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In yesterday’s post, I shared how I prepped this piece of furniture to get it ready for painting.  If you missed that post, you can find it HERE.

So, this is what the dresser looked like after the hardware was removed and it was sanded to give the surface “tooth” (something for the paint to grip)…

dresser makeover

As I was debating what color this piece should “wear”, I decided to go with MMS Milk Paint Typewriter.  First of all, it’s been a long time since I’ve painted anything black.  It’s one of our most popular colors, so thought it would be nice to showcase it in a makeover series.

dresser makeover

I love the way black looks over dark and medium woods, too.  When a piece like that is distressed and finished, it is gorgeous and I envisioned that look working with the classic lines on this dresser.

Another reason I wanted to use it for a tutorial series is that this is the color we receive most customer inquiries about.  Working with black can be tricky, especially when it comes to the finishing.  Black can show textures and imperfections more than the other colors, but a little extra care can yield a beautiful end result.

 Lastly, Typewriter is one of colors of the month for October, so it seemed like a good time to mix up a batch.

For this dresser makeover:

I mixed up six tablespoons of milk paint.  That’s 6T of powder and 6T of water.  I ended up adding a little bit more water when the paint felt too thick coming off of the brush.  (If you’re completely new to milk paint, you can find a detailed tutorial on mixing HERE.)

That amount of paint was enough to do one full coat and a second thin coat.  I was also able to paint both coats in succession since the dry time is so fast.

Because I sanded the piece with 120 grit sandpaper prior to painting, I was not concerned about chipping or flaking, so I did not add the Bonding Agent to the paint.  I just used straight milk paint powder & water. 

Here’s a video showing how I applied the paint…


As you can see, when the dresser is painted and left unfinished, it looks very chalky and the color is inconsistent…

dresser makeover

This is much more dramatic with the darker colors and is true of any type of flat/matte black paint.  But just wait.  Don’t panic.  The finish will bring out the richness of the color and will pull it all together.

But first, I wanted to bring out more of the details of the piece and some of that pretty wood tone, so distressing is next…

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