March’s Product of the Month – MMSMP Furniture Wax

How many of you completely loathe waxing furniture after you’ve painted it?  You have a blast painting a piece of furniture and when it comes time to add your finish, your smile turns to a frown. Cue the dramatic music. It’s time to wax. And cry.

Believe us, we completely understand because we’ve totally been there.

There are some brands of wax on the market that are stiff, smelly, and very difficult to manipulate and spread. There are special techniques that you need to learn and special brushes you need to apply it. By the time you’re ready to go, you’ve spent close to $100 just on supplies alone!

We have good news for you! Miss Mustard Seed’s Furniture Wax can win your waxing heart back if you give it a try. Formulated with a blend of beeswax and carnuba wax, it’s super creamy and soft – almost like coco butter.


You’ll feel and smell the difference immediately too!  Upon opening your wax container, you’ll notice it smells like a natural lotion.  There are mineral spirits in the wax to help it be spreadable but you can’t smell them at all!  This wax is completely safe to use indoors and it won’t stink up your home.

When you’re ready to apply Furniture Wax, you can use a soft cloth or a brush.


It doesn’t have to be a super expensive and fancy wax brush.  Your local MMSMP retailer may carry an assortment of brushes to choose from but if you have an old t-shirt at home, that will do the trick too.  When you apply the wax, treat it like lotion.  If you grease up your hands with lotion, how do they feel?  Sticky, right?  Your furniture will feel the same way if you use too much wax.  A little goes a long way, and work it in while you’re applying it – just like lotion.

After you’re done, give your piece a gentle buff and wipe away any excess Furniture Wax from the surface.  You can apply multiple coats of wax and build it up for extra protection.  The key is to allow your piece 30 days to fully and completely cure (just like any of our finishes).  If you apply two coats of Furniture Wax to the top of a table and start using it the next day, don’t be surprised if you get marks on the surface.  Give the product time to cure and set up properly.  After all, you put in all that hard work to paint it.  Don’t ruin it by using it prematurely!

DSC_0593So don’t write off wax finishes too soon.  Think of all the places where wax is used as a sealer – bowling alleys, dance floors, etc.  It’s a strong and protective finish that is an excellent option for your painted pieces.  Give our Furniture Wax a try and eliminate your wax-phobia for good!

6 thoughts on “March’s Product of the Month – MMSMP Furniture Wax

  1. Teri

    How long do I need to wait between applications of the wax coats? I normally wait 24 hours, but it would be helpful if I didn’t have to.

    1. Toni Reiser

      I lOOOve waxing….. love the feel of it, the smell of it and how it changes the paint……
      must admit… I only use MMSMP waxes….. love them… white and antique also…

      1. Teri

        I hope you have better luck than I did getting a response. I’ve only been waiting 10 months!!

  2. Sue

    I put a second coat of furniture wax on my kitchen table last night. I then buffed it with a soft cloth and gently went over it with fine steel wool. Today I wiped the table down with damp paper towel to get the steel wool residue off. Should I have waited longer? Should I wait a full 30 days to use the table at all?

  3. agnes

    is it possible to paint the waxed furniter over?? or do i have to remove to wax“


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