July Color of the Month – Tricycle

Happy July everyone!  Here in the United States, this month is characterized by patriotism and celebrating a very special day – the 4th of July.  On this day in 1776, the Continental Congress drafted, signed and adopted a declaration of their independence from Great Britain, thus becoming the United States of America.  It’s essentially the birthday of our country and we celebrate it with lots of red, white and blue!

Here at MMS Milk Paint, we’re featuring two very patriotic colors this month – Tricycle and Artissimo.

For today, we’re going to focus on Tricycle and update you on some changes that we’ve made to our perfect shade of red.  We’re also going to show you some gorgeous pieces that Miss Mustard Seed has painted over the years.  Hopefully your appetite will be stirred to give our lovely Tricycle red a try!

So let’s start with the changes first.  We’ve switched out the red pigment that we were using in our previous batches of Tricycle.  The old pigment was red in powder form and it was a bit difficult to mix.  It took a few minutes of stirring to get the powder to dissolve in water.

After extensive testing, we have switched to a new pigment that has a paler appearance when dry.  It looks a bit more like Arabesque at first glance. 

It’s also much easier to mix and it starts combining with water right away!

And as you brush it out, you get the same gorgeous shade of red that we’ve come to love.

So let’s dive into the world of Tricycle and talk about that lovely red color!  When Miss Mustard Seed was looking to add a red to round out her color collection in the MMS Milk Paint line, she wanted a shade that wasn’t too loud or bold.  In her mind, she saw a lovely vintage red, like the color you find on children’s tricycles and little red wagons.  We hope that classic and vintage feel comes through when you mix up every batch of Tricycle!

In the past, Miss Mustard Seed has created some absolutely gorgeous pieces using this perfect shade of red.  To introduce the color, she picked up this empire dresser.

Miss Mustard Seed gently scuffed the surface to give it tooth and applied two coats of Tricycle.

The milk paint chipped randomly and gave this piece an authentically aged finish.

A few years later, Miss Mustard Seed picked up this highboy.  The original finish had a red tint to it, and there was no way she was going to paint it white and risk bleed through.

So, she decided to embrace its red tint and give it a new red makeover.  Here it is after two coats of Tricycle.

Miss Mustard Seed hit the piece with a sanding sponge and distressed it here and there to her liking.  She finished it with Hemp Oil and let the natural texture of the piece come through.

Here’s a close up of those pretty little legs.

Her most recent piece was this fabulous Victorian Eastlake style dresser.

This was the dresser she used in her video tutorial on how to apply Antiquing Wax.  You can watch that here.

Here’s how the dresser turned out.  It wore Tricycle SO well, don’t you think?

Adding the Antiquing Wax toned the red down a bit and gave this piece a more aged quality.

Tricycle is a lovely color to compliment with Antiquing Wax, especially if your piece has carvings and recessed areas where the wax can sit and look perfectly antiqued!

We hope you’re now curious to give our perfect red a try on your next piece!  You can purchase Tricycle in a sample size (roughly 4 tablespoons worth of paint) or in a regular quart size.  We also carry 2 quart bags and larger for those really big projects!

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  1. Sue

    Tricycle really is the perfect red and although it was trickier to mix it was always worth the effort to me. I am excited to try the new formula when I use up what I have. ?


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