  Clean your wax brush with grease-cutting soap and warm water.  Follow up with our Brush Soap to keep your brushes hydrated and moisturized!


Visit your local retailer to scoop up some Lavender Wax today!  Click here to find you closest brick-and-mortar MMSMP retailer.  Don’t have a retailer nearby?  Click here to order from our fabulous online retailers!

2 thoughts on “May Product of the Month – Lavender Wax

  1. Terri

    This is a fun product to use and does a great job for me. I am a fragrance fan, so I bought mine several months ago.

  2. Trudi

    I wonder if something like this could be done with the hemp oil? Add a fragrance, I mean. I LOVE the hemp oil. Love it! To watch raw wood or milk paint come alive with beauty and depth of color is incredibly rewarding. I’ve used it for years, but the biggest complaint I get is the smell. If it’s a piece gifted or going to a client, I include time for the smell to dissipate. My kids (all grown) have fussed through the years it smells like dead fish. That reference reflects our coastal living, I’m sure, but if something could be tweaked to improve the smell, that would be fantastic! It’s a product I love! Truly.


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