Grain Sack Inspiration From Miss Mustard Seed

Hello June, so happy you’re here!  This month, we’re featuring two lovely colors from our collection – Grain Sack and Kitchen Scale.

We’re in love with both of these colors, and today, we’d like to show you some lovely projects that were completed with Grain Sack to inspire you to give it a try!

First, we have this adorable little washstand that Marian (aka Miss Mustard Seed) painted for her last Lucketts Spring Market back in 2017.

This piece had an adorable towel bar that could slide in and out.  Here’s the piece with the bar slid inside.

Grain Sack is a lovely color to use because it has a slight gray cast to it, so it covers pretty well in two coats.  Here’s how this little washstand began.

Quite the transformation, wouldn’t you say?

Next, we have a fabulous dresser that showcases how Grain Sack is a faded shade of white.

This dresser turned out quite chippy, and Miss Mustard Seed finished it off with white round knobs.  You can clearly see Grain Sack’s faded color when it’s right up against bright white.

When Miss Mustard Seed first introduced Grain Sack to the MMS Milk Paint collection in 2012, this is the piece she used to feature it.

The interior was painted in Shutter Gray.

Here’s how Grain Sack looks when compared to the other whites in our collection.  As you can see, it’s much more faded than Farmhouse White and it doesn’t have the yellow undertones that Linen has.

The inspiration for Grain Sack came from the color of antique grain sacks that Miss Mustard Seed loves to use on upholstery and sewing projects.

The chair in the photo above was upholstered in antique hemp sheets, but Miss Mustard Seed used an antique grain sack for the ottoman.

So are you inspired to pick up a pouch of Grain Sack and tackle a project of your own?  You can find your nearest brick and mortar MMS Milk Paint retailer here, and see your options for buying online here.

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