January Colors of the Month – Ironstone

Can you believe that January is here already?  Where did the time go?  We hope that you had a wonderful holiday season with those you love and that you are as excited as we are here at MMSMP for 2017!

To ring in the new year, we have two beautiful colors to feature.  January’s Colors of the Month are Ironstone and Bergere.

Ironstone Collage

bergere collage

In this post, we’re going to focus on Ironstone.

As most of you know, Marian loves collecting old pieces of Ironstone, so it’s only fitting that she named one of her MMS Milk Paint colors after it.  Before we talk about the paint, we wanted to give you a quick background on Ironstone china.  After all, it is the inspiration for our Color of the Month!

ironstone gallery

Ironstone china is a glaze-covered earthenware. It was first patented by Charles James Mason in 1813 and other manufacturers followed suit.  At one point, there were almost 200 makers of ironstone china and they made everything from plates and bowls to tureens, covered casseroles, gravy boats, and even chamber pots!  Its popularity has come in waves and was apparently the “must have” item in 70’s (along with avocado countertops and wildly colorful floral patterns).


If you share Marian’s love for Ironstone, you can check out her blog and learn all you would ever want to know about this beautiful earthenware.


Here are a few great posts to get you started:

Tips on shopping for it.

How to clean it.

Ironstone 101 – including hallmarks, coloring,

Ironstone 201 – including fair pricing, age, and information about food safety

Marian’s Collection, affectionately titled, “I Love Ironstone”

Now that you are on the up-and-up regarding the real Ironstone, let’s focus on the paint!


As you can tell by now, the color of Ironstone Milk Paint was inspired by the earthenware that Marian loves to collect and feature in her home and on her blog.  It’s a gorgeous slightly off white that can pull a bit gray.


Ironstone is not our “whitest” white in the line.  That would be Farmhouse White.  Ironstone is a fabulous color to choose if you don’t want pure, stark, bright white.  If you want something softer but not quite creamy like Linen, then Ironstone is your best option.  Here are all of our whites together so you can compare them.  We also did a fabulous blog post back in April to help you learn about our selections of white.  Click here to read it again!


In addition to being a lovely option to use by itself, Ironstone can also be used to lighten other colors in the MMSMP line.  In the photo below, we used it to lighten one of our most recently retired colors, Apron Strings.


Ironstone also pairs well with the darker colors in our line.  You can also use it to highlight raised or carved details on your painted pieces, like this one by The Ironstone Nest.


However you use Ironstone, enjoy January’s Color of the Month and share your projects with us on social media!


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