Ironstone – January’s #colorofthemonth

I knew my paint line would be filled with lots of blues, but the first color I needed to establish was the perfect white.  And I knew it would be called Ironstone…named after the stoneware that captured my heart about 15 years ago and has been my favorite to collect ever since.  missmustardseed-76

Ironstone is a cool white with gray undertones, but it’s the closest to a bright white in our line of 18 colors.  Check out the “What’s the Difference?” post to see it side-by-side with Linen and Grain Sack, our other neutrals.

missmustardseed-21 missmustardseed-58 missmustardseed-60 missmustardseed-61

Ironstone is the beautiful white used on this door…


Ironstone is one of our best selling colors.  It’s neutral, of course, and it mixes beautifully with other colors to lighten them up a lot or a little.  I think most people assume as well that white is easy, which isn’t the case.  I think white is the hardest color to work with, especially when we’re talking about milk paint, which we are.  Any kind of white paint usually requires more than one coat for good coverage and that is even more so with milk paint, since it’s thinner than most modern paints.

Here are some keys to having success with Ironstone –

  • Know that you may be in for multiple coats, especially if the piece you’re painting is dark.  You could get into 6-8 coats of paint for a really dark piece.  The good news is that milk paint flows over itself well, so it won’t get gloppy when you’re applying that many coats.
  • Ironstone requires a little less water than other colors and you’ll get better coverage if you make it thicker.
  • Mix it with the Milk Paint Mixer or a milk frother, blender or immersion blender to get it smooth and creamy.
  • Buy extra paint, so you have enough for your projects.  Ironstone doesn’t go as far as some of the other colors.
  • To reduce the number of coats, paint one coat of a mid-tone color on first, like Lucketts Green or Shutter Gray.  Those will cover the darker surface better and Ironstone will cover the mid-tone in about 2 coats.  You’ll also have a little color peeking through if you distress, which looks lovely.

Many of our retailers offer discounts on the #mmsmpcolorofthemonth, so if you’ve been wanting to try it out, now is a good time!  We’ll also be having a link party towards the end of the month, so get ready to share your Ironstone painting projects.

7 thoughts on “Ironstone – January’s #colorofthemonth

  1. Heather

    Good to know! So much helpful information – I have not yet tried Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint, but I was hoping to start with Ironstone when I do! Now I know to buy more than I originally thought.

  2. Kim

    Ironstone is my favorite color! It definitely deserves the honor of being the color of the month.

  3. sarah

    I am trying milk paint for the first time! I have some sample boards just to get a feel for it. I started with ironstone. I used the antique wax, and it’s now a muddy murky dark color. Does that mean I used too much wax? Any help would be great! Thanks.

  4. Mrs.LindaO

    I did all FOUR things. It is amazing all the followers you have now. Winning this would be great I have several pieces in storage I would like to paint before we move them into our new house…an end table, two sets of bunk beds and two nightstands oh and our coffee table too. Milk paint would make the job much easier.

  5. Claudia T

    The link in the beginning, to the comparison of grain sack and linen, is broken.


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