Well, All. This will be my very last entry from Kriste’s Milk Paint Journal. Don’t worry, though! I’m not going anywhere. Looking ahead, we are planning for what’s next for the milk paint blog which means a bit of a change from me as well.

Looking back over the last year, I can’t believe how far I have come on my milk paint journey! I started out very timid. Poor Marian had to put up with my constant questions: “Is this ok??”, “Am I doing this right?”, “Is this what you meant??”. With a smile, her answers were almost always positive. Her constant encouragement put my mind at ease. At some point, I realized this beautiful fact: there is nothing that can be ruined when it comes to working with milk paint. With that knowledge, I made great strides!

Walking away from this little series, I hope you have all been able to learn with me! I am so grateful for all the encouragement along the way. I am a horribly shy person so learning a new skill in front of cameras for the whole of the internet to see was a bit of a stressor, but I am so proud that I got the gumption and went through with it! The process has broadened my understanding of the paint line as well as myself.

Throughout this journey I have learned a lot. From painting and finishing techniques to truths about my own heart. I have gained confidence in myself as an artist as well as a person. The sweet words you share with me through this blog and in person have truly helped some of my deepest insecurities heal. Last week while in a meeting, Marian suggested discontinuing the series. At first, I was a little sad. I felt like my little corner of the world was going to go away. Then I realized that I had simple outgrown my corner and am now ready for a bit more real estate.

Looking forward, I will continue to contribute here as a regular writer. My approach will just be a bit different. Starting in October, I will be taking on custom furniture pieces and I am so excited to get started! I will soon have my own small studio space where I will be able to take on pieces on a regular basis. So expect lots and lots of full furniture makeovers! I will also be working directly with the paint to create bespoke colors. The excitement I have for this series is beyond expression! My love for how dynamic the paint can be is about to grow and grow and I absolutely can’t wait! I will also be working on teaching a couple of Milk Paint 101 classes in some wonderful venues in the coming year so please stay tuned!


Thank you all for journeying with me. Thank you for watching me grow from novice to teacher. I hope it has been an encouragement to you! Truly. If I can make such a big shift in just a few months, I believe you can too! So keep on painting, learning, growing. I can’t say enough thanks for how much you have loved and encouraged me. I’ve said it before- you guys are my people. You’re in my little tribe that I dream for and pray for. Thank you for being some of the best out there.

Until next time!

P.S. If you live in the Central PA area and would like me to work on a custom piece for you, go ahead and get in touch with me for pricing and scheduling! I would love to work with you and feature your piece here. Contact me at: [email protected]


  1. Anya

    Congratulations, Kriste! It has been a great learning experience for me, too, to follow along with you this past year. Your projects have always been fresh and unique, and I am really looking forward to the new things you will be sharing! These are exciting changes!

  2. CARLA

    Marian, Would you consider changing the font on this blog. I read it on my phone and it is so light it is difficult to read. Often I just don’t bother. I have no problem with your other blog font. Thanks for the consideration.

  3. Courtney

    Congratulations on your next season! Kriste, you have so many talents and I know customers will be thrilled with pieces they put into your care.

  4. Krista

    Kriste, congratulations on this next big adventure for you! I really enjoy seeing all the work you do with Marian and watching your on-camera interactions and demonstrations. Being a very shy person myself, I must tell you that I never imagined you were so shy. Congratulations on overcoming your fears. You are so genuine and sweet on camera. Good Luck with this next progression!

  5. Renee

    How exciting for you, Kriste! While I’ve loved and thoroughly enjoyed reading and entering in to your Journal posts, change is good, and this is exciting, so I’ll be anxious to read about your next endeavors! What an inspiration you and Marion are to us! Keep stretching… and we will too! And… hurry back to Wisconsin!! 🙂

  6. [email protected] Seasonal Chapters

    Congratulations! I have enjoyed watching your skills grow and evolve. As a person who tends to be shy as well, I admire how your comfort level grew in front of the camera. You are blessed to have Marian as a mentor and I look forward to seeking what the two of you have planned for this blog. Wishing you much success as you continue along on your professional creative journey.


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