Kriste’s Milk Paint Journal | A Dresser for my Husband

Since I got married (16 months ago!), I have spent many hours staring at our furniture, day dreaming about what I wished and hoped it could be. Before I started working with MMSMP a year ago, I decided to just give in to the ugly and live with the pieces we had received haphazardly from friends and family. But once I started to see how beautiful these pieces could be after a fresh coat of paint and hardware makeover, well, it was all over. I am now in the process of re-doing almost every single piece in my home.

The next big piece on my list was my husband’s dresser. As you can see, it has pretty good bones, but the finish was just not doing much for me. Also, several of the pulls had broken and needed a severe overhaul!




This is my little work companion. She is always ready to help…aka in the way!

For this project, I took on the new European color Schloss. A rich, grey, I thought this would be a perfect addition to our bedroom. Our current colors are navy, cream and dark wood. This ended up being a really quick and easy one! Before painting, I went ahead and rough sanded over the entire piece. After, I gave a quick first coat mixed with some Bonding Agent and then went back over with a second coat.

As the piece was drying, it began to chip in a few places. I decided to go with it and sanded off the chipping and continued to distress the piece on the high points to give it a cohesive look. I wasn’t planning on distressing it, but I actually really loved how it turned out!

With a quick coat of Furniture Wax, I was finished! The wax gave the Schloss a gorgeous buttery soft look. I might actually give the piece a little rub every time I walk by it. It’s so silky smooth!

For the drawer pulls, I decided to make my own out of leather and brass screws. I was actually surprised by how gorgeous the whole piece turned out!





I have since ordered some hexagon brass screws to replace these. I preferred to not have the phillips head showing. But these little choices are all personal preference!








I loved how the Schloss partnered with my dresser that I had painted with Mora a few weeks earlier. I didn’t want them to match perfectly, and I think the Mora worked in conjunction with the glass knobs to create a feminine look for my piece while the Schloss and leather brings a more masculine side to my husband’s.

I truly love how well all the European colors work together. Their soft natures pair perfectly with one another and it’s so easy to mix and match to bring just the right look to a room.

4 thoughts on “Kriste’s Milk Paint Journal | A Dresser for my Husband

  1. Anya

    This turned out fabulous! I love the bit of distressing and the leather pulls you made. A rustic and minimalist look. I love the thought of ‘his’ and ‘hers’ dressers. Always glad to see the new colors in action, too. Schloss seems like a great neutral to add to the stash.

  2. Tina

    Hi, love seeing you over at MMS. I think many of her readers can really relate to the place you are right now…Lots of ideas, little money to implement them. 🙂 truly some day you will look back and appreciate the creativity that comes with having to be resourceful ! I have a suggestion that I saw on another blog for your husbands dresser. The wavy piece at the very bottom can be easily removed or covered with a straight scrap of wood. I was amazed to see how that one little change completely finished the transformation of a dated piece. The piece looks awesome already but I think that little change might take it to the totally masculine simple place you were heading:). Just a thought. Can’t wait to see you and MMS in your next design rambling. I am a FAN, not just a reader! Lol Tina


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