Marian and I are both completely obsessed with the Hemp Oil in her line. It’s one of those all in one products that you can always find a purpose for around the house. I’ve obviously made my way around the whole house slathering all my raw wood boxes, crates and frames with it, but I have also found a few other unconventional ways of using it.

Over the past couple of years, I have made the transition from buying inexpensive, manmade shoes to all leather options. I find that with a little love each season, the leather holds up way better over time. While they may seem like an investment up front, the leather is going to carry you a lot farther than cheaper synthetic materials.

I have found that my favorite way of treating my leather shoes (and purses for that matter), is to oil them a couple of times a year. Traditional leather oils can be pretty costly since they are a niche product. After reading up on the different oils people use as a substitute, I decided to give Hemp Oil a try. So, armed with a rag and cup of Hemp Oil, I began to breathe some new life into each pair of shoes with a few gentle strokes.


As you can see, I am pretty rough on my boots and shoes. I don’t avoid wearing them when roads are salted, I’ll trek through mud in them- I’m not afraid of using them!



 Here you can see side by side how well the Hemp Oil restores the leather. The shoe on the left looks almost brand new compared to its mate!


 Instead of using water and risking staining the leather, I used the Hemp Oil to wipe away the salt stains on this pair.


You can see again on the left how beautiful the Hemp Oil makes the shoes looks! I absolutely love how soft the oil leaves the leather. Typically, I avoid polished because it makes the shoes appear too shiny for my taste. The Hemp Oil leaves a silky, buttery look while restoring the natural color of the leather.

I was so excited after working on these pairs, I ran up to my closet and began coating all my leather goods in the Hemp Oil! Just like wood, the drier the wood, the more “thirsty” the leather will act. Some pieces will require a quick touch up while other will continue to soak in the oil coat after coat. If you have any older leather goods that you are thinking about replacing because of wear and tear, I would definitely try oiling them with some Hemp Oil before you give up! You can try it on purses, wallets, belts, shoes, boots- anything leather you may have.

3 thoughts on “KRISTE’S MILK PAINT JOURNAL | Hemp Oil polish

  1. Kathi

    perfect timing on this post, I was just thinking about using hemp oil on leather! my favorite leather shoes are looking awful from the winter and I am going to give them a coat tonight. I have also been considering it for our leather chair. I have treated it a few times over the years with a leather restoring product we had around the house, but that
    is long gone and the chair just looks dry. will give it a try tomorrow, perhaps even take before and after pics.

  2. karen@somewhatquirkydesign

    Every time I use hemp oil, I take my oiled brush or cloth upstairs to the closet and wipe down anything leather. I have to be careful because my cat loves hemp oil and will lick anything he smells it on. I have a special place where I store the oil/brushes etc. that he doesn’t know exists or he will eat up the brushes!


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