Hello, again! So, I’ll be perfectly honest. With all the furniture Marian and I have been working on for Lucketts over the past few months (nearly 30 pieces!), I am a little weary from painting furniture. I love watching pieces transform and there were some beauties this year! But, I will be picking up some smaller brushes for a bit just for a slight perspective change.

As you guys already know (or maybe not!), Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint is a 100% all natural product. Which means it’s perfect for kids to work with. No matter how messy they get, not matter how much they may end up getting on their hands, you don’t have to worry about any toxicity.

While perusing Target the other day (on one of my Friday morning dates with myself…), I noticed they had a full aisle of craft supplies made from raw materials. Naturally, my Milk Paint radar honed in and I immediately thought, “Hey! Look at all that STUFF I could PAINT!”

*eye roll* Marian has officially turned me into a Milk Paint addict.


So I took a little mosey down the aisle and picked up a few of my favorite pieces. If you have wee ones around, I would definitely go and take a look! I picked some ceramic polar bears for this project. Since they are breakable, I would recommend using these with older children. But with a little help from Momma or Auntie, these could be so sweet for a shelf in their room! I can remember working on projects as a child and feeling so happy and accomplished when I could look up and see my creations sitting pretty. Also! These were only a few dollars a piece so they are really cost effective which I think most mommas will appreciate!


I wanted to give these guys a new coat using a mid-tone gray. Naturally, I gravitated towards Mora (my favorite color of all time- for now anyways) but I wanted to darken it up just a bit so I added 1 part Mora to 1 part Shutter Gray and got the perfect color.



How sweet are these? I’m completely taken by them. And I absolutely love how the Milk Paint works with the raw ceramic. Rather than a glossy finish, the paint leaves a soft, natural texture which seems so much prettier to me.

So grab your kids and head over to Target if you’re looking for a great weekend activity. There are lots of different materials to pick from and each piece is under $10! Bargain.

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