to market! to market!

market marketWith the approach of the Chapel Market nearly in sight, Marian asked if I could help her get a few pieces ready. I was really excited to have the opportunity to get hands on with some more pieces. Actually- this is what really happened. Marian welcomed me into the studio and right away I could tell she was buzzing. I didn’t even get my foot past the threshold before she blurted out, “I’m-in-the-mood-to-paint!!”. And yes, when the need to paint comes upon her, it all comes out as one word! Anyways, after having a paint brush and stir stick thrown at me (just kidding…maybe…), I was energized and ready to go!

First off, I put a coat of French Enamel on a small trunk that we found on one of our shopping trips. The wood looked pretty dry from age so we didn’t feel like we needed to use the bonding agent. While that dried, I moved on to a wooden wagon that was looking just a bit worse for wear. We thought a touch of paint might give it just enough perk to come back to life.


Side note- while working on both pieces, I found that the paint continued to change on me the longer I let it sit after stirring. I found that with just a pinch of powder or spoonful of water, I could get back to the consistency I was originally looking for. I think I would suggest letting the paint sit for a good 10-15 minutes before starting a piece if you want to get a good idea of “consistent” consistency. Since my projects were small, I didn’t mind mixing and re-mixing, but if you’re working on a bigger piece, it would definitely be easier to work with a well mixed formula from the start.

As the paint started to absorb into the wood of the wagon, the studio was soon full of “oo’s” and “ah’s”! It was exactly what our wagon friend was in need of! The wood was very dry so I found myself needing a lot more paint than I had anticipated, but as the wood took in the new moisture, the coat applied more evenly.


Back to the trunk- I took another look after the first coat dried and decided to add another. The wood seemed to just soak up the first coat and I wanted the color to be a little more defined. So, I just brushed on a second coat- which went much faster and smoother than the first!

About an hour later, I heard Marian let out a little squeal from across the studio. I walked back over to the trunk which was now chipping on the lid! We both looked at each other in agreement- NOW it was perfect! Marian explained that there was probably some sort of oil in the wood that was causing the resisting to the paint. Well, whatever it was, I am glad it was there!


Both pieces found new homes while at the Chapel Market which made both our hearts happy! So there you have it! A little wagon and a miniature trunk- ready to face the world of new adventures in a fresh coat of French Enamel!

3 thoughts on “to market! to market!

  1. Debora Cadene

    So with that awesome chippy goodness happening on the trunk…what do you do now? If you touch it, the paint is going to chip off, so do you just give it a little fluffing to remove the loose stuff, then seal it?? and if so…what is would you use?


    1. marian Post author

      Debbie, We actually did end up finishing the trunk, which included lightly sanding off the loose paint and then applying hemp oil.


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