Kitchen Scale Inspiration From Miss Mustard Seed

With the arrival of June comes the feature of two more gorgeous colors in our collection.  In addition to our lovely faded white, Grain Sack, we’re highlighting our vibrant teal shade called Kitchen Scale.

The inspiration for this color came from a literal kitchen scale that Miss Mustard Seed used to have in her Pennsylvania home.

While the color on this kitchen scale isn’t exactly the same as the color in our pouches, this is where the idea originated.  Just look at that gorgeous original patina!

Let’s take a look at some of the beautiful projects that Miss Mustard Seed has created using Kitchen Scale, and get you thinking about how you can use it on your next piece!

Let’s go old school with the piece that Miss Mustard Seed painted to showcase the launch of Kitchen Scale back in 2012.

Can you believe this is how it started?

Kitchen Scale is a gorgeous color to use all by itself, but did you know that it’s a clutch color to have on hand to mix custom blends?  When it was time to paint this cottage bed for Lucketts Spring Market 2017, Miss Mustard Seed mixed up Kitchen Scale with a bit of Boxwood to create this bespoke color.

Isn’t it dreamy?

When Miss Mustard Seed built a cabinet around these old doors she found, she painted the body in Ironstone and the interior in a custom mix of Kitchen Scale, Layla’s Mint and Grain Sack.

Here’s a closer peek at that interior color…

So whether you’re using Kitchen Scale as a part of a bespoke blend of different colors of MMS Milk Paint or straight out of the pouch, we hope that you’re inspired to give this vibrant teal a try on your next project!  To find a local MMS Milk Paint retailer near you, click here.  To see where you can purchase online, click here.

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