You guys. Sometimes I find a piece while out shopping with Marian and it just speaks to me. I’ll pick it up, give it a look, check the price and put it down to weigh the pros and cons. If I can make it all the way through the store and still hear it whispering to me, I’ll go back for a second look. About a month ago, we were out stocking up for Lucketts, and I found an absolute gem nestled in an otherwise inconsequential booth.

I love, love, love Nordic folk art. Something about it just touches my little heart. It reminds me of simpler times and deeply rooted culture. Something about it also reminds me of Christmas and childhood. Anyways, I love the simple but intricate designs and I happened to stumble on a pair of rabbits that fit that bill.


How sweet are these? I mean, come on! I love the detail of the carvings. The eyes mirror so many of the Nordic folk paintings I have seen over the years, and those brass ears! I just couldn’t let these two go. At $12 for the pair, I walked away with a smile and heart flutter just thinking about what kind of a new life I could bring to them!

I knew I wanted to paint them to start though I wasn’t sure what color or finish I would choose. I did like the rustic white that was used, but I felt as though the distressing looked a bit too manufactured. Now, I love me some distressed pieces, however I really don’t love the over processed look from store bought pieces. To get an authentic look, you really have to give some time and thought as to where the natural wear would occur and this simply doesn’t work well with mass produced products. Ok, small rant over.


I decided to give these sweeties a couple of coats of a mix of 1 part Mora and 1 part of Grainsack. These colors combined so beautifully! I couldn’t be happier with the tones. At a passing glance it’s a simple light grey, however with a better look, you can pick up the blue/green undertones from the Mora. Tied in with my porch, it’s a perfect fit!


I thought these might need one more coat, but I am hoping that they begin to age a bit to kind of mimic their original finish. With them sitting out on my porch with out a finish, I think they will grow a lovely patina over time.

Typically, I name anything and everything around my home (and sometimes even the studio. Ask Marian about Friedrich!) but I haven’t been able to come up with the perfect names for this pair. Let me know if you have any good ideas!

3 thoughts on “KRISTE’S MILK PAINT JOURNAL | Nordic Rabbits

  1. Patty Soriano

    I collected rabbits for awhile, and they still call to me when I see t hem. I think your Nordic bunnies should be named Ragna and Randor


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