January Colors of the Month – Ironstone and Bergere

Welcome to January 2018, everyone!  In our opinion, January is a special month because it’s filled with new beginnings and fresh starts.  It resets the calendar and surges forward with exciting possibilities.

Let’s get 2018 started off by featuring two wintery colors in our line – Ironstone and Bergere.

These two shades pair well together and remind us of soft Scandinavian palettes.  It’s appropriate that they represent the featured colors for January, as this time of the year is quite cold here in the United States!

Ironstone was the purest white we had in our collection until Farmhouse White was developed.  It was named for the earthenware that Miss Mustard Seed loves to collect.

Ironstone is a fresh and cool white that obviously pairs well with everything!  It’s a must-have in your MMS Milk Paint collection because it can be mixed to lighten other colors in our line.  Laura of The Ironstone Nest did a great job explaining the differences between all of the whites in our collection on this blog post.  Here’s how Ironstone and Farmhouse White compare side-by-side.

Photo via The Ironstone Nest

Ironstone is a cooler white while Farmhouse White has warmer undertones.  (Did you know that Farmhouse White is actually a 1:1 mixture of Ironstone, Grain Sack, and Linen?  If you ever run out, you can mix your own!)

This beautiful buffet was painted in Ironstone and is featured in Look Book One.

Photo via 12th and White

It was painted by Abbe of Doll Design Co. for Courtney of 12th and White.  Abbe used Ironstone and our Bonding Agent to achieve this full coverage look.

Back in 2014, Miss Mustard Seed painted this $10 cabinet for Kriste of Rosemary & Thyme.

Miss Mustard Seed painted a base layer of Trophy gray first, and then followed with two coats of Ironstone, using some vaseline as a resist in between.  This photo shoot was actually the first one in the old Mustard Seed Studio in PA!

Here’s a closer look at those layers:

It’s only fitting that this piece was staged with…you guessed it…lots of ironstone!

Bergere is a lovely complimentary color to Ironstone.

It’s a smokey blue/gray that is a member of our European Collection of colors.

When properly pronounced, the name “Bergere” rhymes with “air” and “there”.  We’ve heard everything under the sun, including “burger”!  It’s actually the name for a specific style of French chair that Miss Mustard Seed loves.

Bergere is an idea color choice if you want to add some blue to your home decor, but you want it to be soft and muted.  It’s not as intense as some of our other shades like Flow Blue or Kitchen Scale.

It reminds us of snowy days, icy skies and Nordic winters.  Visit our Pinterest Color Focus Board to delve more into the mood of Bergere.  When Miss Mustard Seed first introduced Bergere, she painted this empire dresser to feature it.

This pretty piece started out with a very dark stain, so a layer of Tough Coat was applied followed by a few coats of Bergere Milk Paint.  The final topcoat was our luscious Hemp Oil.

The muted color of Bergere plays well with warm and cool tones.

Miss Mustard Seed herself describes it as a chameleon color because it can lean in different directions, depending on the light its in and its surrounding decor.

So are you feeling the vibes for January yet?  You can pick up your own pouches of Ironstone and Bergere at your local brick and mortar retailer or online.  We’re sure you’re going to love these two shades just as much as we do!

Make sure you share your Ironstone and Bergere pieces with us all month long by tagging @MissMustardSeedsMilkPaint on Facebook and @mmsmilkpaint on Instagram.  We love seeing what you’re creating!


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