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We love Hemp Oil over here at MMSMP!!  This is a repost from Kriste’s Milk Paint Journal about Hemp Oil.

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Hemp Oil


 Last week, Marian asked me if there was anything I was itching to learn about from the line. Without hesitation I blurted, “HEMP OIL!” I wanted to know all there was to know about it all at once.  I am ALL about oils. I love the healing powers of essential oils, I often drench my hair in coconut oil, and love nothing less than a fabulous bottle of olive oil! Side note, my husband (then boyfriend) spent a summer in Italy a few years ago and was a little baffled when I was just as elated with the can of olive oil he brought home as I was about the leather purse he brought me. It’s borderline a problem- borderline.

 The reason why I love oils so much is because they are all natural solutions to a world full of problems. I would much rather rub some lavender oil on my temples when stressed or some tea tree oil over blemishes than pump my body with chemicals. I’m a firm believer that the world was created to sustain itself in even the smallest of ways. Why not tap into that more? Needless to say, I was VERY excited to learn all about hemp oil and how I could use it in my home.

In my video with Marian, I was so excited to see the instant transformation that the wood took on as I brushed it with oil. It was incredible how quickly the wood just drank it up. I knew right then, my home was in danger of being doused! My first project when I got home was my favorite hutch in my studio. This is one of my favorite pieces because it was the first big piece of furniture I ever acquired. My parents bought it as a 22nd birthday gift from Lucketts several years ago and though I have wanted to re-do the piece, I have been hesitant. I really love the color and didn’t want to ruin it with a darker stain or paint. So it has been sitting and waiting, ready for some loving.


As I brushed the oil onto my beloved hutch, my heart began to flutter. The color took on an even more beautiful, rich tone while still remaining true to its original character. It was so thirsty, that there was barely anything to wipe away once I went back with a rag.

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The piece took quite a while because of how thirsty the wood actually was. I even went back and re-brushed several spots to make sure the piece was good and quenched. I was SO happy with the final results. It was a breath of new life for my favorite piece. Here is a side by side of both sides during the process and the final result!



I was so happy with this piece that I wandered through my house for the rest of the day, brush in hand in search of thirsty wood wherever I could find it!


This cigar box is one of my absolute favorite finds! I am a bargain girl at heart so the $12 I put down for it stung in the moment but proved to be worth it. I love how it speaks to our now disposable society. At some point, even the duds were worth boxing up and labeling with love, “Factory Throw Aways”. Someone, somewhere enjoyed even the cast offs from this company. With a little soaking, the box stole a little bit more of my heart with its deep, dark tone that came to life with some quick brush strokes.

missmustardseed-8Last but certainly not least, my $1 basket vase that I thrifted not too long ago. Dusty and dull, this little piece sparked an idea of curiosity in my mind. At this point, I am lucky I haven’t started to bathe in the hemp oil, so why not give this basket a little try? Again, love- nothing but love! The intricate weaving came back to vivid life and I even noticed the different colors of the small reeds that made up the piece. It took only a few seconds to restore this piece back to full glory. I thought at first this might be a good piece to put behind doors as a storage piece, but now it holds a special place right on my desk for all to see.


If I haven’t said enough about it- I am absolutely in love with hemp oil! I have a feeling that my small bottle won’t last very long at all in my hands.  I can’t wait to see what other interesting pieces I choose to go after next!

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Watch our Hemp Oil video!

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2 thoughts on “HEMP OIL | Kriste’s Milk Paint Journal

  1. Kathryn

    Approximately how much hemp oil did it take you for the hutch? I have several pieces I’d like to cover and am not sure which type of oil to use (cost concern). Thank you for posting about your experience!

    1. Kriste

      Hi Kathryn! I used about a cup of Hemp Oil for this project. The amount you’ll need really varies depending on they dryness of the wood. This piece was pretty large and very thirsty. Hope that helps a little 🙂


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