If you’re anything like me, you love leather boots. It’s basically all I wear for about 9 months out of the year. They’re wonderful and durable and will last a lifetime if you take care of them.

I struggle a lot with keeping them clean and tidy during the winter since there’s so much trudging around through snowy, icy streets full of salt. I did some research on how to protect my leather shoes a bit better a couple of years ago and have started using some MMSMP products to help me out!

First, I start by applying a coat of MMSMP Hemp Oil. This conditions the leather and clears up any scuffs and smudges that might have developed. It takes just a few minutes per shoe to condition them and then a quick wipe with a rag to remove the excess. If your shoes are anything like mine, they’ll absorb the oil really easily!

You can see what a huge difference it makes! The color will eventually fade a bit as the oil continues to dry, but all the cracks and imperfections will stay away.

Using Hemp Oil is perfect for shoes and boots that have been stained by salt! It just breaks down all the sediment and restores the leather in no time.

Next, I’ll let the shoes dry completely before applying a coat of MMSMP Beeswax. I got this idea from some shoes that I purchased that came with a beeswax finish. I apply just a thin coat with a rag to seal the leather.

The boots still wear a bit over time and I do have to repeat the process a couple of times through the tough season, but I really enjoy how both products are 100% natural so I know that it’s the best product to be applying to my shoes that I have invested in.

3 thoughts on “HEMP OIL + LEATHER

  1. Jennifer

    I have a question….for Christmas I received a pair of leather ankle boots and I really want to take care of them. Did you protect them with anything prior to wearing them? If so with what…??? I’ve read so many conflicting things of some people say leave them and others swear by using some sort of spray or something to protect them before wearing them.
    Also I love the short pair with the ankle strap…where did you pick them up?



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