The Many Uses of Hemp Oil

Hi Milk Paint lovers!  This is Jenn Baker from Eight Hundred Furniture, LLC.  How many of you have come to know and love this Milk Paint product?


Those of us who have come to appreciate its versatility refer to it as “liquid gold”.  It is the one and only Hemp Oil.  Hemp Oil deepens the color of milk paint like none other, but did you know that it can be used for more than a topcoat?


To demonstrate Hemp Oil’s far-reaching applications, I gathered some items around my home that were in need of some liquid gold loving.  Let’s see how Miss Mustard Seed’s Hemp Oil revived each one.


My default application method is to pour Hemp Oil into a dish and use my Parson’s West brush to apply it.

I dip my brush into the oil, apply it to my surface, let it sit for a few minutes, and then wipe away the excess.


I started with a pretty wooden cutting board that was in need of some hydration.


After a simple brush stroke, I could immediately see the wood deepening and reviving.


Best of all, Hemp Oil is safe to use on pieces that will come in contact with food such as salad bowls, cutting boards, bread boards, wooden spoons, etc.


Much better!

Let’s see what Hemp Oil did on this galvanized bucket I picked up at an antique store a few days ago.


I grabbed my brush and started applying it to the metal surface.


I thought the metal looked pretty good on its own, but Hemp Oil added a new luster and shininess to the surface.

The surface on the left in this photo has the Hemp Oil on it, and the right side doesn’t.  See the difference?


Now for those of you who are thinking that Hemp Oil will make your surface feel oily after application, let me reassure you that once you wipe away the excess oil from the surface, it’s dry to the touch.


How about another metal piece, such as this oil can?  The left side is before, and the right side is after.




My brass roosters?  Check out this before (left) and after (right).

I couldn’t get over the luster that returned to my roosters with just one application of Hemp Oil!


Hemp Oil is just divine when applied to leather as well.  My brown Dansko leather clogs get a lot of loving.  I work on my knees a lot and the toes of these shoes have received quite a bit of abuse.


I’ve even spilled mineral spirits and paint on them. hemp-oil-24

I rubbed Hemp Oil onto the shoe in the back with a soft cloth and the results were amazing.  I really love how the leather deepened in color and my scuff marks practically disappeared.  The before is in the front and the after is in the back.  See the transformation?


And last but not least, let’s see how Hemp Oil works its magic on this old wooden toolbox.


This is such a pretty piece.  You can tell it’s handmade because the spacing of the boxes aren’t even.  While the wood was pretty to begin with, it looks even better with an application of Hemp Oil!

Here’s the before shot:


And here’s a “during”.  Look at the red tones that emerged with Hemp Oil!


hemp-oil-28 hemp-oil-29

So there you have it!  Six completely revived pieces all with one versatile product.


The one.


The only.


Hemp Oil.


2 thoughts on “The Many Uses of Hemp Oil

  1. Eileenq

    I’m going to try out my hemp oil on a thick cutting board right now and then my buckets and then I’ll have to find more things. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Elizabeth Armenante

    Hello Ladies,
    Spent my weekend painting a built in wine bar with racks-black.It looked so good I hated to put the matte top coat on.I was right.This morning the corners were left with white blobs of sealant-even some on flatter surfaces.I’ll give it another day or two to fully dry.
    Is there a secret to correcting this problem? Should I sand the tight corners down,repaint it? Strip it off?!?
    Products used : Chalk paint and Tough coat Sealer.


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